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  1. Evan Gordon

    Game Command Console

    Thank you both for your responses, i think i know how ill end up making this now :)
  2. Evan Gordon

    Game Command Console

    Parsing strings isnt really a problem. Im having a hard time putting this into words so bear with me. So i wanna keep the code for my console as separate as possible from the game specific code; so i can use it on another project down the road. My problem arises when i want to link say for example, the spawn entity command was typed in. I've parsed it, i know its that command, but im not sure how to invoke that function without giving the console access to practically every system in the game, or creating really weird and sketchy access to some of the really higher up systems. Nothing i can think of seems like an answer im happy with.   For some context, i guess i should mention im making a top down 2D rpg in c++ using the SFML library. And ive designed it using an entity component system.
  3. Evan Gordon

    Game Command Console

    So while working away at making my current game project i thought it'd be useful to create a game console. one for inputting commands and having that trigger events in the game. Part of the reason i want it is i'd like to have the console act as part of the gameplay, to have the console pretend to be an npc in game, it seemed like something that could be fun and if done right, make devoping the game/levels go slightly faster. like if i added a spawn command, and other helpful stuff like that. however im having implementation problems. I couldn't find almost anything online on the subject, not sure if im just using the wrong keywords or what. But i was looking to find some good example code for this sort of system to look at. Does anyone have any recommendations?
  4. Evan Gordon

    Automated Deployment of Your Game

    Great article. Will definitely be using this information in the near future.
  5. Evan Gordon

    xml file reading trouble

    interesting. it works. not too sure why but regardless thanks :)
  6. Evan Gordon

    xml file reading trouble

    So I'm working on implementing saving and reading for my current game I'm using PugiXML for reading and writing.    It's gone rather smoothly 'till recently, i needed a vector of XML documents, so i could store the information for the last few game map files that have been used. But pugiXML didnt like me stuffing documents into a vector dynamically, so i messed with things a bit and now its a vector of unique_ptr 's which i figured should work, but now even though everything compiles and no exceptions are thrown during runtime it seems like when i use push_back() it seems like the document is being deleted as soon as its being created and i have no clue as to why. ill post the code I've got below, any help is as always appreciated #include "pugixml.hpp" #include <vector> #include <memory> std::vector<std::unique_ptr<pugi::xml_document>> mapFile; std::string mapFileName = "test.xml"; mapFile.push_back(std::unique_ptr<pugi::xml_document>(new pugi::xml_document()));//even after this call size is remaining 0 pugi::xml_parse_result result = mapFile[mapFile.size() - 1]->load_file(mapFileName.c_str()); if(!result) { std::cout<< "Load result: "<< result.description()<< ", mesh name: "<< mapFile[mapFile.size() - 1]->child("mesh").attribute("name").value()<< "\n"; try {throw;} catch(std::exception e) { std::cout<<"Error: Failed to find "<< mapName << " the file was either moved or damaged.\n"; } }
  7. I'm still quite the newb to game making, but i would like to put in my thoughts. I believe the heart of the issue comes down to your motivation, what you're trying to accomplish, I've only worked on a few games though I've done quite a bit of programming outside that. Right now I'm on my third game, and it's been a leap in difficulty, but the reason i wanted to do this was i wanted to really make a reusable, modular game and engine in which i could start doing some self research in AI. AI is where my personal passions lie so for me the extra effort and learning it has taken to do this has been worth it. I've been at it for a few months now tinkering, learning and starting from scratch from time to time.   Yes you could argue i could have learned a lot more without building the engine and just building smaller games for a while. But i know my motivations lie elsewhere and so im still trucking along and I've learned quite a bit on my own.   Of course I'm not saying jump strait into engine making, at least start with some simple stuff like making a pong clone. But ultimately how early you start actually working on an engine of your own i would argue lies in your personal motivation.  Just my opinion though take from it what you may.
  8. Evan Gordon

    C++ Graphics Library

    Just to pop in my 2 cents, SDL (though I've never used it) seems quite solid and when i was in your position people mentioned that there are some amazing tutorials out there for it. I personally went with SFML, it has proven to be pretty easy to use and i really haven't had too many problems, there's a nice forum if you experience any difficulties and there also a nice tutorial on the SFML website. Both are quite viable options as long as you're fairly proficient at C++.    Good luck with your projects mate :D
  9. Evan Gordon

    You Aren

    i saw that, and had the very same thoughts as you. Even back when i was in middle school i knew when i got older, with the popularity of games the market was bound to get saturated sooner or later. I'm often shocked at how little people understand about other people/economics.   Anyways great article!
  10. Evan Gordon

    Where do I start? (C++)

      Loved the article man, very well thought out.
  11. Evan Gordon

    Where do I start? (C++)

    Well it really depends on what your goals are. Use some gamemaker tool if you really just wanna make a game.   Now if you're dead set in programming it thats fine, but dont go overboard, start with something simple, my first was tick tack toe, i learned a lot more than i figured i wouldve, the code was really shit but im proud of it still. for a first game definently don't do an rpg, most people seem to recommend pong as a good starting point and id second that.   Going off of the subject of being dead set on coding c++ is a monster, and is gonna make your brain hurt a lot, of course when i was in your boat i didn't listen to people either so that ill leave up to you. Should you choose c++ id say SDL or SFML as were previously mentioned are decent choices, im personally a fan of SFML, i found the API pretty easy to use for a beginner, their websites tutorials are pretty on point, though not too lengthy. SDL has some amazing tutorials from what ive heard.   All these choices really come down to what you want out of your game making experience. Good luck!
  12. Evan Gordon

    entity component system object creation

    I read your article, great job you really know your stuff, ill definitely put learning Lua on my todo list, as i think itll help me later on down the line, as for this project however, i think Lua would probably end up being overkill, thanks for the suggestion though!
  13. Evan Gordon

    entity component system object creation

    Thanks for your input. I'll read your article, and maybe some more, and see if it seems like a good fit.
  14. Evan Gordon

    entity component system object creation

    I've seen mention of people using Lua as i was Lurking around. From the description of your spawner and fireball spell code you've definitely got me interested, and ill definitely go check out your journal. My one question is is there a steep learning curve for Lua? I've only looked into the XML option so far, and it seems like something i could get running in a day, at least with what code ive got. whats your opinion of learning Lua?
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