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    Game Design for VR Devices

    I don't know what the future of game design is personally. Hell, 20 years ago people never would have imagined how advanced we are. Considering the fact that new technology is being developed real fast in this day and age, I say the future is unforeseeable.
  2. Happy Mother's Day all! You are absolutely right. I will add specifics soon. I kinda started babbling. I will edit it the first chance I get.
  3. Kaleb Sagehorn

    Call for opinions: handling player death in a tutorial

    Tutorials in games is like math class. They give you a problem, and they show you the steps to solve it. Then they give you a problem that takes that to the next level. It's like pyramid. The foundation at the bottom and building your way up. When you leave the tutorial you are expected to have mastered the basics so you can experience and learn higher level concepts off of what you already know. If you die, it is nothing more than a learning experience. You should treat it like a regular death, as if you were never in a tutorial level. That way players learn why they died so they won't die again. That is called learning, and that is what tutorials are about.
  4. Kaleb Sagehorn

    Level length in a platform game

    I say add a free roam or open ended-ness. Imagine that, running along in a world where there are npcs, side quests, and stuff like that. Maybe I could go so far to say that you could add the ability to invade randomly generated towns, have space ships to roam across a giant world, star coordinates to go to different worlds, and maps to find different cities. Rain hell from a cruiser thousands of feet in the air, and be able to walk around in the ship. I dunno, platformers can have so much potential. The things I could do if I had a game studio...sigh.
  5. So excited to hear your guy's' posts I can hardly wait!
  6. To start of this article, I am a new member, so hi. Secondly this game is something that I have thought and daydreamed about in while going to sleep or in the middle of my classes. I always got tired of the "kill this for xp and grind it to level up," and "this action gains you xp so you can get a set perk and is nothing special at all until higher levels." Those unoriginal RPG mechanics bored me to tears. So in this game you seek out perks, not just grind enemies. Every single level means something other than just a perk. Leveling up means that everything about the character changes.   This was copy and pasted on a topic at ign. It took a while so bear with me:   In 2017, it began Demons, nightmarish, horrifying Came from the depths Foretold by the gods' profit so many years ago Great beasts the size of the structures man once built But now it is the end of man Hell is on earth There is but one fate Death to all men You are a Demon, a hellspawn. Basically you start off as a soldier that is sent in to destroy small countries. You are hated and at bad terms with all men, so you are no hero. The environment is all physically simed. Chunks are created so it doesn't work the system too hard. It is a fps and you have different skills and weapons, such as bows that can set buildings on fire, and swords that can cut anything in half. Combat with rouge demons are always fast. Demons can never die however, so you are always sent back to the hellgate. You can go to back to hell and search for ancient knowledge that helps you develop your arcane powers, which will allow you to commit mass destruction. You can then go out and work on your combat skills by fighting humans, angles, and rouge demons.  The main thing in the game is character creation. Ancient knowledge in hell gives random powers that allow you to cause a explotion of dark energy, or able to send a giant wave of sharp mana that will cut everything it encounters.  Your combat skills allow you to make your character bigger and stronger, to the point that you can become many two stories tall and can punch a building and cause 9/11. You also have bloodlust, which increases the more you kill. This allows you to sense dark energy pulsing out of ancient centers of knowledge in hell. You can also gain infamy, which makes you a sight that will terrify angles. Eventually you can make them flee in terror or make grave mistakes, allowing you to make an easy kill. The gods will try to smite you, and until you can face them directly, which takes a lot of arcane power and physical strength, you must run or get help from fellow demons. The gods will also send down angles to try to kill you. Angles are quite formidable, so watch out. Combat is all physically simed, with the added bonus of dismemberment in combat, cutting off sword hands, decapitating angle heads, and snapping your jaws on a sword, biting it in half. You can also knock them out of the sky by cutting of their wings or destroying their mana supply using magic. Eventually, after so much time playing, your wings will start to grow, allowing you to fly and glide.  