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    why anim8tor

    As far as modeling goes, anim8or is perfectly suitable for making games. It gives you complete control of all verticies, edges, and faces. The only big modeling feature it doesn't support to my knowledge is booleans, so you have to work around that. For animations it support skeletal animation as well as morph targets. Meshes can be skinned (not in the sense of texturing) by both painted weights and bone radius methods. Anim8or no longer supports inverse kenimatics (it was buggy) so you may want to use another program for animating. On the other hand animor is not suitable for rendering high quality movies. It's renderer features anti-aliasing, bump maps, specular maps, transparancy maps, [soft] shadows, and several other features but lacks many important ones such as true reflections. Anim8or does not support plugins but that is in progress by the author.
  2. Reverse_Gecko

    Triangle or Quad? performance issue

    Another thing to consider is if you are not drawing strictly quads, using triangles is the only sure way to do it all in one glBegin() glEnd() block, vertex array, or buffer object.
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