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  1. vvv2

    Game Development.

    Hey,   - perhaps free "game maker" and free "game creator"..   a complete success!
  2.   Hi,   I think this game would look be significantly better in 3D space. Play environment could decorated with some beautiful 3D room model.   Thanks.
  3.     - so, if your native language is English, then it is difficult for you to understand the English language with imperfect style, sorry..  
  4.   Hi!   Maybe, maybe.. But these ballots could appeal to the moderator. Confirmed - punish this "voters". Further abuse - thrown out of the forum.   p.s. In the EUROPEAN UNION negative / positive vote does not aggregate, simply displayed negative and positive individually, which in turn shows the distribution of differences in the opinion.   Thanks.
  5.   By "many" i assume you mean just only you?    Hi again,   Wrong! if you really read (but not only write?), you have to discovered, that a discussion forum member have a confusion with this. When you move the mouse pointer over a vote of assessment scoore, could these  jumped out of the table of explanation, and voting person should be required to enter a sufficiently reasoned vote opinion. This will help in educating newcomers, raised the value of the forum discussion. Thank you.
  6. Hi,   Many Discussion Forum writers surprised by the voting system that does not provide any explanation why the message was rated plus/minus. I think it is even worse that evaluations arithmetically summed up and not visible voting history. Therefore, I propose a separate ballots to count the votes plus and minus separately.   What do you think?    
  7. Hi, - some kind of fight going here? Ones for me make "plus", others make "minus"! Who will win? Without any explanation? Thanks.    
  8. Hello, I think the object of the game poorly selected, birds need to be loved, not to shoot. Anyway good.
  9. vvv2

    safely researching PC games

    Hi, very very friendly games and other application distribution system is on: softronic.com, we recommend to trying it. Thanks.
  10. vvv2

    Are mobile games revenues real?

    - Yes, routine application what is not in any way on the top of the popularity, do not pay for self and not recouped,  that has been attempt to test.    
  11. vvv2

    How to make a AI choose?

      Hi,   I usually use a different goal functions and different goal value for different situations and different strategies. This function is usually selected from a possible goal value in the knowledge base table.   Thanks.
  12. vvv2

    Princess Warrior 2 (2014) PC

    Hi,   - looks impressive,  can you upload a video of this game?   Thank you.
  13. vvv2

    How to capture video of gameplay

      Hi, - for me best of better is "Camtasia". Thanks.  
  14.   Hi, - I think, that most problem of volunteer testers of this type free games, is  lies in the fact, that the desire is not enough to explain the rules of the game, the strategy and the tactics. Good luck.
  15. vvv2

    Need help with boss ideas

      - I like when after the game level, it is necessary to solve a logical puzzle, then opens the door to the boss room, or to the next level.  
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