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  1. CriticallyPixel

    Did I do this vertical parallax scrolling correctly?

    Yeah it is a bit excessive so I've changed it a it here:   Yep that's the goal!
  2. CriticallyPixel

    Did I do this vertical parallax scrolling correctly?

    Alright so I've been tinkering around and now I have this: What do you think?
  3. So I've just started messing with parallax scrolling and I think I nailed down horizontal movement but I feel that the vertical movement looks a bit weird.  Here's a gif of my game: I just need help with on how I could fix this. Unless this is how is suppose to look and I'm just over thinking it. 
  4. Local Co-op now supports up to 4 players! This is going to be great! Btw pic is a bit messed up and isnt actual game http://t.co/9KbjW618RW
  5. CriticallyPixel

    Feedback needed for Rouge-Like 2D Platformer Sci-Fi

    Thanks :) I have heard of it but never really have played it. I'm now just looking into this game and is definitely has a similar concept! I will give this game a go and really see how it plays out. Thank you for the recommendation :) 
  6. CriticallyPixel

    Do Giant Eyeballs with Tentacles Appear Too Much?

    Thank you all for your support and ideas! I am quite far form the final development of this boss so I have plenty of time to reshape it and make it a little different than other an eyeball squid!I will definitely use this post again as reference :)  
  7. Kind of a weird question but I was thinking of making my final boss a giant eye ball with tentacles and was wondering if that concept is too over done but maybe not. What do you guys think? 
  8. CriticallyPixel

    Feedback needed for Rouge-Like 2D Platformer Sci-Fi

    Yeah this is very true actually...thanks for pointing that out! I'll stick with the timer.
  9. CriticallyPixel

    Feedback needed for Rouge-Like 2D Platformer Sci-Fi

    Yeah pretty close :)
  10. CriticallyPixel

    Feedback needed for Rouge-Like 2D Platformer Sci-Fi

    Sorry for the confusion of rogue, by that I meant rogue-like elements such as permanent death and randomized levels. Hope that clears things up a bit :)
  11. I just wanted to share briefly a game idea that I want to build off of and have already started doing so but wanted to get a general opinion first. So I won't go into every little detail but just the main information.   -=STORY=- Again won't go over it too deeply but basically a scientist is working in his lab, creates a portal, things go wrong and then boom you're in a new dimension on some alien planet. As the portal parts explode and scatter over the lands, you must collect them to re-construct your portal and return home!     -=GAMEPLAY=- So upon entering the game you have one life to get the job done. You will start off in a selected pre-made level that will be random (making the game not completely predictable) and will contain the five portal pieces needed in random locations to move onto the next level. So basically you'll need to get each of the portal pieces and when you construct the portal, a boss will spawn and you need to defeat him before entering the portal which will then lead you to the next level which will follow the same idea as before. This will occur three times before a final level but the three will all offer randomly selected themes and designs to keep things fun! As you level up the enemies will as well, but I was also thinking of adding a feature that the longer you are in the level the harder the enemies become which kinda pushes you to hurry and find those portal pieces. Also of course there will be different weapons, unlockables, assisting items and such along the way each time.   I just want a general idea on what you think this game could have potential in and what your opinions are in what I have planned so far. Thanks for any feedback given and if you need me to clarifying anything better than just ask!
  12. As a first tweet, I just want to say that I am creating a game and that is all :)
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