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  1. Rigidbody Attraction Orbit

    Awww yeah I did it.  Implemented both solutions you guys offered and it looks great now. Thanks a lot.
  2. Rigidbody Attraction Orbit

    Yeah thats basically the implementation I have currently.  So far this doesn't quite do what I want it to.  How i'd like it to act would ideally be a rigid connection between to two objects upon getting to the min distance, and then having a minimum force that it needs to achieve in order to break off from that connection.  How do you make a stiff connection between two entities using only forces?
  3. Rigidbody Attraction Orbit

    I'm working on a game in unity and I've stumbled upon a physics problem that I don't really understand how to fix.     In this image, there are objects A and B.  Let's just say they both have a mass of one.   As object A approaches object B, and the max distance has been breached, I want object B to attract quickly to object A's Min distance and then simply stay still (unless opposing outside forces choose to intervene).     This way when the object gets close enough to other objects it can affect, it will pick them up and bring them along on the journey.   Would this problem be solved if I used a simple rigid spring thats resting position is the min distance?   Or is there another better way for solving this problem like giving a force to both objects so that their equlilibrium would be met when the min distance is achieved.     So far what I've tried causes weird orbits and jitter.