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    GUI nightmares

          Yep, that helped a lot for me too. I was so crazy though, and wrote my own XML-Parser. No reason, just madness (and probably a bit learning-factor). I also gotta say that one thing that probably makes my gui a little more complicated than it should be, is that I'm not only using it for the game, but also for the editor/toolchain. When you want to do somthing like I did in the attached screenshot, it adds some additional levels of complications in comparison to when you "only" need some simple game overlays, I assume.     Yes it seems a lot more complicated than mine. However, if I were to create a level editor (not applicable to my game) I think I would use an already existing GUI, it's not so easy to find a OpenGL or DirectX GUI, though. Because since the editor is ¨not part¨ of the game it wouldn't matter if the GUI is ugly and already used in other projects, that could actually be a point in your favor because people may be already used to that aspect or feeling of the GUI. But... I don't know, I guess that if you implemented your own XML parser is because you're using it as a learning process so it's better to do everything by yourself.   
  2. AMCerasoli

    GUI nightmares

    I'm also writing the GUI for my game from scratch. I would recommend you to use XML to create your windows/panels instead of pure code. That helped me to separate the code to create a new window into different modules while parsing the XML. I use TinyXML2.
  3. Help me fill the world with buildings! The server will be online a couple of days, it's just for testing purposes, the third building is not working  but it would be the same than placing other buildings  Someone? You don't need an account just press "send".   Windows 32bit binaries   [attachment=21791:Emancipation.png]  
  4. Progress progres! The GUI still need some work but this makes me really happy, I'm saving all the buildings on the server. Video
  5. Hello everyone.    I just want to announce that I'll be working on my new game: Emancipation: Two Steps Back; a strategy game currently in development about building and managing stores, companies and public places in a persistent online world.   If you're interested you can:   - Visit my IndieDB page - Visit my Indiegogo page, You know, why not?  - Visit my website   I'm going to place a brief description: You enter this game as an entrepreneur of a new society. Among the buildings you can place and manage are: food shops, clothes shops, private schools, hardware shops, etc... In this game the people (bots with AI) depend on the businesses (players) that are created, and the businesses depend on each other. Example: You want to start a food shop so you need some materials; wood, bricks, etc...   After buying those materials (more about buying below) imagine that in a certain zone you see that a food shop would be a good business, so you go and build a food shop there to provide for the people of that zone. After that your shop is able to provide a certain amount of food, and you'll be able to earn money.   But a food shop also has expenses; besides paying your employee, someone needs to provide you the items you'll sell so you also need a provider. A provider may be another user or a big importer that is managed by the system. What is the advantage of buying from a big importer company managed by the game system? Well, basically that you'll always find what you're looking for; the problem is that prices change dynamically which means that sometimes you could find higher prices which will make you elevate your prices in comparison to other local shops. And what is the advantage of buying from local businesses? Well, sometimes, even when local prices are higher, business managers could have bought a lot of items when prices were low, which means that they could have lower prices than direct importers. So it's better to always check prices constantly in order to get the best one.   I draw this to use it as a prototype:     This is a real in-game pre-pre-pre-Alpha Image:     Tell me what do you think?  
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