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  1. Pan Flute. I guess you can find artificial versions. But I'm not a music maker. I just love pan flutes :)
  2. Jooseppi

    Islamaphobia in the United States

    Interesting talk. This has been derailed multiple times with random abortion bashing so I just leave this here. If abortion to you is killing a human. What is the punishment? In texas if pregnant woman falls would that need a police investigation if the action was attentional? Death penalty if the fetus dies? When DT told he was pro life and stated that the woman should be punished pro life organizations lost their minds. Ordering the hit is the same as pulling the trigger.
  3. Jooseppi

    Portfolio review and some questions

    I managed to destroy my answer but in short:   You have no problems with english in Finland. None. In Finland there is a trial period where both parties can end the job instantly without reason. So if you have been accepted into two jobs then just choose. Imho any application in english will get more attention than random finnish one.   Your page looks bad. Try something simple with bootstrap. Also why is your post here longer than in the page itself?  There are typos on the page. There should be none. Layout seems to go everywhere:
  4. Jooseppi

    How does the human brain accomplish this

    After reading this good conversation I just can't help but to post another video. Instinct:
  5. Jooseppi

    How does the human brain accomplish this

    Currently we are creating server farms to accurately mimic mouse brain. It might be interesting watch for you.    
  6. I need some English lessons. :( Red a comment wrong.
  7. Because to be able to answer it needs allot of information. In the following text there are also ways to disable the service. Location services. Cortana regularly collects and uses your current location and location history to give you the most relevant notices and results and to make suggestions that help save you time, such as traffic and location based reminders. Cortana can only work if location services are on, so if you turn them off, Cortana will be disabled. Text messages and email. Cortana accesses your messages to do a variety of things such as: allowing you to add events to your calendar, apprising you of important messages, and keeping you up to date on events or other things that are important to you, like package or flight tracking. Cortana also uses your messages to help you with planning around your events and offers other helpful suggestions and recommendations. Speech and Input Personalization. To help Cortana better understand the way you speak and your voice commands, speech data is sent to Microsoft to build personalized speech models and improve speech recognition. On Windows devices, Cortana can only work if Input Personalization is on, so if you turn it off, Cortana will be disabled. See the Windows Input Personalization section for more information. Apps and services. Cortana uses data collected through other Microsoft services to provide personalized suggestions. For example, Cortana uses data collected by the MSN Sports app so it can automatically display information about the teams you follow. It also learns your favorite places from Microsoft's Maps app so it can offer better suggestions. Your interests in Cortana's Notebook can be used by other Microsoft services, such as Bing or MSN Apps, to customize your interests, preferences, and favorites in those experiences as well. Cortana also allows you to connect to third-party services for additional personalized experiences based upon information you shared with the third-party service. For example, choosing to sign into Facebook within Cortana allows Microsoft to access certain Facebook information so that Cortana and Bing can give you more personalized recommendations. Browsing history. If you choose to send your full browsing history to Microsoft in Microsoft Edge (see the Microsoft Edge description in the Windows section of this statement), Cortana can provide suggestions based on the sites you visit in Microsoft Edge. Cortana won't collect information about sites you visit in InPrivate tabs. Search history. Your Bing search queries - even if Cortana does the searching for you - are treated like any other Bing search queries and are used as described in the Bing section.   https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/privacystatement/default.aspx  
  8. Jooseppi

    What's your favorite game in 2015?

    Currently Witcher3 because reasons.   All AAA games are easy.
  9. Jooseppi

    Microsoft Is Laying Off More Workers This Year

    Microsoft layouts are indeed a hot topic in Finland atm. New government is all over the news giving their support. In a small country it kinda kills the whole city of Salo. http://www.helsinkitimes.fi/business/13444-microsoft-s-decision-a-bitter-blow-for-finland.html?ref=nl-hs-aamu   It's a common opinion in Finland that Stephen Elop came to Finland. Killed Nokia. Microsoft buys Nokia. Microsoft lays off ex Nokia employees.
  10. Jooseppi

    Limiting combat

    Your mechanic is used in most of the RPG:s (BG,System shock,Witcher) and Stealth FPS (Splinter cell, Thief, Hitman). These games allow you to rambo but the best rewards are given to those who take their time and solve the real problems usually without violence.
  11. Jooseppi

    Researchers, Archeologists and...

    Well. there are these people called astrophysicists and theoretical physicists who basically do research on stars and technology?
  12. Jooseppi

    Hi there, freshman here =]

    When you have created the pong game in few hours you should know about:   -sprite rendering -state handling -window creation -collision detection -ai (if computer handles the other paddle) -unit movement -gui+font rendering (scores) -intro screen -end screen -pause screen -credits   Make all those things decoupled from the actual code and you can reuse them in your zeld game.   Zelda differs from this only by that the camera moves with the player and you need some way to create the map. And huge amount of sprite assets.
  13. Jooseppi

    Space barbarians

    Why did I instantly think about Conan the barbarian jumping around with loincloth and a space helmet.
  14. Jooseppi

    baby steps in development

    Create a complete game. I would suggest pong as a first game 1) It needs a game window 2) Intro (bitmap to screen) 2) Game loop (loop that runs untill game is over) 3) Game over screen (who won) 4) Players input handling (two players that control the paddles)   Optionals: 6) Credits 3) High scores   Alternative route is to go with game makers like Unity. There you can build more visually pleasing games but might not know how it works in the inside.
  15. Battlefield series swithed to (semi) client side hit detection in bf4 and bf3. It was a huge problem at start (instalkill hackers) but got gradually better when they added allot of checks on the server side to determine if shots were possible.
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