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  1. We did it! The Zenzizenzic Kickstarter is a success! With a final tally of €2763 (including PayPal) of the €2000 goal we quite healthily overshot it, and even grabbing a stretch goal while we were at it!    ?So I want thank you all greatly for the support and giving me the chance to do this.     The Kickstarter success not only means a success in funding, but it also raises the profile of the game by a lot. This means it will get a lot more attention, and with that new opportunities may arise. So we can fairly safely say that the future of Zenzizenzic is looking bright!   Unfortunately the dream of reaching the €10.000 stretch goal for the standalone expansion Zenzizenzic: Macro was not realized. It was worth the attempt though and I would be a fool to completely drop it. I mentioned in the Kickstarter FAQ that if the stretch goal was not reached that I would not develop Macro. This is mainly because I can't give you any promises on it. However, in reality it is not as hard-lined as that. Even though I can't say when or even if it will be released, I will still work on Macro when I have the chance since I believe in the concept. And those who have pledged for it will be kept in the loop, I won't forget about you!   All the backers have been contacted. And please stay tuned to the story of Zenzizenzic and where it may lead us! Follow me on Twitter or like Zenzizenzic on Facebook to stay in the loop!   Thank you all so much!   Ruud
  2. Week 4 is gone and over on the Kickstarter, but a good week it was!   We got over 100% funded and we are sitting at a comfortable 135% now, including PayPal proceeds. That puts us past the first stretch goal (Gauntlet mode) and well on the way to the second (new weapon)!    If you aren’t familiar with the principle, the Gauntlet mode is about going through all the levels in a single go, with a single set of lives. Very challenging, but a lot of fun. It will require adjusting a couple of the systems in the game, such as gaining back a life for 500.000 points as that could make things a bit trivial, but I’ll make it a challenge true for any Gauntlet mode!   Just a bit to go now until the Kickstarter is over, 40 hours to be exact. Let’s hope for a good sprint the last bit.     Also, be sure to check Zenzizenzic out on Steam Greenlight and, if possible, drop a vote there, add it to your favorites, leave a comment, anything. Getting the game on Steam would be so damn amazing!   Again, thank you all so much for the support!   Cheers, Ruud
  3. Zenzizenzic got funded on Kickstarter! It is done! We made it! But there are still a couple of days left on the clock with a bunch of stretch goals left to reach, so we ain't done just yet!     Also, you can now support the Kickstarter by PayPal! All the proceeds will go towards funding the stretch goals of the Kickstarter. For more info, please head on over to: zenzizenzicgame.com   Remember that Zenzizenzic is also on Greenlight, and the support there would be hugely appreciated. It just takes a vote, nothing more, easy like that!    And finally, a new gameplay video for level 4 is up! If you'd like to see a bit about what Zenzizenzic's level 4 is about, you can check that over here: Zenzizenzic - Gameplay Trailer: Level 4.    Thank you for the support! - Ruud, developer of Zenzizenzic
  4. Week 3 is past and we're steadily heading towards that €2000 goal on the Zenzizenzic Kickstarter!    Week 1 got us to 50% (amazing!), week 2 to 70% and week 3 almost to 90%. I'm quite happy that we were able to carry over the progress from week 2 to week 3 and I'm sure we will be able to get a good run this final week!      As usual, expect a gameplay video this Thursday, covering some of the intricacies of level 4, and possibly some cool and exciting updates in between then and now and after.   And don't forget about the Steam Greenlight campaign! If we could get Zenzizenzic on Steam it would mean the world.    So again, thank you for the support and if you might know someone who would enjoy Zenzizenzic, spreading the word really does help a lot. Let's try to get to €2000 this week!   Cheers, Ruud
  5.   Thank you! Every bit does help, so it's much appreciated!   Quick update: For a strong push to reach €2000 on the Zenzizenzic Kickstarter I have raised the immediate full beta access reward to the first 130 backers (previously 80) for all €12 and higher pledges!   As we are now on 109 backers, there are 21 more chances left to get the immediate beta reward.   Come on over and check the Zenzizenzic Kickstarter out, give the trailer the spin!    Enjoy! ~ Ruud
  6.   Hi! Currently I'm running a Kickstarter and Greenlight for a game I'm developing, called Zenzizenzic.   I would appreciate it immensely if you would take a moment to check it out, maybe give the beta a spin (there's free keys at the bottom for full access beta and there's also a free beta available). And if you like what you see to maybe support the game in one way or another! Every bit of support is very welcome.    Here's some info and goodness about Zenzizenzic!   About the game Zenzizenzic is a high paced, adrenaline infused, abstract, challenging twin stick shoot 'em up bullet hell game for Windows, Mac and Linux! It features a beautiful, cohesive and abstract art style combined with thrilling, addictive one and two player gameplay along with a soundtrack that is sure to get the adrenaline pumping!   Links:  Kickstarter - Greenlight - Website - Wiki   Platforms: Windows, Mac and Linux Release price: 5.99 Euro / 8.34 USD Release date: late July         Features of Zenzizenzic - Single player and local 2 player co-operative. Play with a buddy (aka scapegoat)! - A large and varied arsenal of weaponry to choose from. We got lasers, pods, charge shots, black holes, time jumps and more to come! - Blasting beat by bignic, known for the multi-platform hit Zombies. - Mind blowing speed and amazing movement accuracy. All the tools necessary to get out of the tightest of fits. - Dynamically increasing difficulty. We can't have things to be too easy right! - Bonus levels with unique challenges. Earn enough points and you shall be given entry.         What the press is saying so far         A bit about myself Zenzizenzic is being developed by bitHuffel's Ruud Koorevaar. Before starting in November 2012, he didn't know a thing about game design, programming or anything related to game development, except for what was garnered during 15-20 years of playing games. That didn't stop him, though. He set out to realise his passion and learn it all as he’d go. Over the past year and a half he dedicated his life to learn the art of making games and created the team bitHuffel with his good friend Arno de Bruijn. Zenzizenzic is his first fully fledged project and is now reaching a turning point with the Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight campaigns.   Full beta access key! These are all for Windows and are direct downloads (about 120mb large), and each link is good for 3 hits. Be considerable and don't spam all the links to take away the possible enjoyment of your fellow forum user. To alleviate this I broke up the links a bit, so remove the spaces when copying it over. Enjoy! And if you missed out, there's a free, limited beta available on www.zenzizenzicgame.com! http://bithuffel .nl/keys/download.php?id=9b8944e58dd3 http://bithuffel .nl/keys/download.php?id=2f70c02b74d6 http://bithuffel .nl/keys/download.php?id=9dd4fed22f1c  
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