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    I need your opinion moving forward

    Thanks Truerror I looked into AIR as you recommended and decided to possibly move onto Flash CC. After a bit of research Flash isn't quite dead thank God. Adobe seems to of been keeping up with the mobile market with AIR and such and even make HTML5? I just need to move on from CS and into the cloud to be able to be up to date with market I think
  2. iCod3r

    I need your opinion moving forward

    I have dipped into JS quite a bit acutally, but mostly just for Box2D and subtle webpage experiments. What is a good way to create mobile games? Preferably Google Play store / Android JS is also very similar to AS3
  3. iCod3r

    Building Communication Skills

    ^^^ Great reply, couldn't of said it better myself.  I'm new to this forum is there a way to give you points for that post? Jw
  4. Once you go PC you never go back. As an avid console gamer as a kid I quickly realized even years ago that PC gaming was much better. And with such deals as the HUMBLE BUNDLE and Steams daily deals its no surprise that the money hungry console makers are finally getting what they deserve. PC GAMER FOR LIFE!
  5. As an AS3 Flash programmer I believe the market for PC flash games is slowly dying out... After investing in the Flash CS program not too far in the past I have come quickly to regret the decision. I am very fluent with the Flash program and do not want to abandon it but I feel like I have no other choice but to move onto HTML5 ( which I heard makes all of your programming public once released, thus it sucks ) or other OOP language to shift towards the booming mobile market. I would like to ask all you pro's out there for your advice on where I should go next, I seem to be in a pickle at this point in life >> Recently out of college with a mass of debt and a new daughter; so I reach out to you all and ask what would you do at this point? 
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