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  1. Little Demon

    Little Demon (Android)

    Updated once again, now it's almost the final version of the game. More screens and videos coming soon 
  2. Little Demon

    Little Demon (Android)

    I'm working on a new version of the game, the first post has been updated :D. Does it look better now? 
  3. Little Demon

    Little Demon (Android)

    Thanks for the explanation, I mostly agree, in fact mostly match with my design  . I guess my biggest fail is to not show and explain in depth how the game works  .   The grow system has more depth that may seem, as your choices will change deeply how your demon is and the things it does  (personality), it's strongly based in humour, and there's a lot of things to do. So, if your demon is enough disciplined, it may ask you to train its magic skills. That way, how you take care of your demon will change also his dexterity in fights. But it may drink alcohol or eat brains if its evil enough. It will always do funny things.    A long term goal may be discover new shapes, customize how the demon and the room looks and make it really evil to make it do naughty and funny things.    Growing change deeper things than numbers. It's not a leveling game. Your demon will evolve depending on your choices, so it will change his arms, legs... and this parts of its own body determine its skills in battle (fire or ice attacks, etc...). So, different parts will be unlocked, but also other aesthetic things such as hairs,  and walls for the room.      Also, considering the success of games like Pou, that really have little depth, I can strongly assure you that its not that shallow.    And I forgot the messages that some characters send to you that explain a depth story. Yep, the game happens in a world with a depth lore.     But all the things you said are things I must take into account, and I may improve the image of the game, in this moment it seems shallow, thanks for making me see it. 
  4. Little Demon

    Little Demon (Android)

      Thanks for the comment! What do you mean exactly with barren? And, how do you think I may fix it?   My target at this time is young people (16-25), but I'm waiting for people to play it to see what is my public. I'm not expecting to draw attention before the release. But any suggestion will help me  . 
  5. Little Demon

    Little Demon (Android)

      Thank you, I really appreciate your comment  .   That's how battles look like at this moment:  
  6. Little Demon

    Little Demon (Android)

    First video teaser!     
  7. Little Demon

    Little Demon (Android)

      Overview Little Demon is just a little free to play game willing to grow. I just need some help to take it to Apple Store (and Google Store) and make some promotion. The game will be out between this year, between September and November.  Indiegogo campaign: http://igg.me/at/littledemon Take care of your own Little Demon!  It needs help to grow. It will ask you to do some things, like playing mini-games, fighting other demons... There's always something to do!  Deep storytelling The intricate story of the Little Demons and the characters that you will know, will be unveiled through short but strong letters. The things that happen in your room will affect this characters and the other way round. Either a small robot or a portal on the wall, the game is always changing as your demon evolves.  Unleash its true form! Your Little Demon will evolve as you make changes in its personality through your choices. If you make it more evil, some weird and strange forms may appear in its body. Every possible part of its body implies a certain skill in battle. You may cook different recipes to help you. Make your own strategy! Tons of customization, make your own Little Demon! You can choice from a wide range of aesthetic things like hats, glasses and outfits in the wardrobe. Change its colours, make your own Little Demon!     Follow us please!  Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LittleDemonAndroid Twitter: https://twitter.com/LittleDemon_LD Indiedb: http://www.indiedb.com/games/little-demon Web: http://littledemonandroid.wix.com/littledemon Epocu: http://epocu.com/campaigns/little-demon/ And please comment 
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