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  1. SCUMM (VM) is one of few examples on an engine that is just (kinda) an interpreter for a genre specific scripting language and data files.
  2. The thing is, in the first Beyond it was really sad or peaceful most of the time. I mean really, can you imagine song like this fitting into the new game: And that deal with outright stealing from the pig, the swearing, the innuendo. I mean, it's not like Jade wasn't a cute petite Asian tomboy and Mei a catgirl but it was all tasteful and realistic-ish with outfits and behavior. Beyond 2 trailer is balls to the wall with edge and trying to be too cool for school. Like if you landed on Hyllis tomorrow you'd fit right in after getting used to sapiens other than homo, if you landed in Beyond 2 you'd wonder WTF is this planet full of assholes. And that's in addition to other problems, like why do they have jetpacks (Pey'j in the game had jet bootz, but they were his life's magnum opus), why are there hovercrafts/hoverbikes everywhere (there weren't any on Hyllis and Alpha Section can be assumed to have been galaxy's top level of tech), why do main characters fight the police, why is police evil/stupid (big part of first game was Hyllian army and people being good guys, you never endangered civilians), etc. Hyllis was a calm mining planet full of nature, animals and hard working honest people, and this is.. I don't even understand. This looks like Prey 2017 or Resident Evil 7 level of reboot almost. It's like Scrapland and Fifth Element and some edginess under Beyond label, I'm not too hopeful for it. I guess it might be worth it for the publisher, these reboots were highly acclaimed, but fans of first Beyond who aren't into edginess will be left disappointed. And there rarely were action scenes like these. Ending and some optional pearls had such scenes but most of first Beyond was stealth, snapping pics, racing, flying around in the hovercraft, etc. Apparently writers didn't know how to continue after first Beyond but the ending had Pey'j grow a DomZ tumor on his hand and it could deal with that, or with DomZ on another planet (they were interplanetary) or with fighting Alpha Section on another planet (ditto) or with Jade's new powers, but instead we got this. Back on topic of female furries: in Jade Empire there are fox spirits (these games are too kind to us ) at one point in one of the celestial levels, it's not anime but it is kinda an Asian themed game.
  3. Well, I might have overstated how short it is, I guess it could be done under 10 hours.. parts of the game are locked because you must collect pearls to purchase items to destroy the locks, that can get time confusing and is a bit of a collectathon. The game is small and short but feels big and long. The collectathon elements is really well done and interesting, especially with animal and pearl detectors to guide you. Some photos and pearls are actual puzzles. Still though, female f*rs exist on Hyllis! And she is a cute feline too.. I have no idea what the f*ck happened with the trailer for the second game (the E3 one from 2017, not teaser from few years back that shown a pig like Pey'j working on a car near some Jade-like woman in a chair on a desert) with all the swearing and sexual undertones. In the first game the word fuck never appeared and in the trailer it's said like 5 times, "bang bang motherfuckers" is said once, Switzerland is mentioned (there was 0 mention of Earth or anything Earthly in the first game, Hyllis is totally unrelated planet is some system, bla-bla-bla, Star Wars style - Earth doesn't exist in that world), the pig's assistant stores a CD between her breasts (?!) and the black girl tells the monkey to grab her 'chassis'. Then the woman at the end has green eyes so yaaay it's a beyond game after all.. yeah. First Beyond is really unique with how it mixes action and tranquility and happiness and hope and sadness, it's great. You should try it, even for a few minutes. Feel free to shoot me a PM if you get stuck or something, I actually collected most pearls and all animals in the game and I remember it really well still.
  4. Well, Jade is technically DomZ (spoiler alert, it's still murky after end of the first game though), stolen and turned human (?). There is a female catgirl (that's an extra downside for any f*rry haters I guess ), only of her species, present as part of IRIS, she is impossible to miss unless you are blind because she is your point of contact through voicemails, introduced in one cutscene along with all others, present in the end cutscene briefly and saving Double H with anti-DomZ injection in yet another cutscene:ï One of the goat orphans at the lighthouse is also a girl but if you ignore the kids it's easy to miss that: The unseen owner of Mammago garage that is ran by her 3 rhino sons is probably a Rhino as well (it's never established how breeding works in that world and Pey'j is an adoptive/friend uncle for Jade, and it's not like Jade is a real human anyway): So the total tally: is 1 DomZ Jade, 2 real deals and 1 unseen presumed real deal. On the male side we have a cow bartender, a bird news vendor, a pig (all one of their kind) and then 2 sharks at Akuda, two (I think) Chinese walruses, few Latino rhinos, goat boy orphan at the lighthouse. It's a really small game, look at characters page, like half are kids at the lighthouse themselves. Among main characters it's actually 1 to 1 with Mei and Pey'j and 3 females to 6 males on main IRIS guys. The ethnicity among both animals and humans is kinda varied too, the governor is black, Jade is vaguely Asian-ish or mixed and is doing some Tai Chi or Aikido or similar at the start of the game and the races are clearly Spanish, Akuda Bar I have no idea but I think Propaganda song in there includes Bulgarian..? It's a crazy varied game no matter your standard and I loved it, it's one of the best I ever played for atmosphere. The game is more like humans being in the majority (with males slightly outnumbering the females I guess) and animals of both genders in minority (with way more males than females but it's like 5 to 1, not totally females). There is never plot reason given for any of this or where these species even come from or anything about their biology (i.e. does Mei enjoy pats behind her ears?!!??... I'm sorry.. I'll show myself out.. ). As for the intended audience, the game was heralded by famous feminist game critic Anita Sarkeesian as a great example of a feminist game (as in - not male power fantasy, with good female and minority characters, etc.), so make of that what you may. You should play the game by the way, it's really fun and quite short, you'll be done in two evenings.
  5. How I created music for a videogame

