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  1. hydravink

    Need suggestion please !

    company 1... but only if you program for fun..
  2. hydravink

    I need ideas for a game...

    Whatever then.. close this topic
  3. hydravink

    I need ideas for a game...

    Thanks. Sounds ok, but not really what I want. It should be something like a user owns a city.. or idk something... And upgrades it... Something like that, not really a city, whatever you guys think of ... I'll take some of your ideas BaneTrapper. Waiting for more suggestions...
  4. First of all, hello everyone, just created my account.. and sorry if this is the wrong category.. I don't know where to post this kind of topic.. So I have been trying to think of a game to make but I really got no ideas... I have started about 3 projects but none of them are original and they are very boring and repetitive.. I never finished them.. I am looking to make a game that includes multiplayer feature, rankings, clans (player crews or teams) also with ranking... and possibly upgrades (doesn't matter where but it should contain them) EDIT: Forgot to tell you I want to do it a browser game, text based (PHP/HTML/Java etc) What are your suggestions? Ty
  5. hydravink

    Questions for all programmers.

    1) What was the first programming language you studied? HTML   2) Did you have any Computer Science background before your first language (ie: boolean algebra, memory organisation, algorithms)? I don't study this here.   3) The first language you studied was it self-taught, formal instruction, or both? Self-taught with w3schools   4) Was the Computer-Science background self-taught, formal instruction, or both? I don't study this here.   5) When you started to study Computer Science did it help your understanding of the language you first learned? I don't study this here.   6) What kind of environment did you first program in (ie: the IDE or text editor, and the OS)? Notepad++
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