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  1. Ahmad Ridwan Fauzi

    Code Management in a Project

    Thank you very much guys, never would have got that things if I google it myself . What a nice various places to start. Luckily I have pretty much basic in Object-Oriented Programming (specifically in C#). Still expecting answers from the others too, but those explanations have been enough for me atm. Thanks once again   
  2. Ahmad Ridwan Fauzi

    Code Management in a Project

    Wow, thanks a lot for all of your detailed explanations. Gotta pin it and print it there. Really appreciate your help.   PS: And I thought besides techniques stated on Self-documenting Wikipedia article and Programming Template, there are also some techniques that can make the code managing easier. But I seem to forget what techniques are used.   
  3. Hello, it may seem familiar but I just want to ask, is there any good way in managing a code so that when another person tries to continue your code, they can easily understand what the methods are for and they know how to continue the code according to the project goal? What is the good place to start? (I mean some sort of tutorial or article that I should learn from the very beginning). Thanks for your concern and sorry if my question isn't really clear.
  4. Ahmad Ridwan Fauzi

    Suggestions in Finding an Interesting Game Ideas

    I don't really expect the feedback would be like this, but wow. Thanks very much guys. I really appreciate your words, despite there's a bit disagreement and agreement of this and that. It's helping though. Thanks again. 
  5. Ahmad Ridwan Fauzi

    Suggestions in Finding an Interesting Game Ideas

    thanks again. 
  6. Ahmad Ridwan Fauzi

    Suggestions in Finding an Interesting Game Ideas

    I don't think the feedback will be this great.Thanks a lot guys. Those really are good advice.
  7. Ahmad Ridwan Fauzi

    Suggestions in Finding an Interesting Game Ideas

      thanks for the advice, it's been very helpful. ;)
  8. Ahmad Ridwan Fauzi

    Suggestions in Finding an Interesting Game Ideas

    Really much appreciated for your comment, it helps me. yeah I know, there's no certain best method theoretically, since every person find its way to get an idea itself. I just really want to listen to what people share about how they find their best method in finding an idea.   Thanks a lot for your feedback. ;)
  9. don't know if it's included in game design topic, but let me get straight to the point   I've been starting to make a small game. I work with my friend, and I also work as the designer and programmer (it's because I decided to stay with just two people for a team only, I don't want too much people involved in just a small project). I have a few question:   - As a designer I want to know what makes a game interesting, fun and enjoyable to play? - Is there any best method in finding the interesting and different game idea? - What things that must be considered in order to design a great game that can blast the market? Thanks for your time. ;)
  10. Ahmad Ridwan Fauzi

    Game Requirement Specification

    nice answer. thanks for responding. ;)
  11. Ahmad Ridwan Fauzi

    Game Requirement Specification

    I wanna ask about game developing. I know there is a software requirement specification, which is used to manage a software project (mainly used in developing enterprise software) from preparation to maintenance according to pressman's book of software engineering. It consists of agile method and waterfall method (those two methods are deeply explained on the book that I mentioned), and many more. Is there any specific game requirement specification in order to build game from preparation to maintenance? If there's any, what is the name of the method used in developing a game.   P.S. for now, I assume that game development process is a bit similar to agile method. But I think, there's still more to it than meets the eye, because I feel there's something missing if I'm using agile method.   Thanks for your attention. ;)
  12. Ahmad Ridwan Fauzi

    Best Way to Learn Assets Design at First Attempt

      So if I may repeat your statement, it means that I should first draw the basic shape of the assets, and then put them to the editor, so that I can create the behavior of the assets. Then I improve the assets quality (redesigns it, like adding the shading, etc) after I get the idea of what assets I wanna make with the behavior I create. Is that so?
  13. Ahmad Ridwan Fauzi

    From Game Prototype to Release in 2 Months

    Nice article, it gives me the idea to build a game from start to publish it. anyway, how many people on your team by the way?
  14. Ahmad Ridwan Fauzi

    Best Way to Learn Assets Design at First Attempt

      Thanks for moving it anyway, at first I thought it was a piece of cake question that all senior can answer easily, and asked by a beginner. So I choose to post it to the beginner section. :)   Nice advice by the way, I've been trying to produce the game myself for the mean time 
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