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  1. SpriteUV2 1.0 has been released! What's new: Spine animation ( exported as json ) atlas repack Import TGA, PSD Export atlas to TGA format Export sprites mesh to OBJ format Export as single file Bug fixes
  2. Hi there !   I'd like to introduce you a new gamedev tool that I hope you'll find useful!   SpriteUV2 is a tool for creating optimal meshes for textures / sprites and packing them into an atlas.   Download for free on https://www.spriteuv.com/ (Windows x64 and macOS)   Features extremely tight packing. Allows for an additional 30%-90% free space compared to square or other concave packing algorithms. Easy to use. Drag and drop image files (.fbx, .png, .tiff) -> Select folder for atlas and meshes -> Hit Build Per sprite settings. Precise mesh shape adjustment for each sprite for the best result. Export mesh to FBX, UNITY SPRITES, COLLADA or JSON. Exported meshes are ready to be immediately used in any modern game engine or 3D application. Project settings file saved in a simple JSON format. Command line interface. And much more!   Key features: Auto Mesh Generation. Optimal Concave or Convex mesh generation from sprites. Custom Meshes. Precisely define sprite meshes for the best result or future manipulations. Mesh tessellation. Useful for the mesh run time deformation, like cloth, verlet or any other. Multi-texture export. You have the ability to create textures with different data but share the same UV coordinates and mesh shape. Great for applications such as normal maps, glow maps, etc. 3D object UV Map repacking. Repack UVs in FBX files and combine multiple textures into one.   Import formats: PNG TIFF FBX   Please vote for this software on GREENLIGHT Thank you!   [attachment=34482:screenAll.png]
  3. spriteuv

    SpriteUV - concave mesh sprite packer

    I'm happy to inform you that SpriteUV is finally released and it's still free!   What's new in version:   First non beta release Improvements: ?Minor bug fix Small "tight quality" value generates minimal bounding box Sprites with the same path will not be added    
  4. spriteuv

    SpriteUV - concave mesh sprite packer

    New version is available. Another huge critical bug fix: Crash on item selection Please, if you discovered a bug let us know, it's very important
  5. spriteuv

    SpriteUV - concave mesh sprite packer

    Happy to inform that new version is available, critical bugs were discovered and fixed: Bug fixes: Crashes on various image pixel format. Crashes on images without alpha channel Improvements: Mesh export file format option (Collada, Obj)
  6. spriteuv

    SpriteUV - concave mesh sprite packer

    We have feedback from users, that some (very few) anti-viruses were throwing false alarm on installer file. The problem was in obfuscator settings. Now every anti-virus is happy.   Please, if you suspected SpriteUV as virus or harmful software, give it a chance to prove that it's nothing but very useful tool. Thank you very much for your understanding.
  7. Hello everybody!   Happy to present you SpriteUV concave mesh generator and packer.   Some key features: Extremely tight. Additional 30%-60% texture free space compare to square or other concave packing algorithms  Concave mesh from sprite Per sprite adjustments Export to COLLADA or OBJ. Ready to use in any game engine or 3d application  Free   Example: *Characters created by amazing artist Little Druid   size 512x512 triangle count 247   To download and for more information please visit www.spriteuv.com.
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