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  1. TTHCoder

    Making a game 'trainer'

    Where can I start?
  2. TTHCoder

    Making a game 'trainer'

    I am the game maker
  3. Can anyone tell me how to make a game trainer in C++? I want to know because I want to experiment on ways to make flash work with Steamworks and I want to code it myself.I am not one who wants to cheat because I hate cheaters.I plan to detect some values in the game and go through some code before making e.g. achievements achieved.   Anyone knows?Please reply!   Thanks in advance.
  4. TTHCoder

    Help in 3D game programming

    I know start small, so I am asking how to make a 3d walking game with the right hand being seen by the camera view (like minecraft), not fps. Sorry if it is not clear.
  5. Hello is there any tutourials out there to teach people about making a 3d walking game (Terrains , Person , Camera with part of right hand seen) and making maps, and objects, and entities. I know C++ and OpenGl, but I just cannot make the game.   Help please! Thanks in advance! 
  6. Thanks! You are very helpful.I will try to do it as soon as I can.
  7. Thanks, now I need help. How do I stop a frame from playing using actionscript and play it and also test if the frame of the movie clip is == 1? (e.g.  OnClick (gun1btn){ If (canPlace == true){ gun1.x = mousex; gun1.y = mousey; addChild (gun1); gun1btn.play; } for (gun1.currentFrame == 1){ canPlace = true; gun1btn.gotoAndStop (1) } } Sorry for no fomat
  8. Hello, I want to make a flash game and I code in another actionscript file. I want to know how to make a "button" which has a cool down effect.  I am using AS3.   The button can be also a movie clip (I will use click event). Basically I am making this button when you click on it,a gun will appear and when you click on a tile , the gun will be placed and the "button" will be darkened and there will be the 'normal' mode moving from bottom to up. The player will need to wait for a while and cannot click on it.   Hope someone can help me. Thanks in advance.    Edit:I have posted how it looks like.
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