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  1. MrKyleMann175

    Open source?

    Hi, sorry if this is a stupid question but i want to be 100%, if an API is open source, such as the following http://www.portaudio.com/ and http://bulletphysics.org/wordpress/, does this mean that if i created a game using their software and made a bit of money off it i wouldn't be liable to get sued by them?   Thanks :)
  2. MrKyleMann175

    Blending textures?

    Thanks for replying, the images were just rendered in 3ds max but i would like to find out how to blend the textures not just for this area but for example an area where there is water and the grass near the water blends into sand/mud before going under the water?   The closest i could find to what i want the train tracks area to be like would be something like http://www.wholeheartedleaders.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/traintracks.jpg so that there is no straitght cut off between the two materials.
  3. MrKyleMann175

    Blending textures?

    Hey guys, how would i go around blending the two textures in the image below together to make it look more realistic?   http://imgur.com/D8ll4vh http://imgur.com/tP1zBgr   Cheers guys :)
  4. Hi, on one of my topics people told me that the .x 3d model type that im currently being used is outdated and rately used so im wondering what currently is the best model file type to use?
  5. MrKyleMann175

    3ds max mixed textures

    Very clear explanation, thanks :)
  6. MrKyleMann175

    3ds max mixed textures

    Hey so one of my models is a brick wall which i have used "UVW map" modifier on it to make the bricks the right size by tiling the texture and ive got another texture of dirt added onto the material of the wall using mix, it look like this (http://i.imgur.com/d7GgilH.png), however i dont want the dirt to be tiled becuase it looks like this (http://i.imgur.com/dNePBds.png) is there a way to have the brick texture tiled without having the dirt tiled?   P.S I tried having the dirt on another plane model and moving it just before the wall but that causes clipping issues and you can see it floating off the wall.
  7. MrKyleMann175

    3ds max texture map

    That's excatly what i was looking for, thanks! :)
  8. MrKyleMann175

    Importing animation

    Thanks for the replies guys, ill read the linked material, if .x models are dead/rarely used anymore what 3d model file type would you recommend using?
  9. MrKyleMann175

    3ds max texture map

    I believe that baking the textures is what I want, bassically im wondering if 3ds max has a tool to get a model with different textures and then export a texture map?
  10. Hey, Im thinking of attempting to create a map editor/creator to act as both a game creation tool for myself aswell as a potential user tool for modding, what would be the most efficient way of doing this? I would using a method of while the editor is in use record the amount of times each time a certain model is placed aswell as its position and rotation, then export that information in a text file which would end up looking like: Model: wall1 position: 34,0,12 rotation: 0,0,0 amount: 6 and so on for each model... and then when needed load the map into the game by using the "amount" as a for loop amount for each model for placement aswell as being used in the update/run function for checking for collisions? thanks :)
  11. MrKyleMann175

    3ds max texture map

    Hey, is there anyway that using 3ds max, make a 3d model using different textures/materials and then create a texture map which would then be applied to the model so that I can cut down on my game's loading times by cutting the amount of textures used on a model from 10 to just 1? thanks :)
  12. MrKyleMann175

    Collision resolution with walls

    Thanks for the reply :) if you dont mind I would really appreciate pseudo code :)
  13. MrKyleMann175

    Collision resolution with walls

    Hey, for a collision resolution with a wall would a good method be recording the last direction key pressed (e.g. w,a,s,d) then setting the camera/player's position relative to the direction back a tiny amount by using something like "playerPositionZ = playerPositionZ - 0.5"? thanks :)
  14. Hey, would any of you guys please be able to point me in the right direct, I would like to implement collision detection for 3d objects that are not axis alligned, I already know that I should use a simply detection method like aabb so the game knows when to perform a more detailed detection but which detection should I use? thanks :)
  15. MrKyleMann175

    Importing animation

    3d skinned mesh, .x as in the direct x model file type, I added 3ds max because you can make animations in it so I thought you would use that to create animations and expott them and direct 11 :)
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