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    Which RPG Games Have The Best Loot Drop Mechanic?

    You do in fact see loot drops in Destiny. They appear as coloured shapes on the ground:     These are just engrams, that often turn into crap. But again this is another one of those visual aspects that people become addicted to, hence the old loot cave. Nonetheless most of the items you get in destiny do not come from an engram, but just appear on your screen after beating parts of the raid, or finishing the nightfall etc...
  2. What I'm talking about is the visual aspect of knowing a rare piece of loot dropped, and or when you pick the loot up.   Like in Diablo 3 it will make a sound, and have a beam of light coming out of legendary and set items which are orange and green respectively.   In destiny you don't see items drop on the ground, instead it just makes a bang sound and they show up on your screen down the top right side with flashy animated coloured borders around the loot icon.   I ask because I read an article about addiction and how players physcologically grow more addicted to seeing these little visual aspects of rare loot than the item themselves.   So what games have you played with visual loot notifications you just couldn't get enough of?
  3. Steve Halcovitch

    Turn Based 1on1 Fighter

      I haven't played SP SoT but just watched some videos on it. The block feature could work. The fight animations are just starting to be introduced into the development so I will have a better idea of how I could implement something like this. Thanks!     Angry Birds Epic (the new turn based rpg game), but think fish instead of birds fighting in a fish tank.     This could work! While it wouldn't make much sense to use cards with fish in a tank, it may still work with offering different types of foods that you could feed your fish during the fight which may make your fish perform a certain special ability, or stat boost etc...
  4. Steve Halcovitch

    Turn Based 1on1 Fighter

    I probably should of mentioned what we're fighting with, as it's not human fist fighting, but 2 fish fighting in a tank. So think Angry Birds Epic turn based fighting, but 1on1 with 20 abilities instead of 5.   Aside from the 4 mechanics listed below, there isn't much else to the fighting which is why I originally started this thread. I just feel the fighting is lacking 1 or 2 key mechanics and some better ability balance to round it out. Like if I went Angry Birds Epic style and had 3on3 fish fights that could make things a lot more interesting like which fish should you go for first etc. but trouble is im building for mobile so quite limited to what I can have going on in these fights.   4 major mechanics to the fighting:   Right now each player(fish) can have up to 5 abilities, each being upgradable to level 4, and each level offering a unique variation of the original level 1 ability. So in total you would have 20 abilities at your disposal in high level fights. There is a variety of abilities from bites, fin slaps, bleeds, blinds, poison, stat buffs, heals etc... Each turn you gain 1 star that you can spend on a level 2 ability, or you can save your stars by using level 1 abilities which cost no stars to use, and then use all your saved stars on a powerful level 4 ability using 3 stars. When you use the bite ability for example, your fish will swim over to the other side and perform a bite animation on the other fish and swim back to his side. You have 3 different stances Top -> Offense (+STR -Defense), Middle -> Neutral (No bonuses), Bottom -> Defense (+Defense - STR) which you can swipe your fish up or down into when its your turn.
  5. Steve Halcovitch

    Need Ideas For Some Icons

      The 4 bubble icons on the right (and left) only appear if you tap the shell, tapping the shell again makes them float away. Also keep in mind the background is just a placeholder as there will be decorations, rocks, plants, etc... But I still feel like there could be something better than the shells used for those 2 icons.       Haven't incorporated breeding yet, still brainstorming how I want to go about doing it.
  6. Steve Halcovitch

    Need Ideas For Some Icons

    Keep in mind this is a fish tank type game so I want to try to stay with the theme of underwater/fish tanks/sea   1. Shop icon - I was thinking a shopping cart with sea weed grown on it and some sea crustations like its been under water a long time.   2. Menu icon - A sea shell? This is a generic icon that when clicked will bring up some buttons for leaderboards, mailbox, settings, and achievements.   Anyone think they have a better idea?
  7. Steve Halcovitch

    Alternatives for a 1-up icon?

