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  1. retrometron

    sprite sheet

    Thanks lanuarius, I was struggling in that too.
  2. retrometron

    Project Management

    I couldn’t agree more! Thanks for the article.
  3. retrometron

    NullReferenceException Unity, why?

    I fixed :), I initialized in OnEnable() and it's working fine, thanks very much. A question, why do the people prefer to use new SerializedObject(target) instead?. That is how I saw in other examples.
  4. retrometron

    NullReferenceException Unity, why?

    yeah, thanks Kylotan, target seems to be null :O...
  5. I have this code in Unity in an custom inspector in the method OnInspectorGUI(): MyCustomMonoBehaviour mono = target as MyCustomMonoBehaviour; List<Operation> myOperations = mono.operations; myOperations.add(new Operation()); And I get this error, I don't know why: > NullReferenceException: Object > reference not set to an instance of an > object MyTestEditor.OnInspectorGUI () Any idea?
  6. retrometron

    help a newbie choose a game engine?

    I would recommend to start with Game Maker because I saw it simpler than the others, not sure if you can slash zombies with Adventure Game Studio, it was done for Adventure Graphics games where you don't slash, just research and use objects in "turns" not "real-action". Please correct me if I am in mistake, I am not sure.
  7. retrometron

    Doubt with Unity

    I think the controls in Android are different, you cannot use input.getAxis("horizontal") I think.
  8. yes, thanks to everyone, sometimes when I post 1 minute later come to my mind a better topic so people can know what is about better :P
  9. Hi everyone! Is it possible to change the topic of the post? I didn't find any option once that I Pressed post topic.
  10. WANTED GAMES DEAD OR ALIVE:   Hello, it's being wanted my games to play with 0$ rewards .   I would really worth the constructive feedback which helps to improve the games even is if it's something negative that I can improve. Here are the 2, the first one is my favourite:      1. "GO FOR THE BREAD" (Still in development)    2D Platform game where the death is just going to another world quite similar to the life word. The story of the game is about game development itself. If someone is interested to hire me.. I made it alone, also I draw this awesome graphics .     http://gamejolt.com/games/the-development-of-go-for-the-bread/41493     2. "THE TERMINAL" (Almost finished)   3D tennis table and text phylosophical adventure... each level different mecanics     http://www.kongregate.com/games/Ventura2/terminal   I am thinking to put the second one in greenlight as free, what do you think? do you think is a good idea?
  11. retrometron

    Math for Game Developers: Advanced Vectors

    very usefull and easy to understand that video.
  12. retrometron

    Blocky art style?

    I think the blocky art is good when you can destroy the blocks... it's easy to do, if you compare with other styles. 
  13. retrometron

    Platform game map like yoshi's island

     Nice     Sonic use the same I think in the curve tiles.   I thought that yoshi's island map is like earthworm jim? Are the earthworm jim maps tiled-based too? And do you know any example of tilesets that use these technique so i can imagine it?
  14. retrometron

    Platform game map like yoshi's island

    Thanks for the info it was very usefull. DiegoSLTS yes, it's for a modern game I just know how to do tiled map games with a fixed size tiled, I use this tool:      so I was wondering how other kind of 2d games are done that have different style.
  15. Hello, I know about the tiled maps but this game I think used another kind of stuff to works and check the collisions, so the map is not done using tiles and the level floor it does'nt have the same height all the time.    In my opinion it looks that the collision with the ground is done using a kind of 2d polygons so I was trying to find a map editor in internet using polygons but i didn't find. About the level map... mm..  maybe the level is done drawing the complete map, I don't know.   Do you know any software to do "2d polygons maps"  and how was done the level for yoshi's ilsand?   Regards
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