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  1. Story vs Gameplay...

    Here is a couple of examples of why story is not as important as gameplay: Minecraft: No story, just survive, build, have fun The Elderscrolls: Every game just throws you into the shoes of a prisoner, and lets you set your own path. With these type of sandbox games, the player creates the story through the gameplay   Now, here is a couple of examples of why store is more important than gameplay: Mass Effect series: Basic wall hiding shoot em up in 3rd person, but the story is where it shines. You develop relationships with characters, and care about what happens to them The Walking Dead-Telltale Games: Very little actual game play, but the story is intense and sucks you right in With these types of games players invest themselves in the story, and the gameplay becomes less important   Thats my analogy, It can go either way, just depends on the type of game you are making, Hope it helps!
  2. Help with Game Name.

    Watched the vid, seems like a cool idea. I love stories where humanity is on its knees fighting for survival. Here is my title suggestion: "Fight For Us"
  3. Does not look like anyone has mentioned this yet. For me, the key to being scared is being invested in the character. Proper character development and back story plays a key roll in whether I care enough about a character to be scared if anything should or could happen to them.   Also, does your game have other NPC's in it? If so, and you can communicate with them, they can easily create tension for the main character with their actions and behaviours. If everyone else is on edge, you will be to.   Hope that helps!