    So-so article, quite a lot of boasting and I didn't learn much as a person that knows nothing about music, sound, etc. other than some (survivor biased) opinion that "you can do it on a toaster". But who gave this extremely poor quality rating? Is there no 'mediocre'?
  6. Trying to remember the name of a game.

    Perhaps the first Spellforce game (subtitled the Order of the Dawn)? Lots of details on that map and in that description match but then again lots of other details (single character, no mention of third person camera, the 'God' stuff as opposed to circle mages stuff, etc.) do not.
  7. Unicode. A developers worst nightmare.

    Unicode, eh? $ cat a.php <?php $??????? = 'magic'; print($??????? . "\n"); [blar@blar-linux ~]$ php a.php magic
  8. Anomalies in X-Ray Engine

    These articles make me wonder how anything works in games at all. Glitches from stuff like the && in colors and so on is understandable. But dereferencing a nullptr. WTF.
  9. I once came across this: I didn't even try it though.
  10. It should work. That struct is defined and typedefed in lua_State. Are your .h files okay?
  11. I think I sent you a message through the feedback form. I wish there was either Lua 5.1 scripting or a clean C or C++ base to go off of. Customization, lightness and engine agnosticism are my main points. I'd also wish you just released it instead of having a website for months that says coming soon. I understand it's a free project but anything I did I released right away to pique interest and get comments on.   Feel free to email me in the email I included.
  12. IMGUI's readme says it's meant for tools and debugging, not for the end users.
  13. I think you should do it more per-object, not just throw random over am ap. As in: start with all water/flatland, then pick biomes, square or whatever concave (let's not complicate) shape, then start adding things, a circle/elipse for island (it'll sort of be like rasterizing a shape onto a bitmap), objects like towns or whatevers, etc. and then at the end trees, grass, whatever else that is per tile.   Start with the largest (biomes and islands) and end at the smallest (trees and individual resources on tiles) units that you are randomly adding. That's how I'd do it personally. You may or may not use perlin noise, it's not really necessary in my opinion... I mean, yes, minecraft uses 3D perlin noise but not every game that does random cities or terrain does, no way, you don't need that advanced math to do random generation of objects based on some criteria.   Also two links about the topic (first is more applicable): Generating a simple city: Generating a map from pre-made tiles:
  14. Team colors for WW2 nations?

    A solution that walks around this problem would to just put random colors on everyone, maybe even avoiding trying to associate colors to nations 'logically' yourself to not confuse anyone who might have different expectations than you.   I for example associate red with Japan for a variety of reasons: Chinese (both PRC and ROC) influence both political and cultural, Japan being the country of the rising sun and cherry blossom, their SDF flag, current and imperial flags, participation in the axis in which the main player was Nazi Germany with their blood red flag.   As long as colors are vibrant and unique enough they will work out well in my opinion.
  15. Terrain tech used in AAA?

    There is this library: In the first link (2011 paper) there used to be a link to a similar but very similar algorithm for hex tiles, a pdf from Sucker Punch. Infamous used something to do with hex tiles and constraints to generate its map offline (ie. developers did it once, not each game like in Minecraft or whatever else).