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  1. Is it easy to find an entry/junior level game programming job?(without a degree). All the listings I see require CS degree or equivalent(I know that is just a wishlist).What are the odds of a company willing to let you work there with no prior experience or college education. I know a portfolio helps a lot.
  2. Mengo

    Good Engine for an open-world game?

    If you want to use C++ you could try "Irrlicht" or "Ogre3d".
  3. Mengo

    Want to learn c#

    In my opinion this is a perfect "Crash course" start.   http://rbwhitaker.wikidot.com/c-sharp-tutorials   it has good explanations right from the basics upto everything you need for a XNA or monogame if your interested..
  4. yo i changed the sprite sheet to one that i found online and it animates pretty well. but the alpha blending doesnt work on it for some reason. at least i got it to work thanks to you  the sheet i was using before is messed up iam pretty sure.
  5. alright so i call Timer::Update(); as you said.i lowered the FPS to 6.0f, and now its animating it on each frame.but i have a problem. it doesnt update the image in the same position.for eg it draws the first frame and a few pixels to the right it draws the second and few to the right again it draws the third. how do i make it so that it draws it all in one position.  and for some other sprite sheets i tried now kind of turn messed up(dont know if you know what i mean). but with the sprite sheet does it need to be evenly spread out? and i made that timer class similar to one this guy made on youtube.
  6. ok so i made a pointer to the Timer in engine.h and i called m_timer->update(); void Engine::Update() { m_sprite->Update(); m_timer->Update(); }   and now iam getting the flickering effect this way.
  7. ok i looked at this function:   float Timer::GetDeltaTime() { float dt = m_deltaTime; if (dt < 0.0f || dt > 1.0f) { dt = 0.025; } return dt; } and i changed the less than and greater than symbols to:(swaped them around) float Timer::GetDeltaTime() { float dt = m_deltaTime; if (dt > 0.0f || dt < 1.0f) { dt = 0.025; } return dt; } and all i got was the frames animating but i could see all of the frames at once just flickering extremely fast.
  8. hello. iam trying to animate a small sprite sheet but when i run it all i get is the first image on the sheet as a still image. here is the code for my update function: http://pastebin.com/U5G42Ctm and here is some of the code that i use it in: http://pastebin.com/tfxDeBpH is there anything iam doing wrong? heres the project if needed closer look. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0By7ww7H1L1aeYzhlbnZRdzFmeTQ/view?usp=sharing  
  9. thanks man! i looked at that part and below that there is this: m_model = new ModelType[m_vertexCount]; if (m_model) { return false; } when i should have put a exclamation mark! at if(!m_model)*derp* and then i changed the encoding to ANSI and it worked. but its weird how many times i change the encoding but it never worked before, i think its because i kept on trying again and again by copy-paste.thanks again ;)  
  10. so ive been doing the rastertek tutorials and up to "tutorial 7: 3D model rendering" and as i finish the tutorial and debug my window is just plain black with my mouse cursor loading?i get not error aswell,so i tried to "follow the data" but i cant seem to find anything wrong? the shader are ok. ive used the D3D11_CREATE_DEVICE_DEBUG but still gives me nothing in the debugger?  iam really confused as this is the first time ive come across something like this. i have the project in a download in this link. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0By7ww7H1L1aeVWkyQU5EMkx1Zlk/view?usp=sharing
  11. Thank you all so much! i really dont know how to thank you all the most!  Migi i couldnt belive i made those simple mistakes.Often when iam late up programming i usualy just write the first two letters of the function and then just quickly press enter! and thats how i belive i messed up the D3D11_USAGE_DYNAMIC. i guess i need to re look at what iam typing every now and then.thanks guys :) Buckeye i really want to be good at debugging and i know the only way to get better at it is to just do it. I will go to that place to told me about learning to debug. but is there any books on c++ debugging that you reccomend?  And WOW,you guys are the reason i didnt give up on directx, but i made a promise to myself to not give up on directx. i thought that was coming to an end but no.  i will take all the stuff you guys told me ready for my next error ;)   thank you
  12. nope that just gives the L an underline red line. but i was messing about before and now i dont get it to tell me there is something wrong with the shader so i think i got the shaders sorted. but iam still getting the error for iam comparing the code to the tutorial and i dont see i single difference in the way he did it this is realy annoying because the tutorial before that about color shaders i did that one and it went like a swift.but this one decided to do poopsicles on me :( 
  13. do i just change it buy opening the shader file and saving the encoding as ASCII?? i tried this once but it didnt have ascii it had something like ANSI or i might be doing it wrong??
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