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  1. I'm currently planning on making a 2D strategy game in Java.   Should I use Slick2D or LibGDX?
  2. Hello community,   Personally, I have quiete some experience with C++, but now I want to learn C#,  because I want to start making a game with the unity game engine.   Thus, I am looking for a good resource (I prefer books) to learn C# and to learn unity that doesn't start with the basics of programming, but assumes you have some programming knowledge.   Are there any of these?   Thanks!
  3. Thanks everyone for all the great answers!   I've decided to try Unreal first, due to my C++ history. If it suits me, it's fine and I will go on with this engine without anything else. If I think Unity might be better or easier, I will try that as well and then I will see which one I like more and I will move on with the best.   Again thanks!
  4. Hello everyone, For some years I learned programming in C++ and currently I'm working through a book regarding to learning (Game Development fundamentals with) the SFML library. After I worked completely through this, I will make a few (small) games with the library, after which I will move on to a game engine to start my first 'real' project. The reason why I didn't immidiately start with an engine is the fact that I like to know roughly what goes on 'under the hood' in terms of things like game mechanics and math. But then the question arises: should I use Unreal Engine 4 or the Unity engine? I can't really decide which one will be better in my case due to the following reasons: Unreal Engine 4 has better graphics, which will be usefull because I would like to make a FPS project, but on the other hand I don't need the best graphics, so maybe unity will be sufficient? On the other side I've read that Unity is quiete a bit easier to get into. Unreal Engine 4 has the advantage that you can use C++ (which is ofcourse the language I know), but I have the idea that there aren't so much good up to date C++ tutorials and learning sources on the web, as most of them tend to focus on the blueprint system more. So my question could be split in two (+extra) parts: -Are the Unreal Engine 4 graphics way better than the ones of Unity, or just a bit? -Is it much easier to learn Unity than Unreal Engine 4. And: are there much good up to date C++ Unreal Engine 4 learning sources out there? -Extra question: do you have other advice, you would like tot share regarding this topic? Thanks!
  5. Thanks, I especially like the last post and I will definitely try the links!   One extra question: I'm choosing a project to start with. Will a small strategy game be too hard?   If yes, what's a good starting project (after the basic pickup game project)?   Thanks
  6. Hello everyone, A long time ago I learned C++ and used it for some time to make console based applications (stretching from easy to hard). My heart always stayed at making games, so a few different times I decided to start learning Unreal Engine 4. But everytime, I stopped at a point, after I could manage to learn much, as for me the resources (for programming) were not really clear, as I think the engines resources are mostly aimed at real beginners that want to use the blueprint system. So now my question is, what are some good resources you know of or have used or which you use? Thanks
  7. Hello,   I want to get into game development and I decided that I want to make a 3D game engine in Directx (mostly as a learning experience).   I have the following books in my possesion: -Game Engine Archtitecture, 2nd edition,   -3D Math Primer for Graphics and Game Development, 2nd edition,  (as my math background isn't the best)   -Game Programming Patterns,   -Introduction to 3D Game Programming with Directx 11,   In which order should I read them in order to get the best out of them and understand them. (To be clear, I have programming experience in C++)   Thanks
  8. @braindigitalis: what do you advise me to start with next?
  9. Thanks for the reaction. I dont know if we mean the same thing with basics, but to give you some vague idea: everything from simple variables -> polyformism.   I don't know if this is enough.    Thanks for the advice from the book I will read it then.
  10. Hello everyone,   Around a year ago I started learning the basics of C++. Now I know most of the basics and I want to start making games with UE4.   I like the idea of programming C++ over using blueprints (if the tasks aren't really small at least), but I can't really find a good place to learn programming with UE4. The official programming tutorials seem to be not complete and just learn some basic stuff. I came acros this book as well: (Learning C++ by creating games with UE4).  The last part seems to cover programming in UE4 I think.   So my question: what is a good place to learn how to use UE4 and how to program in UE4 for someone who knows C++?  
  11. Dalphin

    Should I use OpenGL or Directx

    Thanks for the answers, I decided to start with SFML to get used to the usage of 2D graphics without extraordinary hard 3D math stuff.   I looked a bit around and I found this book: (SFML Game Development).   Is this a good source to learn how to make 2D games (as I use books rather than sites, as books are most of the time good structured) or do you know a better one?   Thanks
  12. Hello,   For some time, I've been learning to program in C++. I learned the basics yet (roughly until template programming) and now I want to start to slowly make some more serious things.   I want to start experimenting in making 3D games (first making small games, then moving up).   I don't know really if I should learn Directx or OpenGL. If I look to the performace, it doens't make much difference for me, so I would only like to know which one is easier to learn, as I normally have only  a spare amount of time to learn.   And my second question: what is a good source (preferably a book) to learn it?   Thanks
  13. Dalphin

    First Come-First Serve Software Giveaway

    Hi bro,   I'd like to have RPG maker 2003
  14. Hello peepz,   I've made a very very easy number guessing game. I tried to do it a bit Object Orientated, but that's a bit hard with a simple number guessing game.   Could you check this and give me advice on the code or maybe even tell me what IS good.   Could you tell me a good game to make next too?   Thanks   main.cpp #include <iostream> #include "Game.h" using namespace std; int main() { Game game; game.initialize(); } Game.h #ifndef GAME_H_INCLUDED #define GAME_H_INCLUDED using namespace std; class Game{ private: string playerName; int amountOfGuesses; void initializeDifficulty(int difficulty); public: void initialize(); void startGame(); }; #endif // GAME_H_INCLUDED game.cpp #include <cstdlib> #include <iostream> #include "Game.h" void Game::initializeDifficulty(int difficulty) { while(amountOfGuesses == 0){ if(difficulty == 1) amountOfGuesses = 9; if(difficulty == 2) amountOfGuesses = 6; if(difficulty == 3) amountOfGuesses = 3; if(difficulty != 1 && difficulty != 2 && difficulty != 3) cout << "Invalid input, please try again." << endl; } } void Game::initialize() { int userInput; cout << "Hello there, let's play a number guessing game!" << endl << "What's your name?" << endl << "Name: "; cin >> playerName; cout << "Hello, " << playerName << " do you want to play Easy (1), Normal (2) or Hard (3)?" << endl; cin >> userInput; initializeDifficulty(userInput); startGame(); } void Game::startGame() { int userInput; int timesGuessed = 0; int randomNumber; do{ randomNumber = rand() % 25 + 1; cout << "Okey let's start " << playerName << " you need to guess a number between 1 and 25." << endl << "You may guess " << amountOfGuesses << " times max. Good luck!" << endl << endl; while(amountOfGuesses - timesGuessed > 0){ cout << "You have still " << amountOfGuesses - timesGuessed << " chances left." << endl; cout << "Enter a number: " << endl; cin >> userInput; if(userInput == randomNumber) break; else{ timesGuessed++; if(userInput > randomNumber) cout << "That's too high try again" << endl; if(userInput < randomNumber) cout << "That's too low try again" << endl; } } if(userInput == randomNumber) cout << "Good job, you guessed my number in " << timesGuessed + 1 << " times" << endl; if(userInput != randomNumber) cout << "You didn't guess my number in time. My number was " << randomNumber << endl; cout << "Do you want to play again (1) or quit (000)" << endl; cin >> userInput; }while(userInput != 000); }
  15. I think that this isn't the right place for this. This forum has a section for it: Classifieds.   Good luck further!
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