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  1.   I would like to store a skeleton hierarchy in local space(i.e. each bone relative to its parent). Since FBX only provides bind pose in world space matrices I need these matrices for every bone in order to calculate local space matrices myself.
  2.   I have tried this workaround and it looks like it does the job.     Unfortunately there is no Pose data available in the FBX file I am dealing with and the global matrices look to be way off the right position.       Thanks
  3. I would greatly appreciate it if anybody could provide suggestions which could help me to solve this problem.   P.S. I would be more than happy to further explain and/or clarify the problem.
  4.   I am not trying to export an FBX file. I already have an FBX file with a model and what I am trying to do is write a converter using FBX SDK which would convert a given FBX file to my own format. The problem is that I am not able to get/compute bind pose for certain bones(the ones described in my first post).   P.S. I know that an FBX file I am dealing with is correct, because Autodesk FBX Viewer displays and animates it correctly.
  5. Hi   I am having problem with calculating bind pose for some bones of a given skeleton using FBX SDK.   I can easily get bind pose matrices for the bones affecting a mesh from the FbxClusters.   I can also calculate bind pose matrices of bones which have no FbxClusters assigned to them if these bones have parent bones which have clusters assigned to them by the method described in the last post here: http://forums.autodesk.com/t5/FBX-SDK/Skeleton-Bind-Pose-for-bones-not-linked-to-clusters/m-p/417362...   Now the problem I am having is how to calculate bind pose matrices for the bones which have no FbxClusters assigned to them and which have either no parent nodes or their parent nodes have no FbxClusters assigned to themselves as well. (Please note that FbxPose has no matrices for these bones either)   In the image below I have outlined examples of such bones in red:   [attachment=22172:pic2.png]   Any help would be highly appreciated.   Thanks
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