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  1. Added a new trailer of this game to youtube, this time with my own music:
  2.   Actually I was planning this kinda advertising at some point but for some reason never got around to implement it :D. But yeah, I agree, this kinda advertising would make people curious about what the picture is all about and would probably make them reach for their cellphone to download and check it. I think making people curious makes them reach for their wallet too :). And now that you mentioned it, I actually have some ideas on the t-shirt pictures already :D.   And what comes to the buy in apps content, I've read somewhere that it doesn't really make much revenue anymore. Only the ads seem to bring the bread to the table so to speak and probably that's why we are seeing a lot of advertisements these days. But that's just one or two articles from the depths of the internet that have ended up with that conclusion which I just happened to read.
  3.   Cool! Yeah, hate those ads too and if there would be ads in this game, they would be shown only when the curtains come down. I hate especially those click-by-accident ads. At the moment I'm just trying to gather players for my game for now. The idea was to add buyable content for this later on if there would be lots of players, like the two other spectacles in the main menu and coins to buy special bubbles etc.
  4. Thanks, man! :D Actually it's universal, so it's available for all ipads too :).
  5. Hedeic

    Bubble Theatre

    My first game release in App Store. All code, graphics and sound are made by me. Icon is outsourced. The game has a facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/bubbletheatre All thumbs up greatly appreciated :). App Store reviews are even more better :D.
  6. Thanks! It's really awesome to get feedback on this :). The game's already buried in the depths of appstore so it's pretty hard to get any reviews anymore.
  7. Thanks! I used cocos2d with this and it's been pretty good so far. It does have some limitations that probably can't be helped, like using complex multiple actions on a single sprite at the same time. Complex as in several sequences of actions used at the same time, which seems to be impossible. For example I wanted a boss sprite of a ship to ride the waves up and down, have it rock left and right in sequence too and when it gets hit by bubbles (or shoots bubbles itself to the field), it would do an hit/shoot animation. But I couldn't mix these together. Instead I had to use a separate layer for the boss so I could do the wave movement to it, actions for the ship sprite to rock left and right, and then stop the rocking sequence for hit animation sequences. Dunno, maybe there's another solution .   And lots of problems! The iphone 5 screensize was one thing that made this a nightmare. I just made the border graphics fit and suppressed the gamefield with curtains somewhat lower than in other devices. This was a way to get the "optimized for iPhone 5" -mention in the app store and a uniform gamefield. In retrospect, I think I should've done the gamefield in a different way, kinda like tens of rows above the screen top so there wouldn't be no need to do these odd adjustments for higher screens. This was a planning screw up, I was first thinking of using iphone 4 aspect ratio in iphone 5 too and just place the gamefield in the middle of the screen but thought later on that it's probably not so nice thing to do .   I made the level editor with Qt and C++. It was the easiest and fastest way I think, still took me about 10 days to code it. I was a bit rusty with my C++ and Qt .   Graphics were a real pain. I hadn't drawn pretty much anything before this project. I kinda learned to draw from scratch and never even used photoshop before. I hope the gfx get better, just need to keep at it. I used intuos 5 and photoshop elements 11.   I guess I still could optimize the code a bit so it would run faster on my lame iphone 3gs, but if the framerate is good on iphone 4 and up, I'm happy . I hope it is.   Edit: typos
  8. I've got few crash reports from this game but can't really trace the cause or replicate it myself... it seems to be happening on iPhone 5 and I can only test on iphone 3gs and ipad air (I'm a poor ass dev). Simulator is too slow on my macbook to test. Anyone having these crashes and when?   I know this one has gfx transition bugs when tapping the screen like crazy on all occasions but haven't ran into crashes while playing it with ipad or 3gs.
  9.   Never seen peggle, but now I did . Looks like fun. And thanks to you all for the feedback! I've had it with bubbleshooters for the rest of my life (done two projects in a row), time to plan my next non-clone game project after a good rest .
  10. Hi all!   I just wanted to post a topic to promote my first bigger game project for the iOS -platform called Bubble Theatre. After working in the industry for a small company and getting sacked before finishing my project there, I decided to spend some hard earned cash and coding skills to make a similar kinda game all by myself from scratch. Just to prove myself that I can do it, and anyway, I did now have the time to spend on something I love doing: making games.   All coding, graphics and sound were done myself except for the game icon. It's totally free and doesn't even have ads. If you enjoy playing it, I would really appreciate some ratings to App Store. All feedback appreciated too!   Here's the game and I hope you guys like it: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/bubble-theatre/id768220064?mt=8     [attachment=22028:aa0.png][attachment=22029:aa2.png] [attachment=22033:aa7.png][attachment=22032:aa6.png] [attachment=22031:aa5.png][attachment=22030:aa3.png]   Thanks, Tuomas
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