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  1. menghongfei

    Mob Star, my first dev game

    Thank u! While u   ,ur partner and the elf all close to the vehicle,one of u impact it ,then u'll enter it.
  2. menghongfei

    Mob Star, my first dev game

    Thank u for ur response. The problem was caused by some button filenames that use chinese character. The game run well on windowsOS with chinese character set.   I've modified those filenames and uploaded a new version , thank u for ur support:http://1drv.ms/1j8168y.This time,i Added the source  code of script into this rar file.
  3. menghongfei

    Mob Star, my first dev game

    Sorry,i made a mistake. Please don't press ESC while the progress bar is runing.
  4. menghongfei

    Mob Star, my first dev game

    mission list: " Storm, Eagle Eye: The Headquarter needs to open a transfer gate in Mob Star by using elf magic, to support the  following task. You will get to Twin-Tower Camp to rescue the elf,then drive through the Tire-Burst Valley and  collect sufficient Energy Bullion on the way. In the Elf Altar near the other end of the valley, the magic ceremony of transfer gate can be  started. Guard the elf well in the ceremony to insure it's completion. Good luck to you! Company will deny any connection to this mission publicly. tips about this mission: 1, You can switch the role under control in single-player mode those auto-controlled roles also do  their job well.Use Tab Key to swith role. 2, Destroy four energy buckets around the transfer house of Twin-Tower Camp can stop the transfer  of enemy. 3, Use key O to change view mode while driving."   Enjoy it.
  5. menghongfei

    Mob Star, my first dev game

    Hey, this is my first game prototype, a FPS game. In this game, you need to enter the tower to rescue the elf. Of course, there are some enemies who will prevent your action.   Actually, the game is just in the initial state: AI, textures, more splendid stories(missions) need be added into it. So, I need your helps: no matter what help that you can give me to finish the game: join  the development, image design + audio resources(with copy right), idea about the game, publishing skill, even the money. Here is the link to download the game: http://1drv.ms/1kPilse And you can contact me with the mail: menghongfei@hotmail.com , I will respond your question soon.   Thank you.     Preview:   [attachment=21403:01.png]   [attachment=21404:02.png]   [attachment=21405:03.png]
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