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    A loose concept for a VR Game/Audio Visual Experience

    That is why I classified it as an audio visual experience rather than a "game".
  2. Hi all,   I am not really looking to work on this or do anything with this but if anyone wants to to use this it'd be cool to see this become a thing!   So this will be more of an audio visual experience for VR like the oculus or something similar. I don't think it lends itself too well to a game in a concept stage but it could if it were developed more.     The idea is based sleep paralysis and "old hag" syndrome. During sleep paralysis (a condition where the mind and senses are awake but the body is unable to be moved) it is a rare occurrence to experience old hag syndrome. This syndrome causes a person while paralysed to feel like a person is sitting on their chest, putting almost painful pressure on the chest making it hard to breathe. Sometimes hallucinations also occur in the form of shadowy figures out of the corner of the eye.   My vision for this is that the player(?) would start in the world with some text explaining old hag syndrome and sleep paralysis, then the player would go through the regular nightly routine. Brushing the teeth, putting on sleeping clothing ect. During this phase the player would be instructed to use the regular WASD controls to move the character to complete this routine. This gets the player to have the experience of having full head control as well as movement. This lasts until they lay in their bed. They character's eyes close and there is blackness for 4-5 seconds, followed by being awoken suddenly accompanied with the sound of the body jolting awake.    Once the player wakes up, all movement controls are disabled and the movement of the head would only move as though only the eyeballs were looking around to a certain degree, limiting their vision.   For a minute (or some amount of time) nothing would happen, just having a limited view of the room with maybe a slight slither of dull moonlight coming in from the window. Once that minute is up, out of the corner of the players vision, a flash of movement.   These hallucinations get continually worsen with more clear visions of these shadow people and slowly the player would gain more control of the head control allowing for greater range of vision. Then once the range of vision increases enough that the player can see the full image of these hallucinations, they become able to physically interact with the room. Violently shaking the bed, smashing windows and moving the players paralysed limbs.   All of this accompanied with realistic and high quality audio to add to the realism.   Let me know what you all think and if you want to use it I'd like to be involved in some way :)   Thank you all!
  3. Sean O'Donoghoe

    Feed back on first track

    Like a quiet drone beneath it? I'll take a look at that. Though the thing is with sub bass, it can't be heard on smaller sound systems i.e: cheap headphones, laptop/desktop speakers
  4. Sean O'Donoghoe

    Feed back on first track

    Wow, thank you!   Will definitely continue work on it and will add other instruments apart from that guitar.   I'm really glad it gave you that kind of feeling. Exactly the kind of thing I was aiming at.
  5. Sean O'Donoghoe

    Feed back on first track

      Yeah, I definitely could have polished it up a bit and brought down those loud parts and I'll work on that. Thanks!
  6. Sean O'Donoghoe

    Feed back on first track

    G'day everyone,   I was playing around for a bit and ended up with this. Going for an ambient kind of track that would be played at a lower kind of volume during gameplay. I don't have any kind of background in music production or music dynamics within games. Not quite sure if this is any good so that's why I'm here! Constructive criticism is very welcome.   [attachment=21941:ambienthorror.mp3]   Thanks, Sean :)
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