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    What was the first video game you ever played?

    Now I feel old and miserable... and I have one of those "big" birthdays coming up which really makes you feel old :( My first game was Pong on an ancient device called a Withronic or something like that. It had paddles and was only in b/w. My first true game was Blitz on the Commodore Vic-20. You controlled a plane which scrolled from right to left dropping down after every complete screen. You had to bomb all these buildings until they were totally gone and then you could land. A little dude then got out of the plane, waved at you, got back into the place and took off again flying to the top of the screen. Another level then started with your plane lower than the previous level. *I miss that little dude.
  2. Sir_Spritely

    DirectDraw or Direct3D?

    I am currently going through the Andre Lamothe "Tricks of the 3D Game Programming Gurus". The book basically is a huge tutorials for building a software based engine in DirectDraw. I have done games in Direct3D but I am finding that "getting dirty" with DirectDraw and learning and understanding the 3D functions is amazing. Just another perspective :)
  3. Whilst learning and developing I would prefer to use an approach more widely used within the industry. I don't feel comfortable becoming an innovator just yet :) I'll try and put my question another way then. What are the most common ways of approaching game engine design? What approach is frequently used by programmers with say 5-10 years development experience? Any help on this subject would be very much appreciated.
  4. Hi, I'm not a newbie and I realise this is very much not a newbie book firstly. I have been working on a 2D game engine for a while using a Singleton approach. I realise this way of building the engine is not a good method due to various problems encountered during coding. I have read the Enginuity article here on Gamedev and have also read the article on building an engine not based on a particular API. So anyway to my question, from reading the example chapter of this book it looks like my ideal book. However I just want to know, is the approach to creating a game engine in this book (with DLL's) the best/most common approach within the industry? Help appreciated. Paul.
  5. Sir_Spritely

    Handling resizing and moving of window or not

    ** BUMP
  6. I am putting together a very basic directdraw engine. I want the app to have as much functionality as possible and have come to a point where I need to decide whether or not to deal with the app when in windowed mode being resized and moved or not. My problem is that there is no problem!! When the app is minimised, maximised, resized and moved around it still works perfectly fine. I read in a column that when a window is resized the backbuffer has to be resized and this means closing down directdraw and all surfaces and the window and going through the entire intitialisation process again. At the moment my app is generating random pixels in the window by blitting the backbuffer to the primary surface and it works fine. There does not seems to be too many code examples around which handle these messages. Lamothe does not deal with them in his code and most of the code examples I have looked at leave them alone. So my question is should I deal with them or not if the app is working fine without dealing with them? I am trying to get opinions of others and whether others deal with these messages or leave them out unless the app needs them to be handled because of bugs?
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