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    I understand now, that makes sense - thanks for the explanation!
  2. riidom


    I am interested in all Lua things, so first thanks for that announcement :) Could you explain a little what one can do with such a console? Is it for evaluating short Lua expressions only, or are there other usecases?
  3. riidom

    Planning a Complex Narrative

    Well, my two cents: I like Outliners, mostly used (win only though) "The Guide" ( http://theguide.sourceforge.net/ / http://theguide.sourceforge.net/images/shot1.png ), they are good for naturally expanding texts. Mindmapping was already mentioned, I prefer Concept Mapping Tools though, because they are less restrictive than mindmaps. Here I used to use CMap Tools, but you need to offer an eMail to download it, and they have a weird way of handling the files (best explained here: http://cmap.ihmc.us/support/help/usingcmaptools.php ). If you can get over this, it is great to use, very bloat-free. As already mentioned, in such tools (and CMaps is no exception) exporting is possible, but a pain - but then you wouldn't want to write long text in the bubbles anyway, personally I never found the need to export from CMaps. And the aforementioned Twine ( http://twinery.org/ ) is worth a look too imo. In the end there are lots of possibilities, and "the best" tool is mostly the one you personally can work best with.
  4. riidom

    Grid size

    I discussed your idea at another place and mentioned my 3x3 suggestion there too, and I got a quite similar "Why not just going gridless then?" :) I just think a lot of things are easier to code when there is a center cell, and it is easier to parse for the players' eye, when characters are not sitting between the cells all the time. But that has to actually be proven, maybe it works out well. I'd start with a simple prototype, I guess.
  5. riidom

    Grid size

    I think, a defaultsized character taking up 3x3 tiles by default would make things a lot of easier.
  6. riidom

    Movement in simultaneously executed TBS

    You could also make actions inbetween turns, though this would mean watering the principle of acting simultaneous quite a bit. For example: Unit A from player A can move 5 tiles (and does so), unit B from player B does the same. A is a scout unit, B is more unaware, with less perception skills. Now the movement paths have been laid out by both players, so that A and B will be adjacent after moving 2 tiles each. That means, A will notice B. The game wont tell the players if the other players have finished already or not, so after both have finished their moves and pressed "end turn", the game simulates and notices the adjacency of both units. Player B, with the unaware unit, will still see "waiting for next turn.." while player A goes into an "interception mode" or "inbetween-turn action required!"-mode and sees the state of the game 2 moves ahead, with the situation of unit B next to his own one. He can take his three remaining action points (from the 5 tiles movement, 2 are already spent) and reassign them to new actions, e.g. changing the path of unit A away from B. Depending on if he does something that B will notice, B will get into interception mode himself or if not, the turn ends and the outcome is displayed, and a new turn starts.
  7. You could take a look at octaforge.org last video: an image (more on the website): https://octaforge.org/static/media/player1.png I didn't come around to use it myself yet, so you would have to investigate yourself how usable it is in current state (it is still alpha). Scriptable in Lua. I remember, there was a plan to include a minecraft-like demo game (probably in the future, though).
  8. riidom

    Everyone Wins?

    If sports ever reaches computer gaming, I want a badge for lining up in joggingpants infront of the PC! _ Edit: SunAndShadow, I understood it that way you described, over the whole lifespan. I just think there is a place for each kind of game, also competitive ones, and what I probably really dislike (I have to say though that I never played WoW and wouldnt call it exactly competitive anyway) is the fact that they nerfed such elements. As player I'd expect a bit consistency in that regard.
  9. riidom

    Everyone Wins?

