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  1. I had never heard of Itch a month ago Which is why I would prefer to not have to promote another service in order to distribute software. I have seriously considered releasing android versions for this reason. Out of interest would you trust a native Linux version more than Windows? So far I think I am going to go the zip route for my direct download option, it looks to imply the most trust. A shame it wont stop Windows popping up a scary malware warning until i pay for code signing. I have been thinking this also. Unfortunately the prototype I released doesn't lend itself to screenshots without spoilers. I am now creating a new prototype and have decided to create video development logs to show the progress of that development to try and create a transparent as possible process.
  2. If the game development community saw value in this kind of system for creating trusted status for code, they would give their time for free to develop the system, Open Source. Then a system would be in place that would support the community as equals, irrespective of their finances.
  3. I feel the exact same way when I see a single exe, however I feel that way with every exe so it looks like I wouldn't even download my own work. If this is true it appears that single developers have lost power, and have become dependant on a reliance with middle men. How could we get that power back without money being involved? Scenario: I want to release code: I submit it for code review, I get sent a part of someone else's code to review and mine in turn is split and sent to other people submitting code for review. Once all parts of my code have been reviewed I get some sort of trusted status that the community can push as a recognised standard? No money involved, everybody equal?
  4. There is always going to be an exe around somewhere though, even if it's just in the zip file? do you think it comes down to anxiety surrounding single file exe downloads? I currently use innosetup for the setup and as an indie you can imagine one of the issues I have is no money so purchasing stuff isn't really an option. Does money = trust?
  5. Over the last week I have released my first prototype for free public download. Great... However, It has very quickly become clear that their is a trust issue surrounding releasing my work, and I understand the concern. I have worked very hard to make the install process simple for the user. Just like games I would install myself, mine offers an installer which guides the user to install the prototype and ensures system dependencies are met. This brings the setup to a single .exe file that can be easily distributed and downloaded. Here is the problem; although the game page gets attention, more than one person has indicated that they find deployment in this way to look suspicious. What's more, Windows also doesn't help- it too warns it's suspicious. However, so far it appears that my release through itch.io (indie steam) is being trusted more, but I don't see much difference. Again, at the end of the day, itch is just installing the exe for the user, the only difference is that the user may only see a nice image and an install button through the itch app. So, what would be a good way to release closed source software which inspires trust in people? In the past I have had to use code signing for client work, but as far as I can see that just boils down to: If you pay some money, you become trusted. In my experience, there is no review of the code of any kind. Is it purely the alignment with a larger company that makes people trust the itch.io release over my direct download? How can an individual be trusted?
  6. Yesindiedee

    Is This a Game?

    One day I sat down to create a game. I wrote the words: 'What is a game?' This is what I created. It has no genre, and screenshots would spoil it. It is basically a marketing nightmare. I am amazed you even found your way to this page. Who am I? I have spent my life trying to understand how to create a game. Back in the time before engines being freely available I decided to dive into learning how to create an engine of my own. Little did I know I would spend my life learning, trying, failing and trying again. After 5 years of development, my life had drastically changed but I was finally ready to start to create games. This is the first prototype I have released with the codebase. Engine is written in c++ Current engine implementation is OpenGL, OpenAL, Python (scripting), cg, innosetup Release [Edit] Removed the direct download, prototype can be downloaded here through itch.io
  7. Yesindiedee

    Releasing is scary

    Created a Gamedev project for this now so no need for Itch.io Hopefully that will make things simpler
  8. Yesindiedee

    Escape Earth

    The Premise The year is 2222, on the one hand a very aesthetically pleasing year, on the other it's the year that all life on earth will become very un-aesthetically pleasing The button has been pressed... Nuclear Armageddon has begun, missiles begin to fly from every silo simultaneously. It is clear that all life on earth is doomed. But There there is hope yet... One group of silo maintenance folk, have a plan. After long suspecting of this inevitable end, they began some planning of their own. Each night they would build, in secret, hatches inside one of the missles. Now ironically the one thing that has doomed mankind, might be its last hope of survival! Download available on itch.io Development Video Log I have spent my life trying to understand how to make games, decided it's time to actually make something and I am going to show the world my development process: Ep 1 - Introduction and creating the project Ep 2 - Scripting basic player movement Ep3 - Making and animating asteroids Ep4 - Collision Detection Ep5 - Lighting Ep 6 - Advanced Movement Ep 7 - Ui (Coming Soon)
  9. Yesindiedee

