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  1. I really dislike this system personally. Lumping trolling, being wrong and havng unpopular opinions into a single counter is wrong, problematic and makes the score unclear, many posts are never rated or just rated +/-1, etc. The number is also not meaningful enough, I'd much prefer some sort of label (wrong, trolling, I don't like it, etc.) or short description near each downvote. It's also weird that community policing itself costs the policing users points (and the cost is too small to prevent abuse and abuse prevention is for administration to investigate manually anyway). I'm also not a big believer in community policing via such counters in the first place thanks to reddit (which I avoid like a plague) but of course administration here is leagues above theirs so that helps (but if a system needs to be marginalized and have so many technical safety checks and hard working humans put on it then is it a good system in the first place?). It also makes everything timid - to make a controversial statement and push the limits (and in some circles it's controversial to say C or C++ are not 'dead and obsolete' and okay to be programmed in...) you need to care about discussion here but not care about points - which are at odds in my opinion, so everything becomes lukewarm. I think trolls should be dealt with via reports and moderation and people who are wrong should be debunked and readers provided an answer or explanation of why they were wrong, not rely on this vague counter (which is often empty anyway and may include downvotes for controversy, rude tone, etc. and not just factual errors). That said I never seen any large scale abuse or misuse of this system as someone else described but I seldom use GD too. I took a quick look at my post history and it only enforces in me this uselessness and negativity - some posts of mine where I elaborate at length about the very specific topic at hand and which took me an hour to write each have 0 points, some where I just link to someone's blog, another thread or documentation that took me literally a minute to make have 1 or several. Those long 0 point posts I made had a thankful recipient and were a very good discussion (it was about game writing so it was open ended) but he just didn't upvote them. I similarly almost never use the upvote/downvote system (although these days I almost never use GD). Points feel cold compared to just someone saying they understand everything with a 'thanks' in there for a good measure. I also remember another story but can't find that one post now but it had to be there (the other forum has no points and doesn't deal with PHP or SQL ever) Basically: 1. Someone asks a PHP SQL question. 2. Someone else tells them to "just google it, it's a common topic". 3. I write a lengthy post about the fact you can't just tell people to google it because Google results change overtime, are presonalized to person's location and search history, often bring up bad tutorials (I even show that for me it brought a tutorial that just pastes raw user input into SQL, no escaping, no mention of injection danger) or GD itself (so you Google and first answer is thread telling you to Google), defeat purpose of a forum, etc. 4. My post gets a -1 because of course it does. I know it's not about the points (as I said - the forum I do use actively has no points or anything social network-y like that) but I'd be lying if I said I'm not potentially influenced by it, even if subconsciously. On another (or only, I don't really say I use GD at this point) forum I use I once got a private message thanking me for the fix after I found the source of a bug a user has reported and my PR got merged into master on GitHub finally. It was the sweetest warm fuzzy feeling ever, I'd not take a million of GD post upvotes over it. To be fair, I'm not sure what would have to happen to make me use GD at this point. I'm definitely not saying anything like "remove points system and I'll browse daily and answer question"! It's a miracle I've seen this thread or the New Year challenge (or was that an email?). Then again I feel I've wasted an hour writing this stuff here.
  2. FRex

    Post Mortem

    Everything went well except the small packaging problem with 7z. I learned some LOVE, had a chance to write some Lua and had a chance to finish a game properly (sounds, menus, pack it, put it on GitHub, itch.io, etc.). If I had to do it again I'd try a different engine or framework, like Godot, Pygame, something HMTL5, Haxe, etc. to try them out. I don't think there is anything to learn from this for anyone (maybe a Lua/LOVE beginner can read the code to learn from it). That LOVE is good is proven by its community and much bigger real games like Concerned Joe. I'm not a beginner to programming or small gamedev either (I know SFML, C, C++, Python and Lua) but LOVE is very capable because it has everything provided in it out of the box and quite easy to use and the only thing I missed (same source playing sounds few times at once) was provided by a drop in lua file. I largely did it for the medal and for the sense of accomplishment about 'finishing' a game.
  3. Here is my entry, a bit late but oh well. I hope there aren't any bugs or mistakes and that I will get that medal (it was a big motivation). Here is the download link for Windows (for other OSes see the README in the source): https://ln.sync.com/dl/c088152b0/jewmy7gy-94i4hxdh-6rya8cbj-ccyzfq7k Here is the source code: https://github.com/FRex/Missles Blog post: Here is the GD album:
  4. Here is my entry, a bit late but oh well. I hope there aren't any bugs or mistakes and that I will get that medal (it was a big motivation). Here is the download link for Windows (for other OSes see the README in the source): https://ln.sync.com/dl/c088152b0/jewmy7gy-94i4hxdh-6rya8cbj-ccyzfq7k Here is the source code: https://github.com/FRex/Missles Blog post: Here is the GD album:
  5. FRex

