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    BMX Ride

    BMX Ride is a physics based bmx game. It's still in an alpha state( been in developement for 9 months ), but works well with many features like xbox 360 controller support, score system, 20+ tricks, Bike and Park editor, a few levels, Oculus DK2 support, First Person mode option and a lot more. Check it out guys! I've programmed the game alone and put it together, but the 3D assets are made by a few people or bought from the Unity Asset store.   BMX Ride is also on Steam Greenlight with 75% from TOP 100. You can vote for it on Steam via this redirect link to your steam application: http://www.bmxridegame.com/greenlight.html I'ts gonna be on Steam Early Access as soon as we get Greenlit! So please help me a lil Any comments, ideas, criticism is welcome!   You can find weekly news and updates on this Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/BMXride.videogame Thank you for hearing me out.  
  2. Don Rando Tkatsenko

    BMX Ride - Upcoming bmx game for the PC

    Hey, BMX Ride is now on Steam Greenlight. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=298938956   There is a new gameplay trailer and bike editor video. Don't forget to vote! :)
  3. Don Rando Tkatsenko

    BMX Ride - Upcoming bmx game for the PC

    Here is Oculus Rift gameplay for BMX Ride: 
  4. Don Rando Tkatsenko

    BMX Ride - Upcoming bmx game for the PC

    Thanks! You are right - the last descent bmx games were released more than a decade ago. 
  5. Don Rando Tkatsenko

    BMX Ride - Upcoming bmx game for the PC

    'Hi! I would like to announce a new bmx game for the pc - it's called BMX Ride. The game and it's mechanics are inspired by old Dave Mirra Freestyle and Math Hoffman series games Just looking for feedback based on the images and video, suggestions and constructive critisism is welcome too. The game is still in alpha-state and does not represent the final product. Will be put on Steam Greenlight soon!   YOUTUBE VIDEO:   
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