    Releasing is scary

    Thanks! I will totally do that.
  10. Yesindiedee

    Releasing is scary

    No problem, thanks again for the info. I haven't tested with wine, but the app actually was largely developed on Linux, I will be aiming to release a proper linux version after I get my head around this one. Yeah I really hate installers at this point! Having these visual studio runtimes is annoying to deal with. First I had them statically linked as you said, but was told that was a bad idea as they wont update. I will probably end up getting rid of all visual studio stuff to just get rid of it all together, there is nothing the code needs windows stuff for anyway. I'm glad you mentioned the itch app though as I just tried it through their client and it didn't run anyway. Urgh, releasing stuff is such a pain
  11. Yesindiedee

    Releasing is scary

    Looks like running the game through the itch app doesn't work anyway so far so thanks for bringing this to my attention, I will take it offline until I've fixed it.
  12. Yesindiedee

    Releasing is scary

    Thanks for the reply. I totally agree! I don't know what this register screen was? My app doesn't do anything like that? Was it something to do with itch.io? I just tried to download it and it just downloads my setup.exe? My app also doesn't have updating or a splash screen. Was it the itch app? Looks like on the download itch offers two links confusingly, one for just downloading the setup for the prototype, and one for their app. Do you think I should be offering a download link not through itch.io? Thanks for the feedback it is really useful!
  13. Yesindiedee

    Releasing is scary

    I have released my first free prototype! https://yesindiedee.itch.io/is-this-a-game How terrifying! It is strange that I have been working to the moment of releasing something to the public for all of my adult life, and now I have I find it pretty scary. I have been a developer now for over 20 years and in that time I have released a grand total of 0 products. The Engine The engine is designed to be flexible with its components, but so far it uses Opengl, OpenAL, Python (scripting), CG, everything else is built in The Games When I started developing a game I had a pretty grand vision, a 3D exploration game. It was called Cavian, image attached. and yep it was far to complex for my first release. Maybe I will go back to it one day. I took a year off after that, I had to sell most of my stuff anyway as not releasing games isn't great for your financial situation. THE RELEASE When I came back I was determined to actually release something! I lowered my sights to a car game, it is basically finished but unfortunately my laptop is too old to handle the deferred lighting (Thinkpad x220 intel graphics) so I can't test it really, going to wait until I can afford a better computer before releasing it. Still determined to release something I decided to focus more on the gameplay than graphics. Is This A Game? Now I have created an Experimental prototype. Its released and everything: https://yesindiedee.itch.io/is-this-a-game So far I don't know if it even runs on another computer. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! If you have any questions about any process in the creation of this game design - coding - scripting - graphics - deployment just ask, I will try to make a post on it. Have a nice day, I have been lurking on here for ages but never really said anything..... I like my cave
  14. Yesindiedee

    Creating music and sound-effects for Cavian

    Many, many thanks for all your comments and advice. Will have a look at all those different DAWs and try them out. This is a really complicated subject and I have a lot to learn! Some very useful tips there though to get me started. My aim is to record everything myself- will see how this goes and hopefully be able to produce some realistic FX! I'll post more music for your critique when its ready.
  15. Hi there! I've been working on the music and SFX for our game, Cavian, for the past couple of weeks and just thought I'd share my experiences with you here to get some feedback and advice. I'm really new to the audio side of things and so my experience is pretty limited. I've been using Audacity and an AT 2020 mic to record and edit compilations, using a variety of instruments including flute, voice, ukulele, guitar and djembe for music and an entirely random assortment of items for the SFX (including an assortment of glasses, straws, cat litter, chocolate bar wrappers among other things...)   Has anyone got any good tips on creating realistic sound effects (on a budget)? It's been a tricky experience for me so far as nothing seems to end up sounding the way it was intended! Our game is about a bird born in a cave, so creating realistic sounds of a bird walking, flying and landing has been the most challenging thing for me. If you have any tips at all, I'd love to hear them.    Here's a link to the latest compilation (really short, but just to give a flavour)     Feedback is very welcome .   Thanks for reading, hope to hear from you soon!
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