    Post Mortem

    So, I have been lured by the promise of a MEDAL in the GD Missle Command new year challenge and decided to use Lua (that I know already) and LÖVE (that I never used before but was aware of) to participate. Generally everything went right. I picked LÖVE because I knew it can do it (it's a proven game framework/library and a complete package of graphics, input, sounds, filesystem, etc.) and because I know Lua very well for a while now and the end goal was very clear so the only new and/or unpredictable thing in the mix was LÖVE itself. The only problems (other than my motivation) I ran into were the blurry default font (fixed with setting my own font with right size instead of scaling the default one) and the fact I couldn't play same audio source few times (fixed by using the SLAM library which is very convenient even if such feature would be easy to code by hand in an hour or two on my own). It's also a bit annoying to keep copy pasting LÖVE due to the O with an umlaut and I don't want to write LOVE2D or something in its place. I can't do graphics or sound so I just went with boxes and lines and circles, some text and sfxr for sounds (and it actually looks and sounds okay-ish and fitting due to this being a retro game). It felt nice to "finish" (score, menu, pause, sounds, etc.) a game and "ship" it (uploading exe and screenshots, the GitHub repo, writing the README, blog post, etc.). A nifty anti-trick I ran across when trying LÖVE out was using 7z.exe on the CLI to pack code into a file with extension love and then appending that to the exe - when not given the zip extension the 7z.exe created a 7zip file instead so my exe ended up having really weird and unclear errors and if I didn't notice the love file was a 7zip and not a plain zip I'd never find out what happened. Here is the download link for Windows (for other OSes see the README in the source): https://ln.sync.com/dl/c088152b0/jewmy7gy-94i4hxdh-6rya8cbj-ccyzfq7k Here is the source code: https://github.com/FRex/Missles Here is the challenge thread: Here is the GD album:
  6. FRex

    Missles in Lua

  7. FRex

    When YouTube echo rings in your ears

    I have not grown older and my opinions didn't change in one year (turning from 23 to 24) to that degree. It was the channel that has changed from actual gaming news to almost exclusively these 3 topics. There are channels I've subscribed to for years now that are still relevant to me because they didn't turn into something completely different in few months to cash in on outrage trends of the time. This channel I had to quit in under a year. Covering EA, Bungie and/or lootboxes at times (when relevant) is fine but in these amounts it borders on mania or paranoia because "gaming news" (which is what this channel did and still claims to do) does not consist in 90+% of just these three topics.
  8. So yesterday I unsubbed from a certain "gaming news" channel, as I try to keep my subscribtions list clean and often cut channels out after many of their videos miss my quality mark and so on. I don't wanna name it (I can link to it if you really want to see the disaster for yourself, feel free to PM me) to not be public shaming the guy or anything like that but it has largely become an echo chamber. I noticed yet another same topic video yesterday, went to check his videos page and guess what. Out of 122 videos he made over last 3 or so months, can you guess how many are about lootboxes, EA, Destiny 2, etc.? So: 39... are not. So yeah: 83 out of last 122 videos he made are all about EA (Battlefront 2 debacle), Destiny 2, Activision, monetization, loot boxes, always online multiplayer, etc. And I'm not counting other on-the-fence videos like "hey guys, something worse than lootboxes happened in USA - net neutrality is over" or the YT stream in which lootboxes were just one of the topics or a video about invasive DRM that slows game down but got cracked quick (since I consider that fair criticism), of which there was one each. An unrelated joke: I once seen a parody of an animated (rotoscoped actually) show in which one character's compliment towards the girl he tried to flirt with was changed in the parody to be "Hey, you don't look like Hitler". I guess this YouTuber might in such a situation say "Hey, you don't look like a lootbox.". You could literally not even know what game genre Battlefront and Destiny are while watching him since there is more of his face, loot shops, article screenshots and so on than actual gameplay, but there clearly is market for such repetitive anti-AAA outrage based content, and people have the right to watch whatever they want and he delivers that to them. I honestly don't know what happened. I know I must have subbed for other content since I don't care about criticism of EA, Bungie, etc. since I don't play any of their games for a while now, long before lootboxes were a thing. Anyone else had weird experiences like that, waking up with a 30th repetitive and irrelevant to you video in your sub box in one month and finally wondering "why did I ever subscribe to that channel"?
  9. FRex