        I deeply dislike Blizzards way of thinking here. If 90% of the players don't see a certain dungeon and endboss, and the resulting rewards just on other characters, then it means that 90% of the players are motivated to achieve something, while 10% of the players are bored because they have seen everything the game has to offer. Also, if x% of these 90% at some time realize that they lack something to achieve XY, be it time, dedication, skill or money, does it really has to lead to frustration and leaving? I don't believe people are so incapable to survive a reality-check and admit that there are other players who can do things they can't, and that it is impossible to still have fun in a game, even if you are proven to not be the best. Warm-up for my rant completed, time to stop here.
  10. riidom

    Problems with a multi race empire

    Hi, the federations doesnt need to be by-species, they could be mixed as well.. and if a planet decides to leave to join the players empire, it might be their right by contract. Or it is only allowed when a majority of planets vote for permission to leave... but in any way, you need to a way to deal with hostility, I guess? It could e.g. be the one planet leaves, but in return the rest of the empire/fed is more hostile to you afterwards.. but then I dont really know how your mechanics are done/planned wrt to hostility... bit of guessing on my side atm:)
  11. riidom

    Problems with a multi race empire

    The aliens could have evolved space travel already, when the game starts? Either they have built little empires themselves, or just colonized various planets, that are sort of independent of each other (or a loose federation-style).. this way you dont need as much species as you have inhabitated planets.
  12. riidom

    Terraforming by aliens

    Hmm I upvoted Erik, because a species-wide usage of "terraforming" would implicit sort of a cultural take-over.. why would aliens borrow a human word? Each species has its own history and heritage words.. this isn't (necessarily) given up when they meet a different species. Just another point to consider, why should there be a simple answer to a simple question after all? :)
  13. riidom

    Types of aliens (sentient)

    You need a recipe here; one could be: a) find a term, plus a few alternative ones that describe the category (reference species, most recognizable feature in a body/behaviour-wise sense, etc) b) get a good latin online dictionary, put it in there, try your alternatives, until you find a translation that sounds good and might be known to your user (you dont want them to grab an online dictionary either during gameplay, to reverse-engineer your namefinding process) c) slap "-oid" behind it d) google it if it is a thing, if yes - done, if not - maybe done, or find another word, up to you   for your given examples, this could result in:   avianoid (http://memory-beta.wikia.com/wiki/Avianoid - star trek was quicker) avioid (sounds like a typo)   rapaxoid (sounds nice, seems to be unknown) carnivoroid (seems to be a thing in biology, though I didnt really read the papers I found; might as well be proposals to diss the term:) )
  14. riidom

    Help with terrain textures on a 2d isometric view

    A drawing tool that allows you to watch live-tiling while you draw is very helpful to avoid nasty patterns. Krita does that, or Blender too. In Krita it is pretty straightforward, how to setup in blender, you can see from these two vids (under 3min playtime together): Blenders drawing functions are in comparison to Gimp, Krita or PS very limited, but if you want a painterly style, you dont necessarily need the full feature set. Experienced 2D artists probably dont need this live tiling, but I, someone with close to zero drawing skills, found it very helpful. http://opengameart.org/content/ground-bush-and-stone-tiles (little example to cheer you up  , done after 2 or 3 tryouts with the stuff mentioned in the above linked vids)
  15. riidom

    [Vehicle AI]Calculate how much to brake

    Oh yes, I misread your question before. The rule-of-thumb formula I posted is from a driver license class, and has in first place nothing to do with traffic simulation. It might still apply within the Unity3D simulation, then you need to figure out which values respond to "brake relaxed, but with the intend to stop the car" and "stop as soon as possible". You could guess values first and measure them with a few different initial velocities and see if the braking distance roughly corresponds to the formula result.   I am wondering if you really need the perfect braking value from beginning? In reality, a driver does just a (more or less educated) guess, and the slower the car gets, the better he can see if more or less braking is needed. I understand that a lot of iterations per car probably have impact on your performance, though. But your results will likely be more precise at lower speeds, so you could get away with a recalc at 50% of distance between the spot where car decides to start braking and the obstacle, and another one at 75% or so. That is probably not very satisfying, but otherwise I have no idea, sorry. A lot depends on the implementation of whatever does the car physics for you.
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