In hell, angles will try to invade, and gods will be present in battle. These skirmishes can range from small rag-tag groups of angles, to large battles including major and minor gods, angles, and war machines. The more you kill on earth, the more angles will focus their attention to defending. If hell falls, the game ends. If heaven falls, the gods will try to take it back, and will send every god to try to take heaven back. The game is designed to be a never ending struggle that will last for an eternity. There are major and minor demons and gods, both having different levels of infamy, fame, chivalry, and bloodlust. Angles with high chivalry try to find holy books on earth and in heaven. Looting these allows you to corrupt them and suck out their power. Gods, like demons, always come back to life. Angles are the gods will, so they are also infinet. The more influence the demons have, the more hellish earth will be, and the less humans there will be. The more influence heaven has, the more normal earth is and more men will be on earth. Fighting gods is the ultimate battle. One on one battles will allow you to suck out some of their power when they are defeated. The gods strength is replenished eventually, so everyone will be even. Angles can smite dark energy, and when you die, you lose some of your strength. That is the start of the idea. I will touch up a story and make deep lore. I MIGHT make some kind of story, but I doubt that I will add that. The story is what you make of it. Different events will happen across the world so you will have no time for a story.   PLUS this games buildings will be simulated along with the humans. You cannot go inside the buildings however when they are cut open or blasted into they will release some low poly desks and furnishing along with a few humans. The humans will all try to run away from you, with the added exception of the military. They are weak and cannot harm you. They are mostly there to add some gore to the streets and add some low level bloodlust and infamy. Angles will be a real challenge and will take some skill. Every sword swipe could make you lose an arm, which will grow back but still can make for some pretty intense battles.   Ancient knowledge gives you random powers. Basically the effects vary and are all  unique. The sites will be randomly generated and will be pillaged by angles and Gods, which will take the books. When they are killed the site will be resurrected and the books placed where they were. The lore will be within the books. The knowledge will be in demonish, and only the lore in English, Spanish, etc.   Gaining infamy (trying to find a better name for it) will change your physical appearance, which can be shown when you open up the skill menu. The skill menu will show the powers you have. Three main types of Dark Magic will be shown.   Beam Pulses (cost medium amounts of mana and shoots a concentrated blast twords enemy but has no area of effect) Explosion waves (cost a ton of mana but have a large area of effect) And Energy Shots (cost a little bit of mana and good for rapid fire or quick magic attacks)   Particle effects are generated at random, along with the poly and path a spell follows. Depending on the effects the spell gets when you read the ancient knowledge. Added effects can be made by modders.    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ If you have anything to suggest please reply.    Don't be stupid and say "u shud add a thing where it blah blah blah (insert stupidity here)" Add constructed criticism. Don't just say "dis is badd!!1"   If you have any lore suggestions (minor and major god/demon names, magic used to create hell gates, stuff like that) Thanks =D ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Edited Version   The ideas i had were unclear. Here are the specifics:   Setting: The Universe (Hell, Earth, Heaven)  2017 Engine: UDK 4 Game Genre: FPS Sandbox Modifiable: Yes Multiplayer: Undecided ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Backstory:   The Demons have returned, ready to bring Gods and Men to their knees. Many millenniums ago, at the beginning of time and space, Demons and Gods manifested. Demons represent spite, destruction and power. Gods represented life, repent, and mercy. Good and Evil, Gods and Demons, have been fighting since their creation. Both created their own realms: Heaven for the Gods, and Hell for the Demons. Their influence created a neutral bridge to both worlds, the Universe. Earth, the center of life in the Universe, is the land of men. Gods and Demons have always fought for influence over earth and the men that inhabit it. Skirmishes between Demons and Gods create natural phenomenons such as supernovas, Meteorites, and the destruction of worlds. Even something so small as cancer is the representation of their influence. Both have been trying to find ways to influence the Universe, and not being able to do a full scale invasion, they have been using men and physical objects in the Universe to spread their influence. But now, Both have discovered the secrets of gate portals, able to transport one from one world to another. Demons, being the first to create a gate using their arcane prowess, swarmed out by the hundreds. The Gods, franticly trying to create a gate, recruited rouge demons to share their secrets. Now able to fight back, skirmishes erupted across Earth. Angles, the Gods will, swoop from the heavens as Demons race to meet them in battle. Demon soldiers destroy and set ablaze small countries while masters of the arcane cause massive amounts of destruction. You are a demon soldier, the lowest of low.  Can you find ultimate power?   