    From the Forum – Issue #168

    I'm not sure if this is a bot but oh well. That cool Lua syntax has a small issue that if the second value is falsy (nil or false, nothing else in Lua is falsy like thing in PHP, Python or JS are, but in Python there is a dedicated conditional anyway) it'll assigng the last no matter what so it's not a 100% equivalent for an if to pick between false and nil. I.e.: $ lua51 Lua 5.1.5 Copyright (C) 1994-2012 Lua.org, PUC-Rio > print((1 == 2) and false or nil) nil > print((1 == 1) and false or nil) nil > print((1 == 1) and 3 or nil) 3 > print((1 == 2) and 3 or nil) nil
  10. The single positive here is mentioning the frivolous DMCA, reviews, Nintendo, etc. and that's why there is not 1 but 2 stars. Other than that most of the text is outright applauding the developer, never criticizing him for using DMCA for a non-copyright reasons, saying PDP is the "big bad guy" and thus abusing DMCA against him is OK, saying only his fans review bombed to try belittle the community's response (I hate PDP but I'd give a negative review still, because this is not an okay thing to do, especially after an explicit blanket permission for Let's Players), acting as if the backlash against DMCA is surprising (it's not, DMCA is widely hated by YouTube communities). It also doesn't mentioning about how the developer himself announced the DMCA takedown proudly on Twitter while calling out PDP as a horrible person and citing that as his reason AND how the Firewatch website even now says Let's Plays are welcome, both of which are two big reasons for why the backlash happened in the first place (in addition to using DMCA against a Let's Play which is widely hated), since they both show how this is not about any sort of copyright protection but about sticking it to PDP himself because of what he said. It also doesn't point out the huge double standards the developer is applying in his Steam blog entry when he says how negative reviews for something unrelated that he said online are wrong and bad, while he just issued a borderline valid DMCA against a Let's Player for exactly the same thing: something unrelated that he said online. I'd even say that connection between PDP's crass language in another video and his Firewatch Let's Play is weaker than connection between developer being review bombed and his attitude/attack using his game for a DMCA on a YouTuber he personally dislikes. To many people information about developer's attitude towards YouTubers is important, people vote with their wallets. If using DMCA on Let's Plays by devs becomes a standard then soon we will possibly have homophobic and racist developers silently or openly issue DMCA to damage ("disassociate themselves from") openly gay or black YouTubers and such DMCA requests will be as valid as this one here. People offline boycott companies all the time for what is unrelated to their product, for things like human rights abuses in third world countries, low wages, comments by the company leadership about various groups or issues, etc. but here when the same happened in gaming it's instantly "toxicity". No one sane has cried "toxicity" when United Airlines was being attacked for beating a passenger up and then the CEO attacked for saying the crew reacted correctly when he refused to leave and called him belligerent, with many people proclaiming that they will avoid that airline now. This reads absolutely like a hitpiece or opinionpiece and not a neutral or critical one at all, thus only 2 stars.
  11. Yes, I treat Kickstarter money as burned and it's not really about money but about principle, if my problem was money I could earn it few times over in the time I spent talking and writing about this but that's not the point. From Square Enix and their associates you'd expect a certain kind of quality (all DLC, season pass, etc. debacles aside). Similarly the 42 euros I spent on Zero Escape 2 is burned too, since game is very old and I knew the plot, but I did it out of principle because it's a niche genre (Room Escape + VN) I want to see more on PC. For Tokyo Dark I'd gladly pay 11 euros again to never see games of that quality again, someone will buy that and think that's how VNs are, broken, low quality, power hungry (and frankly - short, boring, generic and with glaring plot holes), especially thanks to all the award and interviews that make this seem like top of genre. I don't think this is an intentional scam but more of a "we overpromised, had fun, kinda failed to deliver, let's keep bulshitting that we did well" but it's still astounding how badly they failed, how late it is, 80 seconds of voice acting, no controller, few bugs on day 1 with game being stuck, performance is really bad (Minecraft on my integrated GPU is playable, this isn't), no translations, no Mac version, etc. It's like there was not a single pragmatic and skilled developer or producer on the team, just 3 designers/artists/writers (and the quality of that is not that high either). The game is dancing on the line between playable and unplayable. It's just annoying to use, bad UX all around, especially in New Game+ where the skip and save features are also very nearly broken, other than that there is no inventory, no conversation log, no quest line to know where to go if you come back after a few days, etc. I'm not