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    Digital Trading Card Game / MMORPG Project

    This game is so polished and with such rewarding sound effects. I recall the final fantasy card games being addictive, and that was the ones in 8 and 9 playing only against the computer. With the social element including avatars added I can see this being incredibly addictive.
  2. yusef28

    Gain power without being chosen one feeling

    ok, have you ever watched the lexx? See the thing about the protagonist in that show "Stanly H. Tweedle" is that he gains control of the most powerful ship in the universe that can blow up planets ect. However, the character himself is no heroic. He is a sniveling spineless selfish creep, but along with his band of misfits(a love slave, an undead assassin, and a talking robot head) they fly throughout the galaxy partly running away from the evil Mantrid, and partly looking for good sex and fun times. So this character Stanley does not feel like the chosen one in any sense because he seems to be undeserving of the power he wields. Not to mention he actually stole it from the space station he worked at to escape I can't remember what. So if you want a character that doesn't feel like the chosen one, this would be a way to do it. My experience of the show when I was a kid watching it was that there was a lot of adventure and also it was laced with the fears Stanly had because the show was pretty messed up, and I could identify with his fears especially at that age but even now.
  3. Well I think making it the experience novel would give the sense of unpredictability and unknown. So for example, I'm not sure any games have made it where the monster is dangerously close to the character for long stretches of time, just teasing the character. For example, if it was 3rd person, you could make it so you could see part of the back of the monsters head as it stalked directly behind the character while the character ties to run away at full speed. If first person, you could make it so the monsters tentacle(if it has) or whatever, caresses the weapon you are holding from behind the character but if you turn to face it you'll die. If you want other ideas for scary monsters maybe watch the Bezerk anime movies, especially the third one. Pretty original which might inspire more originality. Also it might help to research different phobias people have and try and use them, like very narrow hallways, hieghts, clusters, audio hallucinations ect.
  4.   @radioteeth this blog is pretty cool, I favourited it so after tmrs testhopefully I'll be able to take a closer read through!   @Everyone I'm glad this has got so many responses and I see you guys are communicating with each other and learning new things here, as I guess happens in manye other places on these forums lol, but still, Awesome! And keep up the good work in general!  
  5. Wow, you guys sound like you're doing some very interesting things. I am very inexperienced but I can get the gist of the level of productivity you guys are describing and I like it lol. My latest and greatest will probably seem very simple in comparison but I'll share. I have been working through some pygame tutorials I found on youtube to get a handle on syntax and general game dev techniques. I decided to work ahead of the tutorials and found myself working on a sprite walking animation where the user controls direction with the arrow keys and the sprite alternates pictures of left and right foot. The problems came because the movement was done in if statements in a for loop based on if a key was pressed and I wanted the alternating of images to also happen in that loop so the animation of walking only happened when the sprite was actually moving. Well I solved the alternating images by creating a counter that counted up to ten cycles through the for loop before switching images.Another big issue was that on a key release the sprite would stop even if another direction was still held down and the realization that came when I had basically given up and decided I didn't know enough was simply to check if both variables I already had which stored key releases, had been set to zero, and then set an alternate flag to 0 in that case, otherwise set it to 1. This is obviously very basic stuff but even so I feel proud of the way I thought through that problem, using techniques from experiences of years ago in college, and some from more recently, to have that little victory.
  6. yusef28

    Returning to Programming

    I recently started learning programming and am in kindof the same situation as you. I went with python because of pygame. I want to get into game development and was looking for an easy and fun language and pygame so far seems to have what I'm looking for. There are great tutorials online to get started making a game like the ones by 123animations.
  7. I'm in class now so I'll share mine when I get a chance. I just think it would be cool to be able to share the problems we solve. I think it would be motivating.
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