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  1. Mastaba

    How'd you come up with your profile name?

    It's the mad scientist in Bioforge. The first game I hacked so I could get past one of the puzzles.
  2. Mastaba

    Formulate equations

    For your given example, the solution is arrived at by some creative yet very simple alegbra. In this particular case, its done by writing the solution as 1+2+...+n=x, adding the equation to itself, and then solving for x after first recognizing that an equivalent way of writing 1+2+...+n is n+(n-1)+(n-2)+...+1.
  3. Mastaba

    Is this variant of the big bang theory possible?

    Quote:Original post by Marmin In fact- if you had a super thelescope and aimed it at some place in the sky, you will see earth itself (the other side). Not. Regardless of how fantastic your telescope was you could see no farther than the point in time in which decoupling occured. Beyond that the Universe is a foggy opaque mess. So until you can figure out how to look beyond that there is no hope of seeing the other side.
  4. Quote:Original post by Sc4Freak A hollow spherical magnet. The north pole resides across the entire outer surface, while the south pole resides across the surface on the inside of the hollow sphere. Such a beast could not exist, and it has to do with how the atomic magnetic fields would have to be aligned in order to even achieve such a thing. They would all have to be radially aligned, but what magical force are you going to employ to keep them radially aligned? See, each atom's neighboring atoms would be magnetically repelling. The atoms would want to fly apart from one another at the very least, and barring that, assuming some mythical hands squeeze them together to keep them in form, the thermal agitation of the atoms would be more than enough to start an avalanche of spin flipping.
  5. Mastaba

    Vista keyboard delay

    Check the BIOS settings of the laptop. I've seen a few that have the keyboard repeat delay as a configurable option.
  6. Mastaba

    McCain picks Sarah Palin

    I suspect AK-47 was meant to be used as an example of an assault rifle and not strictly that particular weapon.
  7. Mastaba

    Show Your Cooking Skills

    Stroganoff with Swedish meatballs and fresh dill Chicken quesadilla with fresh guacamole and a ton of sour cream!
  8. It is my understanding that route only routes ip addresses i.e. it only works at the ip level, whereas the ports are part of the tcp level. I think a better way to handle this is with a lightweight proxy that masqurades as a http host and in fact simply forwards the requests to your Apache instance, and forwards the responses back as if they were its own. This would be a good excuse to learn the WinSock API if you haven't already (assuming you like to code).
  9. Mastaba

    Post your nature photos (and videos) thread.

    Closest thing I have to a nature photo in my collection of phone camera pics.
  10. Mastaba

    Diablo 3 and the internet whiners

    I've seen a few at a couple Wal-marts locally, but they were all opened, so I decided not to buy them as I imagine they were likely opened in order to steal the cd-keys. So I opted for a digital download of Diablo II. I wish it had the manual though. :(
  11. Mastaba

    Poast som freaking desktops!!!! [Dialup Killah]

    Nothing here to see, move along.
  12. Mastaba

    DTV converter box. Little help?

    Thre is no difference between an "HDTV antenna" and an old style analog antenna. Over the air HDTV signals are broadcast on a subset of the old analog channels. So any old antenna which picks up signals well will work. Though the note above of digtal receivers not working well with bouncing signals is unfortunately very true. When my mother lived on the 3rd floor of a building that sat at the top of a hill she could pick up all the local digital signals with a simple pair of rabbit ears placed in a single position. Back at my apartment, not more than 2 miles away, on the ground floor, surrounded by neighboring apartment buildings, with the exact same TV and antenna I could only pull in a few of the digital channels and then at that I had to readjust the antenna for each channel. Even then once in awhile there was one local digital channel which would go in and out with the wind, suggesting there was a reflection from passing clouds or blown trees interfering with the signal. I went and 'upgraded' to amplified rabbit ears. That just made the situation worse. I had to keep the amplification turned all the way down just to make it work almost as good as the unamplified rabbit ears. I gave up on the rabbit ears and got standard cable with the hdtv package from comcast. That had some other issues I had to deal with but I worked those out and now I get all the local digital channels crystal clear (for the most part, comcast is applying some hideous compression on the lesser watched channels).
  13. Mastaba

    Software Graphing Calculator

    I like Maple. Its only $99 for student edition. I only have Maple 7 and it starts up extremely quickly, virtually no delay at all. I haven't personally used Maple 12 though. I could imagine some feature creep has caused it to become more bloated and slower to start.
  14. Mastaba

    The Point of Life

    Ok, so if you are impotent then there is no point in life, and if there is no point in life then one's existence is a flaw that needs to be corrected by ending said existence?
  15. Mastaba

    How to make a little extra cash online?

    If tutoring is your thing look into, they contract online tutors for a range of subjects and a range of students. For awhile I was contracted for highschool level math and physics. Pay wasn't spectacular, but it was easy, then again, while I was in college I was a tutor so I was accustomed to doing such work. Tutoring in person is alot easier than tutoring online though. You can't pick up the nonverbal communication, and having a student sketch the problem with the mouse on the virtual whiteboard can be painfully slow and tedious.
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