sure how to classify these ("meant well but failed" vs. "lied") because on one hand someone might say 80 seconds of voice is good enough, controller support will come soon, translation tool will come soon, Mac version will come soon, etc. but on the other hand they spent 2 years on this, 2 months on getting the voice acting, the 'translation tool' would just be a fancy GUI around an XML editor, Mac version should be a no brainer for an HTML5 game, they had controller support, claimed to test and refine it for a long time and then threw it out just before release, etc. And even then, it's not like they had little money, they could have gotten help (or just learn Construct 2 and some programming well enough over the 2 years they had). I think many people on this forum would code a more robust 'engine' than they have here in under a week. I know I could using C++, Lua and SFML. The 'engine' is literally a bunch of shaders, displaying pngs, playing ogg and webm at right times and some scripting and mouse interaction. I believe there is no 3D, just parallax scrolling at most. All the character movement, except for one ending sequence, is done in 1 dimension too. In a VN or Room Escape or Puzzle Game the purpose of the engine is to let the puzzles, design and writing flow to you smoothly (compared to like Minecraft or Don't Starve where the game/engine is there to facilitate emergent gameplay or Crisis where it's supposed to shine with new graphical features which are both much harder to do), their engine fails to do that despite months of work and Square Enix's QA. I also dislike their reaction or lack of it, acting as if it's normal that game came out in such a state, and promises that were outright lies like getting two copies of the game (Steam and DRM free) or the instant language switching that they claimed they have in the game already. I may never be a pro but all things related to game making interest me still. I watched ex-LGS interviews about System Shock 2, Thief, Ultima Underworld and the Thief 2 Shadows of Metal Age mod project leaders memoirs, and they were both very interesting.
  12. It honestly explains nothing to me. I assume not everyone can just walk into Square Enix and get free marketing, get published by them on Steam, get spots in their booths on events and their free QA (that seems to have done no good). This stuff isn't free. And it was Cherrymochi saying stuff about VA, how much it adds, etc. and then we get 80 seconds total of it. Or the deal with Anime. Or the missing features and overall being late, and this despite Squre Enix funding PR and QA thus enabling even more money to go into the game itself. They were clear that the game is their own IP, not anything owned by Square Enix. I'd love to see the books too because just how much can 5 minutes of anime or 80 second of VA from a small time actress cost in total? I almost feel as if I took part in a "fund my life" campaign that enabled them to have fun, meet legendary Japanese game makers, go to gaming events, etc. for two years and they just happened to also develop a game in the meantime and give it to their "backers". And yes, the reviews on Steam are weird to me too, they are mostly extremely positive and oversell the game. I don't want to say they are fake but did really no one try running the game on a weak GPU, click too fast, try NG+ and see the broken skip, want controller support, etc. I love Zero Escape series but I'd not praise it nowhere as highly as people on Steam praise Tokyo Dark because it still has some problems with plot and tech. The fact that my email asking why I was forced to choose DRM vs. Steam, why my name was forced to be ASCII erroneously by one of the devs telling me they can be ASCII only, will there be updates and how for DRM free users, etc. is ignored is also a big negative. The genre is admittedly very niche but things like Dangan Ronpa, Zero Escape series, Nowhere Safe Flash series, free Flash room escape games, etc. still exist.
  13. I know I'll not buy or support anything Cherrimochi does or anything Square Enix Collective is involved in after this debacle and I'd advise everyone to do the same and just stick to Zero Escape, Lone Survivor, other old games, free room escape Flash games, etc. if you want puzzles, mystery and horror. If game writing or art or puzzles were good (and plentiful: not 1 puzzle, 1 minute of voice acting, 3 minutes of anime) I could forgive a lot of technicalities like I do with the entire Zero Escape series but they are lacking in very many ways too, in addition to all the technical problems. The fact a game that is technically VN went through weeks of testing, programming, polishing and what not (according to what they say) and then you can break in on day 1 by clicking through dialogues too fast is off the scale incompetence and that's just the beginning. I can hardly buy the pressured by publisher excuse when they went to events willy nilly over two years, had way more money than they asked for initially and took twice as much time as they planned on making this AND had extra funds out of the money they got thanks to Square Enix taking over few of the things (see below). Squre Enix (Collective) did the marketing/PR for them and got them into all these events and interviews by giving them places at their boots and so