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  1. allen4life

    Good Reading for Game Artists

    Thanks for sharing! 
  2. Ask for a professional freelance designer in the forum ;) You will get great designs!
  3. allen4life

    Feedback on my music

    The sound is very entertaining.. Good work!
  4. allen4life

    Royalty-free 2D graphics

    Stockphoto's are not free ;) You need to buy the pictures before use!
  5. Wonderful graphics, well done!
  6. allen4life


    SO AWESOME! This looks like a very oldskool game i had on my Atari :P   i
  7. allen4life

    Waypoint system problem XNA

    Are you kidding me??
  8. allen4life

    New mobile game in development: King's Party Tower Defense

    What is your FB page? 
  9. allen4life

    New mobile game in development: King's Party Tower Defense

    I will do that, curious what the status is now? Is it already live and running? pls let me know! chrz
  10. allen4life

    What is a good 2D game engine?

    Try Unity! 
  11. Only sleep when you are dead!
  12. allen4life

    [FREE] Dark Matter First Android Game

    Not for iOS? :(
  13. allen4life

    GoldBeard released in the play store

    Have you tried other marketing channels so far? The game is cool! 
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