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    Which RPG Games Have The Best Loot Drop Mechanic?

    You do in fact see loot drops in Destiny. They appear as coloured shapes on the ground:     These are just engrams, that often turn into crap. But again this is another one of those visual aspects that people become addicted to, hence the old loot cave. Nonetheless most of the items you get in destiny do not come from an engram, but just appear on your screen after beating parts of the raid, or finishing the nightfall etc...
  2. What I'm talking about is the visual aspect of knowing a rare piece of loot dropped, and or when you pick the loot up.   Like in Diablo 3 it will make a sound, and have a beam of light coming out of legendary and set items which are orange and green respectively.   In destiny you don't see items drop on the ground, instead it just makes a bang sound and they show up on your screen down the top right side with flashy animated coloured borders around the loot icon.   I ask because I read an article about addiction and how players physcologically grow more addicted to seeing these little visual aspects of rare loot than the item themselves.   So what games have you played with visual loot notifications you just couldn't get enough of?
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