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  1. Hi!


    So after my last post conclusions, I decided on a PHP based server for my game

    the server is pretty much done, the only problem is, that I have no idea how to keep track on logged users


    I want to make sure that the same username is not used at the same time from different computers


    At first I thought on saving a session key in the database and delete it when logging out, but what if the client crashed, or the connection was reset at the user`s end, I cant know when the user was disconnected

    and I cant know how long a game session will last


    I hope you can point me at the right direction,


  2. Hi!

    I Hope that ok to ask another thing in this topic, I thought that its stupid to start a new topic...


    Do you have any idea how can I keep track on which user is logged to the server - In a PHP server so I dont have consistent connection, keeping in mind that maybe the game client crashed or something so I cant trust that a logout command has been sent to the PHP server?


    My server is pretty much done other then that thing

  3. Ok so ill try to specify my game

    Its a fps built in unity3d, i use photon cloud to mange the rooms and the game logic
    I only need to acess the database to store users, characters, and shop items

    About the server budget, we are not worried about that now, we will invest as needed to grow, but thats way i am looking for a way that will be fast and efficent

  4. Thank you for the fast replay!


    Ok so you are right, normal database it is then


    2 questions that I still cant understand

    would it be better to access a PHP website that will update the data or an app server that will do the database things?


    and if an app server, will it be a good idea to load a few things in advance? like shop items or map list? or would it be smarter just to poll them out of the database each call?

  5. Hello!


    I was looking around here for a while and couldn't get any answer that really covered it with explanation


    So a little background, I am working on a room based FPS kind of game.

    I need to find a way to manage the data:

    Users - Details on the account

    Characters - every user may have more than one

    Inventory -  For each character

    (?)Store - Items and prices

    (BTW : would you recommend store it in DB or hard code it in the game and update by patch? I will have to send a patch anyway for most of the new Items so they can work)


    After some thought I decided as a security measure to not connect to the database directly from the client, but create a costume server that will handle requests and replays by socket connection.


    No I am trying to wrap my head around the server logic, what will be the best way...


    Should I use a MySQL server to handle everything? Isn't that a little unnecessary?

    I could use a file to hold the data and poll it from there?


    Or if I stay with MySQL, I could make the server app read all the data from the database and keep it on start up, since Store and things wont change after server start up

    and then when user request something I don't need any database access, and when I need to update, I update locally on the server app and have a separated thread update the SQL database every minute, so if I crash I wont lose that much data


    So these are my thoughts, what do you think?

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