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    Maze Of Dark Shadows [Horror, 3D] Free!

    Year: 2014 Genre: Horror Developer: FlyTrolls Publisher: FalcoWare Language: English Platform: PC Description This adventure horror puts you in a maze of dark shadows. The main character of the game will try to find a way out of the dark, terrible maze. His only defense is a flashlight, which will have to keep powered by finding as many batteries as possible. Also do not forget about the first aid kit, which may restore the hero's health when the evil lurking in the shadows suddenly drains life from him. The oppressive atmosphere of the cave and its inhabitants will be a serious obstacle, but by keeping track of time and remembering turns taken in dark corridors the hero will undoubtedly find his way to freedom! Screenshots Download https://www.dropbox.com/s/st3z0rmfje9fk8h/MODS%5B1.1%5D.exe?dl=0 IndieDB http://www.indiedb.com/games/maze-of-dark-shadows/downloads/maze-of-dark-shadows-ver-10-horror
  2. Denis Shevchenko

    Spell Card (Free)

    SpellCard is a collectible-card game with colorful graphics and unusual gameplay. Face your opponent in games, earn money, buy new cards! Can you collect all the cards and defeat the most powerful enemy? Then go ahead and show what you got!     Screenshots       Download http://www.indiedb.com/games/spell-card/downloads/spell-card-v-10-release
  3. Denis Shevchenko

    Billiards Pyramid

    Moscow Billiards is a Piramyd billiards simulator. The game can be played either against a computer or human opponents (on the same PC) on several playing tables. Training mode and trick shots available now. Exersices for beginners and advanced players. Small and Big Russian, English, American Poll, games rules hints. Lot of ball sets, animated 3d players. The game allows for playing in various settings, some of which might be unusual, and players' roles. The program comes with a powerful anti-aliasing algorithm for the cue and balls, which minimizes video card resources required, freeing them to be used by other parts of the program.         Download https://www.dropbox.com/s/jidqfn1dnsmjif2/BilliardsPyramidSetup.exe  
  4. Denis Shevchenko

    Me and PostApocalypse [3D, FPS], Alpha

    1. Version: Alpha 2. Genre: FPS, Survival 3. Language: English   Description Me and PostApocalypse is a first-person shooter with elements of survival. The action takes place in 2114, when a meteorite hit planet Earth meteorite and infected everything with a plague. People who lived on the Earth began to ache and infect others, becoming zombies. But the meteorites were no coincidence! Alien droids sent a specifically infected meteorite to Earth to take over the planet and colonize it. You, the project scientists, are survivors hiding out in the bunkers. The plague has no effect on you, and you're the only one who can rid the Earth of the droid, preventing them from "calling home" and destroying the lair. You are faced with an obstacle, through which only you can pass. Good luck hero!   Screenshots   Download   http://falcoware.com/109392/MeAndPostApocalypse/
  5. 1. Year: 2014 2. Genre: FPS 3. Language: English 4. System requirements: CPU: 0,9 GGC; RAM: 256 Mb; Videocard: 128 Mb;   Description Cemetery Warrior 3 is a dynamic and exciting 3D first-person shooter with great graphics, lots of weapons and various monsters. You will explore an ancient monastery and its dungeons. On the way you'll meet crowds of monsters and giant bosses. As always, your faithful companions - a machine gun, shotgun and grenade launcher will help you drive on! Hundreds of years ago the Holy Order of Friars built a monastery above a portal that connects our world with hell. They vowed to pray every day to restrain the forces of darkness, to keep them from escaping to the outside. For many years you were the leader of the Order, and when you became an old man, you fell asleep and went quietly to the Lord, leaving the holy craft your brothers. However, after a couple of years the monks betrayed their oath. They made a pact with Satan for worldly pleasures and enjoyments. Now their prayer is directed to the call of the son of Satan – Zeksus, and they themselves are turned into hideous creatures. Sacred power brings you back, so you can get things in order! Almighty has bestowed upon you again youth and strength! And this time, the weapons! Lots of weapons!   Screeshots     Video   DOWNLOAD   http://falcoware.com/109392/CemeteryWarrior3/   IndieDB http://www.indiedb.com/games/cemetery-warrior-3
  6. Denis Shevchenko

    Princess Warrior [RPG]

    [attachment=21813:5.jpg]   1. Developer: beril 2. Year: 2014 3. Genre: Action - RPG 4. Language: English 5. System requirements: CPU: 1,9 GGC; RAM: 512 Mb; Videocard: 256 Mb;   Description n this Action-packed RPG you will fight for the young princess. An warrior Eriel imprisoned her in the dungeon of an evil sorcerer who is eager to take her throne. The sorcerer instructed crowds of warrior goblins to guard her. Collect all the keys and destroy the crowd of goblins guarding the dungeon. Destroying enemies, you'll find valuable items and improve their level of performance and discover new spells. Screeshots [attachment=21814:1.jpg] [attachment=21815:4.jpg] [attachment=21816:3.jpg]   Download http://cdn2.falcogames.com/PrincessWarriorSetup.exe
  7. Denis Shevchenko

    Putler Caput!

    [attachment=21804:PUTLERCAPUT_new.jpg]   1. Developer: beril 2. Year: 2014 3. Genre: Arcada 4. Language: English   Description Putler Caput - a fascinating game of which you necessary for determined time to wound certain amount of the dartboards. With each new level, the difficulty to become above and get with dartboard to become gravely. Only the most skilful and deft arrows will be able to free the world from Putlera. Protect the world all over the world. Peace you   Screeshots [attachment=21805:2.jpg] [attachment=21806:4.jpg] [attachment=21807:5.jpg]   Download https://drive.google.com/#folders/0B-mfAIy-EbwsNFFHRWV0SWNPV2c  
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