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    The future of VR in gaming

    I don't know much about linux yet, so the Vrui toolkit will help me start. This is the link http://idav.ucdavis.edu/~okreylos/ResDev/Vrui/ it's free to use and the best part is " maintaining OpenGL rendering contexts that can display head-tracked stereoscopic images on monitors, fixed single- and multi-screen projections systems, movable monitors or screens, head-mounted displays, or any combinations thereof." linux is used primarily at my university so I should be familiar with it by the time Oculus 2 and kinect 2 are available to develop with. So, in theory and with a few thousand  dollars, any skilled programer will be developing a matrix or a holodeck sometime this year or next, hopefully. I'm a very hopeful person. The price of the kinect 2 is still "unclear"  http://www.gottabemobile.com/2014/05/13/microsoft-dumps-the-kinect-in-first-series-xbox-one-price-cut/ but i doubt it will be  more than $400. And the Oculus 2 is already $350 https://www.oculusvr.com/order/ The potential for VR is stacking up. Anyone else think this is the year for gaming?
  2. SkullOfAPlesiousaurus

    The future of VR in gaming

    Thanks for the responses. To Arjan B: Am I to assume that you have experience with the Vrui Toolkit? Because I have so many questions. I just started reading the material and I'm about to install it on Fedora. Is there a large learning curve to it? What program did you use to build the level? and I have more, but I hope you can answer these ones first. thanks again.     To Swiftcoder How many different games have you played on your Oculus? And how many of those were modded ones like n64 or gamecube game mods?
  3. SkullOfAPlesiousaurus

    The future of VR in gaming

    I don't know about all of you, but the VR craze has got me hooked. I recently emailed VR frontiersman Oliver Kreylos of UC Davis. Here's a link to his latest project. I asked him "What are your plans and hopes for the next year with the kinect 2 and oculus 2 together?" he replied with "It's going to be another gold rush, I'm pretty sure. The knives are already coming out." So, first off, since I'm working on a BS in Computer science for the plans of making it big in the VR industry....this is huge. I plan on staying in contact with him for awhile, but wIth all that set aside, I'd first like to say I'm really just a beginner in the large scale of things. What I'd like to know is, how many of you are currently experimenting in VR environments like this(Oculus+kinect) with game engines, and what success/failure stories do you have?
  4. SkullOfAPlesiousaurus

    I just created an account because I'm brainstorming a game...

    Thank you for the replies everyone. I really appreciate the insight I've already received. I know I have a lot of work ahead of me, so I hope I wasn't confusing. My 1st goal is to start small. That's clear to me. So I'll start with all the reading material I've gathered, and hopefully you'll see me asking specific programing questions in the future. After the basics are well understood, I'll be sharing ideas and designs. For now,  I just wanted to introduce myself. thanks again -Alex
  5. Hello    I'm currently studying Computer Science at Eastern Washington University. This is my first time posting so I hope you don't mind showing me around. I have a ton of questions, but first I'll give you a little background. My first programming class was python, two years ago. Now I'm in advanced 300 lvl Java courses. For 3D modeling and animation I've been working exclusively with 3DSmax in my 400 lvl 3D courses. These are the programs I am currently confident with.  What I hope to learn most from GameDev.net are real world methods for bringing my visions, dreams, and imaginations into reality. By the end of my studies I hope to have robust demos and mods to add to my portfolio and demo reels. I've already begun tutorials on Visual Studio in order to learn C# and C++. I also downloaded the Unreal SDK and editor because I want to make an FPS. The other reason is because I will learn these programs at the university, just not yet. My game dev class has some pre reqs, but they use Unreal and others. My first question would be, What should I ask first? I like to think that with my experience and the amount of resources available to me, I can at least start building my 1st game this year. But then that leads me to my next question. I want to make a sci fi mech fighter game like zone of the enders meets mech assult. I don't mind starting out basic and then working into something more complex. My goal is not to make money with it (although ideal) but rather to make something worthy of showing off to game companies for when I graduate. I want to incorporate all of my skills and talents, but without wasting any time. So, with my current experience, can someone point me in the right direction for someone dreaming of building a sci fi mech fps. thnx a bunch.  
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