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  1. I can't remember where I read it but one good dev told me that it was important to start the community early- but not TOO early in the game development process. His reasoning was solid To generate a following Prevents you from slacking Allows you to draw inspiration from fans To allow those following you to feel like they played an active part (more likely to promote or talk about) The reason to not start it too early is pretty obvious- you want to give them SOMETHING exciting and your early prototypes will be anything but! (to MOST people) If they have to wait too long they WILL get bored and move on.   PERSONALLY.  I would start a community only for games with replay value- multiplayer games especially. After they beat a single player game there'd be no reason to remain part of the community (maybe there's a way to fix this?  doubt)   Don't start a community unless you intend on following through though- you can ruin your credibility.   Good luck, you! : )
  2. Chaoddity

    Your first game / programming project?

    My first project was totally overzealous.  XD I was attempting to use darkbasic to make a model of a plane fly around (and if it hit terrain, explode). I didn't have any discipline then, so i was able to do the plane bit.... but making the collisions happen?  Never happened.   I then went to gamemake and RPG maker.... eventually AGS... Just playing with all the simple things... Before I realized that I REALLY needed to be serious otherwise my creative potential would be limited.
  3. Chaoddity

    Game Dev Study Group

    DAMN.  There was a thread like mine? http://www.gamedev.net/topic/656999-self-improvement-group/   I'd like to know the same.  Bridge the gap, as it were.
  4. I love looking at projects like this : ) Very inspiring!
  5. Chaoddity

    Hello Everyone

    Welcome :D
  6. Chaoddity

    Self-improvement group

    Too late XD  I did yesterday. Wasted so much time but what fun was had. I'll be back in later.
  7. Chaoddity

    Self-improvement group

    (I love browsing people's programs in their signatures. So much fun :D Szecs- is your avatar a Garry Larson illustration?  It looks like it Also nice scorched clone.  I had so much fun with Scorched 3d back in highschool. I introduced it to the school and we had HUGE wars)
  8. Chaoddity

    Self-improvement group

    I can't stand sports they bore me to death.   What you described is absolutely nothing like me.   Please don't try again to guess.   Anyway. The activity itself is enjoyable and I can do it forever.   Ill explain from the most BASIC level I know how. People have needs. People need food.  Drink.  Shelter. One interesting need is social interaction.  Some of us like to have people to talk to.   The problem with my life at the moment... is I can't learn a thing from any of my friends and find them massively demotivating. Take one friend for example- he lives off his girlfriend, a jobless bum, he complains about having to do his share of the housework, and he plays videogames as a "full time job". Most of my friends are really laid back- and when they're free they just want to hang out. VERY.  demotivating.   I'd like to meet people I could work with and learn with. People who match my determination and share my vision. So we can meet eachother social needs WITHOUT demotivating or providing incentive to play games or slack off.   I hope that cleared things up.
  9. Chaoddity

    Self-improvement group

    "Um..... the thing you describe almost fits the concept of a gamdev forum." Concept similar, implementation different 1- As it would not be on a forum it would not be so formal 2- It wouldn't be quite as open.  ONLY motivated, meaningful members who want to improve themselves.  I like these forums but I've noticed they can get somewhat toxic.  I dont have time to defend myself or others from snarky comments like I often end up doing on forums... 3- It would be something a bit more 'constant' too.  Not something you check once every few hours but something you can keep going in the background.   These forums are more for people who are okay with working by themselves- they just pop in every now and again. I want a group of people, who may NOT be great at anything yet, just to focus on a common goal of working our way to being skilled game designers.   I spend every day, from morning to the time I go to sleep, working on this goal, and it gets tiring when you have noone to talk to about it XD Even better than having people to talk to about it would be to have people to work with.
  10. Chaoddity

    Self-improvement group

        So your solution is to create an IRC chat? Do you also use petrol to put out fires?    lol I like your sense of humor.   BUT ANYWAY! Either you Cannot relate (then this group isn't for you) Don't quite get what I'm saying (In which case I apologize and will try to clarify) I have many friends but almost none of them are motivated or driven... and none of them I can really talk computers/programming with. The ONE friend i have who is into tech is busy at MIT.   This group idea was about generating a community around the idea of LEARNING everything that goes into game design. We'd be just a group of colleagues finding and burning through examples, tutorials, and college courses online. Having a community to share your progress with.  Sharing ideas and offering advice. Ever found yourself working long hours but had noone to share that work with or get advice from?  That's what this group is about.   So far, I've met one guy who is in and I've learned a bit from him- and I gave him a lot of resources I've found (that I hope help him).   If you don't like the idea, that's perfectly okay : )  I just want to create this for people who feel they'd benefit from it. I know I already have.
  11. Chaoddity

    It's getting harder to be myself in real life...

    I agree overall.  I would say it's hard for users to find many indie games. I pay a lot of attention to indie games and mods and a few manage to slip by me too- including 'nobreak valet'. That game looks like a lot of fun btw.   Truth is, indie games dont have the same FLASH or AD CAMPAIGNS to reach the audiences as easily. Thankfully the big companies have done such a dreadful job making their games actually fun (focusing way too much on flair) to make thier games actually fun. For that reason indie games are receiving a bit more attention. Not only have indie games had much more original games in the past few years they pioneered all kinds of new ways TO sell games.   Remember when Riot Games was a small company?  They created a model where they made it f2p, they made skins you had to buy, and then promoted the hell out of the competitions. Humble Bundles have definitely helped a lot of people I've been trying to convince for years that Indie games are where the fun games have gone  XD   Not all big titles have been bad but... yeah.  Most of them are kinda boring.   Anyway. Maybe that's what you need to work on  make games that you think everyone could enjoy :D
  12. Chaoddity

    Self-improvement group

    (PM me.  that's what those interested seem to prefer)
  13. Chaoddity

    Quitting Addictions

    I can relate totally. I recommend a very relevant book called "Amusing ourselves to Death"   You'll have to learn how to make do with less of it all.  You're overstimulating yourself.   I wished I could say there was an easy way to quit.  I wasn't able to until a total mental breakdown occured. I realized my productivity was a DISGRACE for what I was capable of and that I hated my job. Afterwards I began frantically pushing myself more and more... and just never stopped.   And god have i made progress since  XD   I guess that lesson is the important one- once you have that oppurtunity to change ROLL WITH IT. If you don't it will be a long time before another chance comes back around.   I would try improving your workflow- making systems that cater to your flaws. Generate a lifestyle that keeps you from your vices and stimulates you in other ways.
  14. Chaoddity

    Is Programming Fun or Work for you?

    I agree.  So far I've found it a lot of fun but very stressful at times. Sometimes you hit a wall and just have no idea what to do. BUT MAN.  That feeling when you get it right    You feel like a god.   So personally, I have to say fun.
  15. Forming a guild :D Hopefully. WOOO!
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