The environment: Hell is obviously what anyone would think of it. Volcanoes, pools of lava, torture. Giant beacons of evil dot the world. The closer you get, the more death there is. While wondering you will find burial sites, people lashed to crosses, torture tables, and lots and lots of gore. In the Demon fortresses, you will find garrisons of Demons ready to be deployed randomly into one of the gates. When you die your evil energy is transported to a Demon fortress. Demons will be made  so they activity go through gates and fight until they die, and go through the gate again. Ancient centers of knowledge will pulse with dark energy. Any demon willing to get stronger flock to those areas to gain arcane powers. These are randomly generated and looted by angles when an invasion occurs anywhere near a ancient center of knowledge. When the angles that took the unholy books die, even if a NPC Demon kills said angles, they are brought back to the site which will promptly be rebuilt. Heaven is a paradise. There are people with happy looks flying through the skies. Couples hold hands together as they walk along a road. The sky is sunny always and the  ground is made out of marble and green grass. The angles have castles that they garrison into, and like Demons, will activity go through the gates. Upon entering heaven, you will encounter large amounts of minor Gods and Angles. Their fortresses are key structures that you will target. Randomly selected areas will have holy libraries where angles will read and get stronger. Players can sack these and corrupt the books, allowing you to steal their powers and gain a arcane spell. When you kill an angle, you can suck out their holy energy and gain massive amounts of bloodlust which will be explained later. Gates to hell and heaven will be spawned throughout the map. The map is always randomly generated in chunks. Chunks will be loaded when needed so you don't need to work your computer to death (as much). Heavy optimization will be need I guess, but I digress. Gates will send you to a random Demon Fortress or Castle. Remember that Fortresses are for Demons and Castles are for Angles and Gods. Demon gates will be on fire and you can hear screams and see  dark energy pulses. Heaven gates give off soft whispers, and have a great beam of light coming off the top. You can only go to heaven or hell using their gates. Hell gates can't go to heaven vice versa.     The mechanics:     The Game is all about the battle between Gods and Demons. Angles are basically soldiers that are weaker than Gods. They do not come back to life, rather they are summoned by a fortress God or a minor God. Each god has a name and the fort will match the Gods personality. Demons come back to life while losing a little bit of power. Gods are always more powerful than Demons, but the Gods angles are weaker than all Demons. Also all Demons can get stronger and stay strong, while Angles die and are created weak. This levels the playing field. Also their are a few demons who can kill minor Gods, however it usually takes about ten demons to kill one minor God. Gods cannot get stronger. Major Gods are so strong it takes about 30 Arch Demons to kill one major God. They take a while to resurrect. however, and they also respawn with very low health which regenerates slowly, so they cannot just jump right into the battle like Demons can.  Earth will change depending on who is "winning" the battle over the Universe.   If demons are winning: Earth will have more natural disasters (tornadoes, earthquakes, meteorites) and their will be far less humans walking the streets. More demons will be flying around killing things too.   If the Gods are winning: People will stand and try to fight you, the military will try to kill you, and more angles will patrol earth.   There are two main things you "level up" on: bloodlust, and infamy (trying to find a different name) Infamy (dang need a better NAME!) measures your combat prowess. The more infamous you are, the more sword skill you have shown. Naturally you will get bigger and stronger. You could become so strong that you reach two stories high! Angles will be struck with fear and will make more errors which allows you to go for a well placed stab. When you die, your infamy goes down and people will not be as scared of you.   Bloodlust is the lust for blood and power. This helps you find ancient centers of knowledge. When you go around hell you will hear voices, which come from the unholy libraries. These become stronger the more power you want. Bloodlust also measures your mana levels. When you run out of mana, you get tired, and your spells are weaker and you don't have as much drive to kill. You can still cast spells, but your bloodlust will go down and eventually you will be hesitant to kill. You can only gain bloodlust from killing therefore you will gain bloodlust slower.   Combat will be tactical. Coming around from behind and stabbing at their back will leave them with no time to dodge. Aiming for their sword arm then slicing their face will leave them open for a stab. Dismemberment will be a big thing, as you can bite off heads, slash swords in half, and cut off wings so they enemies can fall to the ground, while you chase them and stab them in mid air. If you hit them hard enough, they will fly backwards leaving them wide open. Keep in mind you can be vulnerable too. One good stab is all it takes and you could die intently. Spells get random effects and motion paths. One spell might set an angle on fire and dissolve body parts. Another may grab them and start eating their mana. Another can have can create a giant explosion that will destroy everything around you, then after it is done create giant arms that will go out and stab survivors in the face. Something like that can be read and learned but not used unless your bloodlust is high enough. Lore will be learned through the knowledge books you collect, which allows players to peice everything together themselves. You can also completely disregard the lore and go out and fight!   ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   Modding:   I would like to see modding in this game. I have dabbled in UDK so I can vouch for it. I have made some pretty cool maps for UT. I don't know if it is good for modding. I would love to see modding in my game, especially with enemy types, spell effects and paths, graphic tweaks, etc. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------          
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