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  1. Steno Scarduelli

    Portfolio feedback needed and an odd question.

    Sorry for the misunderstanding. No, I didn't animate them, I simply needed to pose them.
  2. Steno Scarduelli

    Portfolio feedback needed and an odd question.

    Hello Orymus3. I can't see any image or link..
  3. Steno Scarduelli

    Portfolio feedback needed and an odd question.

    Hello Samith. I think you nailed the problem. It seems that I'll have to work more and longer before I can make a serious attempt to enter the industry - I mean an attempt which can be successful. At least I have an idea about what to do.  Anyway, thanks for your two cents: a lot of cents make a lot of money :)
  4. Steno Scarduelli

    Portfolio feedback needed and an odd question.

    Hello Mr. Sloper. To be honest I'm worried about competition but not really scared about it. Since I'm not finding jobs in 3d (and I bet everything on this during the last 18 months) I'm also trying to land a job as a dessert chef, my former profession. The competition level is just about the same. Probably it's the same in any field. I'm a former entrepreneur, I'm self educated in both pastry and 3d and I'm not young anymore. The only way I can see myself in the future is becoming an entrepreneur again, but I digress.. I thank you for your answer and I dare to ask you another "odd" question: did you look at my portfolio? Is the quality high enough to try and land a job in the field, or is it better to build some more skill (I mean a lot) and try again in some 6/12 months? I don't get offense at frankness. Thanks for your time.     Edit: this question is open to everybody, of course. This is a professional forum and this is why I'm asking here..
  5. Hello everybody. I'm trying to start a career as a freelance 3d modeler/texturer. I put together a portfolio on Behance with what I think is my best stuff:   https://www.behance.net/search?search=Stefano+Scarduelli   I'd like to get some feedback about the general quality of my work, i.e. do you think it can be considered palatable by customers? Now the odd question: for now I only managed to score a couple of custom works, which isn't good for both my skill growth and my finances. What about finding an agent? Someone with ties with firms and able to act as an intermediary. I need to score a couple of entry levels jobs to build skills, self confidence and familiarity with pipelines and such. I know this isn't common in this field, anybody who can give any feedback about this matter anyway? I need to find a way to put my feet in the field, so to speak. Thanks in advance.    
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