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  1. walterwhiter

    [iOS] Dragon Tap Free

    Looks a little bit like Flappy bird, but looks funny!
  2. walterwhiter

    What do you do when you need an idea?

    Walk a round outside.. The nature is the best way for inspiration 
  3. walterwhiter

    Best Achievement System?

    This tutorial covers creating a fairly basic achievement system, and having a texture scroll in whenever the player accomplishes a goal.  http://cgcookie.com/unity/2011/12/16...vement-system/
  4. Looks promising good, nice!
  5. walterwhiter

    Jetpack Race

    Awesome graphics!
  6. walterwhiter

    Little Demon (Android)

    Looks very cute! Well done ;)
  7. walterwhiter

    Candy Crush Blue Bird - Bad Idea?

    Candy Crush thinks much before they do an update. I think its a very good idea!
  8. walterwhiter

    Good game design software?

    First make some wireframes and then send it to a designer to make it ;)
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