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  1. Don't hate the game, hate the designer.
  2. If I can't say anything nice, then I won't get to say anything at all.
  3. Games just aren't fun.
  4. Waiting for a hug from Karnot...
  5. 'Mech game that's more like STALKER and less like MWO? Yup.
  6. Karnot is my bestest buddy.
  7. I kill zebra killers.
  8. Downloading #unity3d free + UFPS and slapping a shitty survival game on Steam doesn't make you a you a #gamedev. #SurvivalHeartbreaker
  9. Retweet/Follow/Favorite if you are just hoping I Retweet/Follow/Favorite your obvious attempts at marketing.
  10. We need quality over quantity.
  11. RT @JimSterling: Ori and the Blind Forest is more fucking like it. You can tell how good a game looks by how many buzzwords the devs don't …
  12. "Steam Greenlight" and "Early Access" -- the four worst words in modern game development. Honorable Mention: "Kickstarter". #gamedev
  13. Unity has been causing more problems than normal -- *Always* blame your tools for setbacks! #gamedev #indiedev
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