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    Marketing Agencies and Revenue Expectations

    A follow-up question about contacting marketing agencies:   Should we tell the market agencies our marketing budget?   If so, should we put a range of our potential budget, or the actual budget?
  2. Hello everyone.   Our team is currently working on a mobile game project with an IAP business model. We are planning to release on iOS, Android and Windows Phone. In terms of a marketing budget, we have $10,000, and are currently looking for a mobile game marketing agency.   We are all programmers, with little business experience and knowledge, so we really need guidance. We've compiled a list of questions we are hoping to get answers to.   Are there any recommendations for mobile game marketing agencies?   We're planning to ask about other clients with similar budgets to ours, client references that we can talk to personally, and what we can expect out of our budget. What other questions should we be asking mobile marketing agencies?    Given our budget, can anyone here guide us as to what number of downloads/revenue we should be aiming for, or expect?   Does anyone know if there is public information of any mobile games with financial reports/data like marketing budgets and return on investment values? Any references would be appreciated.   Thanks in advance.
  3. neptune123

    Music Identification - Contract Question

    Oh thank you! We didn't think of that. That makes a lot of sense.    Has anyone else seen something like this in a contract? Would this hold up legally?
  4. Hello,   We are in the works of making a buyout contract with a composer who has made music for us for our game. Everyone is happy with the deal, but we have a concern.   How can we uniquely identify the songs in the buyout agreement to make it absolutely clear what songs are in question?   The music isn't officially registered anywhere. It has no official copyright registration number either. We want to avoid a situation in which the music is paid for, but then the composer comes back to say "Hey, the level 1 music is not the level 1 music I sold you."   Thanks in advance.  
  5. Thank you for the response. I have read through all of the links provided, and they seem to focus on internal agreement issues between the members. We all have agreed on an arrangement that is clear to everyone and everyone is happy with. We (the company) are concerned that because they are working with us in our company office, they would be considered employees, and that we might be obligated to abide by such rules such as paying them a salary. With the research we did, it looks like they have to either be considered employees or independent contractors, but since they are working here in the office, even if we make an agreement that they are independent contractors, it might not hold.   Does anyone have any information regarding this? 
  6. Hi,    I and another person have formed an LLC in California together to start making games.   In particular, there are other people who wish to work with us on a project on the sole basis of profit share only, no other form of payment. They are working with us in our office and are free to work whatever hours they wish. We do not want to consider them employees because we literally have no money to pay them. We all just want to work together for only the duration of this project and split whatever profits we get from it based on contribution.    Legally, is this kind of setup allowed? Is there any problem that the company or co-founders can face?   
  7. Hello, I am a part of an independent game studio. We are working on our first large project, but just for quick fun though, we have also made a couple of mobile games we would like to release to the app stores, namely Google Play and Apple. We would like not to associate our company with the mobile market though. Is there anything we can do to accomplish this?  
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