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    Just curious if there's anyone else here on GameDev that's using DarkGDK, or has previously used DarkGDK? I've been using DarkBASIC Pro for quite some time now and have just migrated to DarkGDK so that I can harness the power of Visual Studio and C++ alongside of DarkBASIC. I have a project I'm working on that I'd like to get some advice on (maybe you can suggest some different techniques to help optimize my game or suggest some ideas to improve or add to the game) and possibly even collaborate in the future.
  2. trevorchough

    Language Choice

      Thanks, Kirk, I haven't had the time to look for any instructions other than the five minutes I had earlier to tell you the problem and ask for help here on the forums. I appreciate the link, that will save me time, you're a great help!
  3. trevorchough

    Language Choice

    Well, so far, I am having a couple of problems. I have downloaded Visual Studio Express 2008, the only version that works with DarkGDK, at least from what I've read after various Google searches. My problem is that I don't know how to include the DarkGDK folder, so that when I go to compile, the "include.h" and other files from DarkGDK are detected without manually putting them in the project folder themselves.    My second issue is that, after compiling a simple test program that spins a cube at a very slow rate (I have even tried using the minimum spin rate value), the cube is spinning at the maximum value. Now this can be caused by a few different problems, or so I've read, that can consist of driver problems to DarkBASIC issues with Windows 8.   The later issue I will/should be able to resolve on my own, however, I do need help with setting the include/library folders in a Visual Studio project.
  4. trevorchough

    Language Choice

    I've just discovered some "expansions" for DarkGDK, located here http://www.thegamecreators.com/?m=view_product&id=2128&page=expand, that introduce some desirable features that I no longer have to worry about coding myself. I think I have honestly solved my own question, and found that with previous DarkBASIC Pro experience, Dark GDK might be the next step in my game programming adventures! I'm downloading now and going to give it a try. But I am still open for suggestions and any advice anyone may have!
  5. trevorchough

    Language Choice

    Kirk,   I have created a slew of games in DarkBASIC and I actually enjoy programming in DarkBASIC. The only reason to move away from DB is because of the lack of support for certain file formats and functions. However, after doing some research, it seems there is actually a product developed by The Game Creators (makers of DarkBASIC) called Dark GDK, which allows me to actually use Visual Studio and C++ with DarkBASIC kind of "inside" of it. Simply put, I can still program in DarkBASIC but have the abilities to use C++ programming where/if needed. Now with this, would I be able to implement support for file formats previously unsupported in DarkBASIC? What would the advantages be to have DarkBASIC inside of C++? Also, there is a .NET version of Dark GDK, allowing me to use either C# or Visual BASIC.net, would one of those suite my needs better? Sorry if these questions seem rather unimportant or noobish, but, I have to start somewhere so I might as well ask as many questions as I can now so I don't end up having to ask them later and looking like a fool!
  6. trevorchough

    Quitting Addictions

      I could not have said it better.
  7. trevorchough

    Language Choice

    I'm currently trying to figure out what language I should try to learn in order to start game programming. To be honest, the only game programming experience I have, would be DarkBASIC Pro. I know a lot of people don't even consider that a language, but more or less a framework, used to create simple games or demos. I have web programming skills, such as HTML/CSS, but other than that I'm pretty much starting fresh. Are there any languages you could suggest based on the information I've given? I am a relatively fast learner and difficult tasks do not bother me. Also, I would like to mention, I have fooled around with game engines like Irrlicht, Cube and a few tools like Unity and UDK, but with no real programming knowledge I haven't really gotten very far with any of those. Thanks in advance for any friendly suggestions!
  8. trevorchough

    Quitting Addictions

    NewVoxel,   I'm not able to read all of the replies to your post, but, I can relate to this subject very well. I am actually a recovered addict from certain hard substances, which ones, well that's neither here nor there. I can say though, what has helped me, is to not keep track of how long I've been "clean" for. What has helped me the most has honestly been to just keep my mind diverted from all things substance-abuse. However, I can say that the jitters and other symptoms will appear, but they will go away! I'm not sure if your into any natural/herbal remedies, but, there are quite a few that can help with jitters, restless leg syndrome, brain fog, etc. Again, sorry if any, hopefully not a lot or preferably any of what I have said has already been said, I just haven't the time to read each individual reply at the moment.    If you ever need someone to vent to, know that I will always be more than happy to talk and give any advice I can! I wish you luck and hope that you can find your happy medium.
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