    A mini version(icon) of your entire characters body, but have it a green color with it increasingly flashing faster and faster until it dissappears if they dont get it in time.   You now have 3 aspects telling the player not only is this icon good, you better get it asap.
  8. Steve Halcovitch

    Turn Based 1on1 Fighter

    Thanks for all the input guys, it's certainly helping to hear different feedback. I'm gonna try to get a web based version of the battle mechanic (both real time and turn based versions) for you guys to try for those interested.
  9. Steve Halcovitch

    Turn Based 1on1 Fighter

      This is already incorporated. You will have stat lines like STR, INT, Defense, Health, Greed, Luck that you can put points into each level up. Then you can select up to 5 abilities and upgrade each ability up to level 4. So in then end you have 5x4 abilities to use during a fight as each level of an ability has a unique added effect to the previous.   It will cost more stamina to use higher level versions of an ability so you must chose wisely.
  10. Steve Halcovitch

    Turn Based 1on1 Fighter

    Ya I guess the closest games I can find to describe it are Magic The Gathering and Hearthstone in terms of the fighting mechanics. So picture these two, but instead you have a character with ability animations and they actually move across the screen to perform most attacks.
  11. Steve Halcovitch

    Turn Based 1on1 Fighter

    I'm half way through developing a turn based 1on1 fighting game, and would like to get some feedback.   1. What features of other turn based fighters did you really like? 2. What features did you hate? 3. If there was one feature you would like to see in a turn based fighter what would it be?
  12. Steve Halcovitch

    Need Some Input To Expand This Idea

      Ya will probably have to do something like this as well where you will win more and lose less for defensive fights.
  13. Steve Halcovitch

    Need Some Input To Expand This Idea

      It's not turn based, your characters abilities have different global cooldowns so you can only use 1 ability at a time but can spam them as fast as your cooldowns. The opponent can use an ability at the same time as you.   It is asynchronous in the sense that most of the abilities that apply damage will have a 1-2 second animation so you have that bit of time to throw up a shield, parry, counter-attack etc...     I can't imagine a failed defensive fight having no consequence working for my game. As you mentioned this would lead to leaderboard manipulation and removes an entire aspect of the game I've wanted from the get go. I play CoC strictly to defend, I find the attacking too tedious (probably cause I always fail). Anyways, I want to offer players a similar situation where there is a fair bit they can do to leave their character better prepared to defend with lots of variable options, which is why I'm here   I always assumed from the GDD stage that the AI would never be as good as some of the better players, so to counter-attack this the original plan was to allow home field advantage. When you're defending it's always out of your own base, so depending what items you've bought and upgraded for your base, these can give you added bonuses to stats/abilities or might even assist you in attacking. This would obviously need to be closely balanced where it's not too much of an advantage against weaker players, but still not too easy for advanced players.
  14. Steve Halcovitch

    Need Some Input To Expand This Idea

    The fighting has 3 stances (offensive, passive, defensive) that you can move your character to  throughout the fight for added in fight bonuses like: slightly better defense stats, more offense stats etc..   So I could have them select which stance they prefer their character to fight out of most often.     Ya I could do this by rewarding a slightly higher trophy count if you seek revenge from a loss and win. I'd have to becareful letting friends/clan members do the revenge incase they're highly over leveled compared to the opponent.   In terms of having a friend/clan member actually intercept a fight and have their character fight for them, again this would have to be kept within a close level of each other, but there would also have to be a reason as to why a friend/clan members character would fight for you instead.
  15. This is a mobile game where players build and level their unique character with stat points, abilities, ability upgrades etc.(your traditional RPG character building concept here). Most of the leveling will come from fighting other players characters in a 1on1 fight. The whole point of the game is to be the best with leaderboards and losing/gaining trophies depending if you lose/win moving you up and down the leaderboards. I wouldn't quite call it a turn based rpg, but it has a similar feel. Anyways here is where I believe the problem will be...   When you search for a player to fight, it's clash of clans style where you're searching for a player that is offline and you fight his character that is played by an AI system.   What I need is a better system for players to leave their characters better prepared so they have some kind of influence in the defensive fights their not playing when their offline.   Aside from putting skill points in stat lines, and picking from a few abilities and leveling them, there isn't much else a player has to do before he goes offline besides making sure his character is at full health.   In CoC you have the whole aspect of setting up your base in completely different defensive templates, with traps, and making sure some of your defense towers are full on ammo. I feel my game lacks some of this defensive strategy.   Each character will have his own little home so to speak that it resides in and will fight in when attacked. So I could use this to allow certain housing items like decorations or something provide some kind of boost for fighting.     Any other clever ideas?
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