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    Arcade Android game - 1.6

    Hi everyone!   The short beta phase has been quite successful, with more than 200 downloads already!   Here's a new update, version 1.6!   Changelog:   - Added a new Bonus, makes all surrounding dots tiny!   - App size greatly reduced (optimized file formats used)!   - Several fixes and overall tweaks. Small gameplay changes.   - Performance optimizations.   - Updated to latest libraries.   Enjoy and stay tuned!
  2. Pyves

    Arcade Android game - 1.6

    Version 0.5 is out there!   Changelog:   - New Shield bonus, provides a small shield against one dot!   - Better render quality for most game sprites.   - Added 2 game achievements!   - Each Star bonus gives you an extra 50 points!   - Several bug fixes.   - Reduced game size.    - Small tweaks on visual effects and other minor changes.
  3. Pyves

    Arcade Android game - 1.6

    New version 0.4!    Changelog:   - New Slow bonus, slows all dots during 15 seconds!   - Game more dynamic: dots move faster and are more numerous, levels shorter, bonus spawn increased!    - Added 3 game achievements!   - Small visual effect tweaks and optimisations.   - Other minor changes.
  4. Hi everyone !   I would like to share my new game, Ultima Ball. It was released on the Play Store on April 21st. Basically, it is a fun and addictive retro-style arcade game!           Gameplay:     Two game modes are available (control the ball with your finger or your phone's accelerometer). Your goal is to avoid all the small dots surrounding you and popping out from the borders of your screen. The more you last, the more points you earn. The dots become more numerous each level, and become also faster! Each four levels, the background of the game changes (6 available ).  To help you in your quest, one of the many bonuses available: Vanish bonus, Shield bonus, Tiny bonus, Reduce bonus and Slow bonus! Also, try getting bonus Stars, each star providing an extra amount of points, depending on the colour of the star. A local highscore system will let you keep track of your best scores. The game also features global leaderboards, and many achievements to unlock. The game also features enjoyable music and sound effects!     Screenshots:                 Where to get the game:     The game is available for free on the Play Store: Download here!   QR code for faster download:     A bit of support:     I would be very grateful for any suggestion or peace of advice to make the game better! Give the game a try, and if you wish, leave a pleasing comment or support message. Don't forget to rate ! I hope adding more features and fun, so every piece of feedback will be very much appreciated! Have a nice day and have fun!         Last update: 17/05/2014  
  5. Pyves

    GoldBeard released in the play store

    Game isn't bad! A few things I find weird though: - my phone is "upside down": usually in all games the buttons are on the right in  landscape mode. - I can't quit the game without pressing the home button and killing the process. Wouldn't enabling the back button or designing a quit touch button be better?
  6. Pyves

    [Android] My Frogger inspired game

    Cute game! I like the style of the graphics! Keep up with the good work!    Just was quite a challenge to find it on the market via my phone.
  7. Pyves

    Let me introduce myself a little :)

    Hi there!   That's an interesting presentation! You seem to do quite a bunch of fun stuff. Actually I'm new on the forums as weel, looks like there many useful things to do here.   Welcome, and see you in one or another topic ! 
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