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  1. EEletri

    How do I make this game I'm thinking about?

    There are many ways you can do this, I recommend you to read the FAQ.   For a game engine I recommend Unity, there are lots of resources about it, many focused on beginners and Surgeon Simulator is made on top of Unity too. But remember, if you never wrote a game before you're better off by starting small, by doing clones of small games.
  2. EEletri

    Second programming language...

    Thank you, I think I will focus on learning python then, any advice ?
  3. Hello guys, right, I learned C++ during the last year and now I think it's time to learn a second language. I've been programming simple console applications and even some games with SFML during this time.   Now, I think I should learn a second programming language and I am thinking between learning HTML5 (Javascript), Python, C# or another.   What do you guys recommend, what is good for a 14 years old programmer to learn to get better at coding ?
  4. EEletri

    C# book recommendations for beginners?

    There is the C# Yellow Book, it's free and lots of people recommend it. I read it and found it very interesting.
  5. EEletri

    Want to become a Computer Scientist

    When do you guys recommend that I learn a new programming language ?   Also, thanks for all the answers.
  6. EEletri

    Where to go next?

    There is the C# Yellow book - Rob Miles, it's free and people say it's good.
  7. EEletri

    Want to become a Computer Scientist

    I learned C++ with Programming: Principles and Practices Using C++, do you guys recommend that I read C++ Prime 5th Edition or go to something more advanced ?
  8. EEletri

    Want to become a Computer Scientist

    Thank you guys, I am learning HTML5 and Javascript now because I would like to do some web programming, but I still on my C++ road, reading my second book and learning to use SFML, I have not made a complete simple game yet, but I keep learning.   About a scripting language, they teached Python this year on the school and I had already played with Python before learning C++.
  9. Hello guys, this is my first topic on the forum, but I have been on the forum for around a year and registered recently.   First, I would like to say I don't know where is the right place to post it, please feel free to move it, and I'm not from a native english country, sorry for my bad english.   I'm 13 years old, almost 14 and in the future I'm planning to become a computer scientist and mainly a game developer and I want to know what should I study to be a good one, can you guys recommend any book or things that I should study ?   I am programming in C++ around a half-year and currently learning HTML5 and Javascript.   If you have any advices for me, please let me know.    
  10. EEletri

    How to get started learning Unity?

    Hey, guys, this topic is a bit old, no ? I think the O.P already got the answer.
  11. EEletri

    Wanted: Free 3D Game Engine for Farming Game

    I think you will be able to use the beta version even after the official release.
  12. EEletri

    Wanted: Free 3D Game Engine for Farming Game

    The Unity 4.6 Beta is in Open Beta, it's free to use. There may be some bugs though. I tested it a little and i didn't find any bug.
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