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  1. actually it looks alittle over my head for a noob. think ill just go to making a prototype of my game. gonna be a top-down 2d game
  2. okay ill start looking for mass effect communities and unreal  engine 3 communities.
  3. okay, but i'm 100% clueless as to what scripting is. I've like seen that word before but what is I don't even know
  4. I'm in the middle of learning C# at home, and I plan to make a top-down 2D game hopefully in the near future. anyway, I figured one way to break into code might be to mod my currently favorite game Mass Effect 1. specifically I want to mod the UI, add some weapon swap profiles, improve shop UI and add splitscreen view to the Mako so that I can see the tank and aim down sights at the same time.   I basically have no experience in anything so wanted to start here because my retention goes up when I do rather than just read and do some meaningless line of code. so again, I know how to use a computer but know almost nothing beyind that, i'm starting to understand some things though.   a quick search to a forum from someone says that ME1 is Unreal Engine 3 and that it uses .pcf files and he/she basically says it's not really possible because no one knows how to open or what to do with those. Is that true? should I just stop there and pick another game to mod or is it simply a matter of having to dig around some more?   basically I need to know: 1) what I need to know before trying to do this 2) what if the games language isn't C#, will I have to learn another language or try another game? 3) any thoughts or experience about possible walls and advice you can throw at me
  5. Layarion

    Completely new to this, where to start?

    might be fun to watch. ill start on C#, but first I still gotta finish this last day for the semester
  6. Layarion

    Completely new to this, where to start?

    ok ill take all of this into serious consideration, so Unity will have all the flexibility I need I take it? question about point number 2, wouldn't pushing myself to make a prototype of my game be overall a better learning experience than tic-tac-toe?
  7. hi everyone, i'm new to this site and anything related to this topic. nice to meet you all, kinda cool finding a site like this. anyway...   my second to last semester on network administration is ending, I have a break coming up and i want to take advantage of that time and start making a game. i have next to 0 experience in programming, art, audio and so on; however i do use autohotkey. i did dabble in C# and made a tic-tac-teo game that can detect stale mates, keep score, and switch player turns however I've forgotten most of it. which is one reason i'm making this game: to learn and retain what i will need when i make a move to become a game programmer for any of these brand named games.   so no experience, and i'm debating using a game engine or making one. i'm leaning towards making one to learn how to program, and i'm leaning towards C#. i'm getting my brother in on this as well, because his career goals i think are the same. i'm 25 and he's like 19 though. he doesn't have any experience in anything either. i already know what genre of game i want, a dungeon crawler on the windows 8/store platform for mobile, tablets, and pc's because i noticed the windows store doesn't have anything good in that area. as far as a plan goes that is all i got unfortunately. which is why i'm making this thread.   so my questions are: is C# the only language i should learnt o make an engine, or do i need to learn python as well?   having no experience in anything, is there a downside to learning C#, as in: does it have a limitation a novice wouldn't know about? like do i loose customization because it's a high-level language? or does it have a performance hit if not used on the right platform or way? im just asking for really really basic things about what it means to use a language before diving in   before i even touch code, art, and sound: what are some TO DO's that i absolutely should do before hand? like should i create a design paper thing before hand, can i even do that without knowing any code? things like that   i kinda threw a lot out there, i just don't want to jump in and find out that i need to start over because of something i should have known/done before this even starts.
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