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  1. How do I make this game I'm thinking about?

    There are many ways you can do this, I recommend you to read the FAQ.   For a game engine I recommend Unity, there are lots of resources about it, many focused on beginners and Surgeon Simulator is made on top of Unity too. But remember, if you never wrote a game before you're better off by starting small, by doing clones of small games.
  2. Second programming language...

    Thank you, I think I will focus on learning python then, any advice ?
  3. Hello guys, right, I learned C++ during the last year and now I think it's time to learn a second language. I've been programming simple console applications and even some games with SFML during this time.   Now, I think I should learn a second programming language and I am thinking between learning HTML5 (Javascript), Python, C# or another.   What do you guys recommend, what is good for a 14 years old programmer to learn to get better at coding ?
  4. C# book recommendations for beginners?

    There is the C# Yellow Book, it's free and lots of people recommend it. I read it and found it very interesting.
  5. Want to become a Computer Scientist

    When do you guys recommend that I learn a new programming language ?   Also, thanks for all the answers.
  6. Where to go next?

    There is the C# Yellow book - Rob Miles, it's free and people say it's good.
  7. Want to become a Computer Scientist

    I learned C++ with Programming: Principles and Practices Using C++, do you guys recommend that I read C++ Prime 5th Edition or go to something more advanced ?
  8. Want to become a Computer Scientist

    Thank you guys, I am learning HTML5 and Javascript now because I would like to do some web programming, but I still on my C++ road, reading my second book and learning to use SFML, I have not made a complete simple game yet, but I keep learning.   About a scripting language, they teached Python this year on the school and I had already played with Python before learning C++.
  9. Hello guys, this is my first topic on the forum, but I have been on the forum for around a year and registered recently.   First, I would like to say I don't know where is the right place to post it, please feel free to move it, and I'm not from a native english country, sorry for my bad english.   I'm 13 years old, almost 14 and in the future I'm planning to become a computer scientist and mainly a game developer and I want to know what should I study to be a good one, can you guys recommend any book or things that I should study ?   I am programming in C++ around a half-year and currently learning HTML5 and Javascript.   If you have any advices for me, please let me know.    
  10. How to get started learning Unity?

    Hey, guys, this topic is a bit old, no ? I think the O.P already got the answer.
  11. Wanted: Free 3D Game Engine for Farming Game

    I think you will be able to use the beta version even after the official release.
  12. Wanted: Free 3D Game Engine for Farming Game

    The Unity 4.6 Beta is in Open Beta, it's free to use. There may be some bugs though. I tested it a little and i didn't find any bug.
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