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    What are the process to become Indie Dev?

    I have already made multiple games that i want to use in my company ! (Only 2 Games), my goal is to have the company name etc all settle, but like you and everyone else mention, if i have to pay big fee and lawyers then maybe the best approach is to make a game that will earn a good profit to be able to afford those expenses or maybe getting a loan!
  2. AndreeU717

    What are the process to become Indie Dev?

    1. Unlikely you'd run afoul of a law over a name, incurring any government action against you.2. Two options: (1) do a proper name search before registering or using your company name, or (2) don't create a company name yet. I recommend you talk to your local SBA office (sba.gov) and get some free advice.3. Maybe a dba for the time being. Google it.4. Make a game, get it published. If you make money, pay taxes on it. That's the broad answer to your broad question. You might want to ask narrower questions if you need narrower answers. Yes sorry for my broad questions! I just have no idea were to begin planning this that I seemed to ask a horrible question. Okay I already have a we'll planned name for my company, I've search all search engine, Google,Bing,yahoo (only ones I know) and there no info on it! So I'm assuming it's available! How can I register that company name so that it belongs to me before someone else learns it ! After that I will look into taxes, and other basic fees, I want to take it little by little, but my most worry is the company name been taken! How and were can I register it for safety reasons! Also what are some basic fees that need to me payed besides the domain register? Thanks and once again thank you for all your help!
  3. Hello, i was wondering what are the process to become indie developer!  I want to also have a company name that i can use in my games (That have been made already)! I want to be able to put them out there for fun and enjoyment and eventually request a type of fee. I dont have an issue paying fees since i know it'll benefit me in the long run. Also im not planning to hire other programmers since im sure i can create them on my own for now!    All i want is to be able to register a company name, and a domain website, and be able to upload the games under my company and give people the opportunity to download and play them.   What i dont want, is to create a company name, then get bitten in the ass by government laws and sued. I live in United States, California!  I want to get the basic done first before i begin thinking about creating a big company, im 19 in college for electrical engineering but i've been passionate about programming since 12, so im trying to take baby steps!   Thanks!
  4. AndreeU717

    Enginuity, Part I

  5. AndreeU717

    What is a good 2D game engine?

      When i was programming in C# (now programming in C++), i used Mono for Game development. I was mainly for 2D gaming and supported Android programming as well, if i remember correctly.
  6.       Indeed, you should check. (and also sfml2 as said by arka80) I still don't think you really need a cutting edge 3D engine to make a 2D retro RPG for fun, especially when the said engine is not really good at 2D.   Yeah i sat down for a little and looked at the API of SFML2 and looked at it overall. It seems friendly enough to help me create a c++ 2D RPG game.    I have one question that is off topic. Yes i will look into the library but for now i'll keep remastering the basics until i completetly understand everything. Fortunatetly now i know what library to use which saves me some time. Now for my off topic question. What is an engine? Is the engine the low level basics of what makes a game? All the support for audio, keyboard, graphics etc? Is it possible to create an engine with C++? Are all these libraries engines or is an engine different? Could you demonstrate or name a good (famous) engine for c++?   thanks \ -jonathan
  7.   http://www.gamedev.net/page/resources/_/technical/game-programming/your-first-step-to-game-development-starts-here-r2976   Thank you so much for the information! I think i'll stick around with C++ for this game! If anything I'll just port the game over into C# & Java ! As for now i'm enjoying C++ and hope to master the basics. I'm currently in my Electrical Engineering Major, I checked my curriculum and it seems like I need to learn C++/C (Low Level) as we'll as C#, pretty much all the C languages lol !    Now I've read about Unity! I like the fact that it's been updated constantly which means it has a good user base community which also means, that finding reference and help will be 3x better  ! The other libraries seem outdated but then again I haven't checked myself!    Thank you you for the link !   Speed isn't a concern for me but obviously I will eventually have to focus some logic into it if I'm hoping to become an efficient game programmer !    Thank you -Jonathan
  8.   Not sure whether i'm late to the post. But oh well, i might as well give my opinion. Most libraries now a day are cross-platform supportive as a few members mention (skimmed through the thread)! A great library in which i used before some very simple and i mean very simple logic is, LibGDX. This library allows you to create a game application an in the ending results, offers a source code for multiple platforms : Android, iOS, HTML, and Desktop. However, since your more familiar with C languages (the C families) then maybe try Mono for C# and i think C++! Mono is also a cross-platform game engine ! However, during my trials in c#, i never managed to indulge myself into game programming more of a GUI base. Now i'm into C++ an im looking for a game library. Personally i suggest you go with the most comfortable language you know. Search for libraries with cross-platform support. Also as for iOS, please bear in mind that there is a yearly cost of 99$ (United States) and on top of that, your application must be reviewed before submition into the App store last time i checked. However, Android simply charges a 1 time fee of 25$ which will grant you access to upload as many games as you like for that one time payment which is great. But then again the Play Store for Android has a lot of crappy games!    In my personal opinion, i suggest to go for a library that is cross pplatform which will help you knock 2 birds with one stone. Good Luck OP   PS: this is merely my opinion and my opinion alone, if you disagree then simply do so but try not to express any harsh language or tone in case you decide to reply! Good LUCK   -Jonathan
  9. Hello everyone, apologies for been my first thread! Normally i would create more thread or simply help other but in this case, i have No real knowledge when it comes to game programming. Now i do have a few questions that will benefit me for when i begin designing my game!    The language of my choice will be C++. I already know the basics of java very well as well as c# but i from constant reading and researching, i've been instructed to use c++ for game programming. Now i'm heading myself towards a desktop platform nothing else (maybe mobile in the future with libgdx on java "Android")! I'm currently learning c++ but i have a good grasp of basics since programming in general seems to be the same on most object oriented languages. By the way don't quote me on anything lol i might be wrong. My IDE of choice is Visual Studio Pro 2012.   I plan to create an RPG base game. I don't need it to be online, just a simple single player rpg game. I'm heading towards a 2D game base. So here are my questions:   1. Is c++ a language to use for creating my small RPG (small for now but will expand later) 2. What library can i use ? I'm looking for a simple 2D game  3. What books or reference should i read when looking into creating a game?  4. Looking for a Pixel Retro look    I've read that, i should first master the basics of set language, then learn the API of the library for the game. That will hopefully help me create a game, however, i'm not sure whether that method is actually an accurate way of learning to create simple 2D games.   Any question or doubt, please ask! I'm learning so i'd appreciate all the criticism and aid!  Hopefully once i understand Game Programming logic, i'll be able to assist new beginners.   PS: I dont care about graphics, audio etc. Since most of it will be use from 3rd parties. What i mean is, my game wont be for commercial use, it will be for personal and educational use. Personal since i'm a Hard Core RPG fan. However im very picky on the type of RPG i like! I like "Tales series RPG" & "FInal Fantasy RPG"! Every other RPG i dislike! I was planning of creating an RPG game of my choice that fits my likes and needs!    So yeah anything is appreciate and helpful! I'll periodically check back every 2 hours! Thanks -Jonathan
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