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  1. thank you CasualKit :) I was thinking about integrating facebook or twitter to publish best time and progression, is it what you were thinking ?
  2. It's a real pleasure to read your feedback, thank you !   I also encourage people to try it ;)   oh you can set the size and position of the control pads in the options, maybe this is something I can add to the help screen that is displayed the first time the game is launched
  3. Background music and sound effects are the only things I didn't create, credits go to Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) for the game music and DST (nosoapradio.us) for the credits screen BGM. I spent quite some time searching for a good royalty free and free to use music that feels good with the game though.
  4. Thank you!   I hope you like it :)   please tell me if you find some levels are too difficult, I'm currently thinking about a way to add hints in the game
  5.   With the 2 control pads you can use your two thumbs to control Peppy and change direction very quickly. Another advantage is that you can use the left pad when the character is in the area where the right pad is, so you don't obstruct the view with your finger for example.
  6. Thanks :) I will make a video to show why the 2 control pads are useful I used inkscape to make the graphics, it's a free vector graphics editor
  7. Hi all!   Peppy's Adventure is an action puzzle adventure game that I developed on my free time during the last 4 months. I really designed the game like the game I always wanted to play on my phone and tablet. It's also my first game and as I am currently looking for feedback on every aspect of the game (game design, level design, gameplay, etc.) from as many people as possible, it's completely free. Please give it a try and comment. Many thanks in advance.   Available on Google Play here : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.pixrealm.peppy   [attachment=21037:Screenshot_1.png]   [attachment=21038:Screenshot_2.png]   [attachment=21039:Screenshot_3.png]   [attachment=21040:Screenshot_4.png]   [attachment=21041:Screenshot_5.png]   [attachment=21042:Screenshot_6.png]   [attachment=21043:Screenshot_7.png]   [attachment=21044:Screenshot_8.png]   "story" of the game: Peppy is a little rabbit who has a strong need for eating salads and waterlily flowers (I know it's a bit strange ^^) because every other food items have an influence on his behaviour (carrot makes him walk faster and mushroom confuse him)   To finish a level you have to eat every salad and waterlily flowers. Sometimes it's easy, sometimes it's hard to find the way to do it, and most of the time there are foxes who will try to eat you. Fortunately, foxes in Peppy's Adventure are stupid, they only want to go directly to Peppy's location on the level and are unable to get around obstacles. Knowing this you can manipulate them to trigger switches or to find a way to trap and kill them.   Score is only about the time you spend to finish a level, you can obtain up to four stars rank in each level. You don't need any stars to complete levels but with at least 3 stars on each 14 levels in one world you can unlock the 15th level which is designed for hardcore gamers.   There are 90 unique levels for the moment in 6 worlds with various graphical theme.   I used cocos2d-x v3.0 (just released yesterday) so I could compile an iPhone version if I get enough requests   Cheers!   Lionel
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