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  1. LibAx - Barebone Example

    Yo everyone, I've recently stumbled upon libax skeletal library, and i'd be appreciative if anyone could link me an barebones example of it's usage with the OpenGL shader pipeline, very barebones, so I can understand it's usage TY
  2. Float Datastructure

    No, I'd like it to return a Null of something like that if said position is not filled, and I'm almost not going to change the final data, compact because I'll be loading it with a lot of data, I mean like a lot ... Efficient because I'm going to access it literally millions or even billions of time each second
  3. Hello there Gamedev,   So I've been looking for a datastructure that would respond to my conditions for quite some time with not much luck, knowing that much experiences dwells here, here I am ...   The purpose is to store positions (floats) linearly with as less overhead as possible, kinda like an arr[i], where i is a float, or something near that, like a function that would return a value when fed with a float (get(1.25) = x), that value stored at that key (float) before (store(x, 1.25))   The datastructure must be: ~ Memory-Efficient ~ As Fast as possible   That's it, if you know anything like this then feel free to post here Your help is appreciated and thanks for reading    Whiteclaws.
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