on of course and it says so in the emails (which they say, allowed them to put the PR, QA and marketing funds back into development.. that went well), but I'd assume that you can't just go, overhype your game to Squre Enix of all people and have them help you and wedge you into top industry events across 3 continents. I thought Square Enix has business acumen to be able to separate hype from genuine brilliance but evidently not. You can see the credits mentioning all the external help here (that's not my video): This is more similar to No Man's Sky debacle where it was Sony propping up Sean Murry and ending up with a foot in their mouth when it turned out he overhyped the game. I wonder if I should just write to Square Enix (or Collective, as little faith I have in them) directly just for the hell of it and to cause Cherrimochi some headaches at this point for being dishonest and to b*tch for a Steam key, just to post my long negative review on Steam. Especially since they ignored my email with questions about updates for DRM free users, lack of Steam key despite what was written and missing features that they didn't put on their post-launch road map.
  14. The problem is that 'half of non-AAA' doesn't get the kind of media presence they did, this is no ordinary Kickstarter by some hapless bedroom programmers. I recommend watching entire video to see the extent of discrepancies, problems, etc. but you can go to 20:15 mark in my video and look at all the screens I took from their monthly updates of all the events, interviews and mentions over the two years, they number in double digits. What kind of a game gets that kind of publicity during development: taking the game to booths on several events in Japan, Europe and USA, a mention in Famitsu magazine by president of Square Enix, Square Enix doing QA for you (and letting so much crap through..), being praised by "some of the people behind" Life is Strange, being nominated for 'indies on the rise' award in DeGenki magazine by the maker of Killer7, being nominated for 'magical presence award', being awarded a 'vermilion gate award' at Bitsummit Japan 2016? The more I think about it the more I am of opinion that they are really good at presenting this stuff to other developers and business people (hence - Square Enix, the awards, the interviews, etc.) but they bit more than they could chew (all the bugs and usability and performance problems) or just didn't really care (the amount of anime and VA) anymore past filling the checkboxes.
  15. Yes, I have no intention of getting a refund or anything else that'd be hostile to them. I'm done with the game by now and don't care about the plot and if I did I'd watch it on YouTube since replaying on NG+ is tedious due to bad saving system and bad skip system, as I said there too. My attitude to early access, crowdfunding, etc. is also "if you want a game, buy it, don't crowdfund". I just wanted to share my thoughts on this because I was so badly flabbergasted on the contrast between the well ran and seemingly high profile campaign: tons of media presence (see video), mentions by important people (like the Square Enix president in a Japanese E3 interview mentioning that Square Enix Collective is working on it, "people behind Life is Strange" saying it's good, etc.), encouraging updates that said what they did, shown screenshots with controller support and other stuff, voice samples, parts of anime sequences, etc. I mention around 19 minutes in that I sent an email 4 days ago asking why some stuff is missing or half-done, how will updates be done, why was there a choice when the page said '&' and I got no reply at all. 10 euros is barely anything anyway and I exercised the usual "assume you are burning that money" attitude you should have for Kickstarter, I'm not even regretful, some (sadly few and far between) things in the game are nice, I just kept going "huh?" on the issues because they seem so simple. The experience and perspective I gained in witnessing such a contrasting campaign is more valuable anyway. It just seems like a few non-technical people making a game and kinda falling over their own feet when doing it..? And the game isn't technically advanced either and it lacks polish and usability. They also "delivered" the promised features, at least nominally: VA - yes, but it's a few lines and gasps for a total of 80 seconds. Anime cutscenes - yes, but it's maybe 3-5 minutes of anime is in the game total. Translation tool, controller, Mac version - they promised it'd come soon (controller support was in the game but was taken out because it's buggy.. despite them working on it for seemingly weeks..?), as I mentioned, and the only one I wanted personally was controller support. Instant switching of languages, choice between Steam or DRM-free instead of getting both - no idea, they didn't answer, seemingly no one cares? In a funny twist of fate I actually got a legal DRM free copy of the game and never agreed to any EULA, rules of service, etc., something money can't buy, since it's only sold on Steam with some 3rd party SE EULA applied. On Steam the game also has mostly positive reviews praising the plot, the writing, the impact your decisions have, etc. which also puzzles me, I feel like the odd one out here.
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