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    I'm working as a java backend developer for web applications and therefore have a good grasp in java.   Also am used to C#, C, Rust and JavaScript   contact me: xetra11@outlook.com
  2. [spoiler]Hey guys!   I'm looking for someone who is rather new to 2D Pixel arts and who wants to try out by helping me out in my private game project. My project is a simple 2D sidescrolling shooter - nothing fancy - just some funny stuff to program and which I can gain experience in skill.   The same I would offer to you. Raise your skills and experience a bit in a little project which won't exceed 5 months from now on (because this is my personal deadline).   Actually I did already some 2D Arts - but that doesn't mean that we can't throw it all away and bring in your own style. I would rather appreciate that.       So if you're interested please reply or PM me your Skype adress (or something else) - I would love to see some helping hand![/spoiler]     greets Charlie!
  3. thanks for the advice!   So do u recommend these monogame tutorials for me to learn the way how to use XNAs libs or to use another lib. as monogame is? Because I would like to stay with XNA first but really could use some examples on some parts since I'm not that experienced to use classes just by discovering them by looking at the libary :D
  4. Nice!   Well XNA is an idea for me aswell...but am using VS 2012 Xpress and already read that things might don't work out with XNA anymore... Is there a workaround to still use it there?
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